The Best Time Of Day To Manifest, According To Astrology

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There are so many ways to use astrology to discover easier and more beneficial ways to work with the universe. One such way is understanding how it affects the best time to manifest.  

Since manifesting involves sending your desires out into the universe, using astrology as part of that process allows you to drop into that space of cocreating with it.  

Each planet is associated with a particular day as well as a specific time, so when you want to manifest something, knowing which planet can help you (and when) means that you also can find out the best time to do it.

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Understanding how the days and hours work together will make your manifestations more powerful so that you can live the life of your dreams.

The best time to manifest, according to astrology

As astrology TikTok creator @shawtyherbs explains, "there are certain times of the day that could be good for manifesting certain things."



Best time to manifest love: Venus or Moon hour 

Love is always one of the most popular things to manifest and knowing how to use planetary hours can make all the difference.

Venus is the planet of love, so using your love manifestation techniques during this hour can make your manifestation more likely to come true.

You can also combine days and times to make your manifestation more specific.

For example, you can manifest love on Venus' day of the week and during another planet's hour. Venus and the Moon for greater emotional connection, Venus and Mercury for deeper conversations in your relationship, Venus and Mars for increased physical intimacy, or Venus and Saturn for commitment.

Using the energies of both planets you increase your rate of successful manifestation.  

Best time to manifest money: Jupiter hour

Jupiter quite literally is the planet of abundance so when it comes to manifesting more money, this is the planet to work with.

Jupiter governs money and expansion in life, so if you need to manifest a new job to make money using Jupiter and Saturn, it can be helpful. For more general wealth and luxury, Venus and Jupiter can help you create that.  

Best time to manifest a text: Mercury hour

Mercury rules communication, which means that if you are dying to hear from that date you had last week or about the job application you put in, waiting for a text can seem like the most important thing.

To help increase your chance of receiving a positive message for work try to combine Mercury and Saturn or Jupiter. If it is about love, then Mercury and the Moon or Venus work best.  

Best time to manifest a promotion: Saturn hour 

Saturn is known as the father of the zodiac and tends to help bring all sorts of lessons into your life. If you are trying to manifest a promotion or new position in your professional life, using Saturn will help ensure that you are coming across as capable and fitting for the new role.

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Best time to manifest health: Jupiter hour

When it comes to your health, two planets can help you manifest either good news from a doctor’s visit or more successful results or energy from a new exercise or health regime.

Jupiter makes everything better so it is no surprise that if you have an important appointment coming up, the planet of luck can ensure good news.

On the other hand, Saturn can help you reorganize your daily routine to help you achieve your goals.

For the best bet, think of combining planetary energy — for instance, Jupiter's day and Saturn's hour.  

Best time to Manifest travel: Jupiter hour

When it comes to trying to manifest or even plan travel it is best to use Jupiter as this planet rules expansion, adventure, and new experiences. By tapping into the power of Jupiter you can ensure that you will be protected and supported by the universe in either making plans or simply setting the intentions for a trip that you hope to take. This can also tie into geographic moves as well.  

Best time to manifest a new car: Mercury hour

Mercury does not just rule communication, but also transportation. So if you are in the market for a new car using the hour and day associated with this planet can help make it a success.

Make sure to pay attention to the retrogrades as well, but using Mercury Day or hour will help with negotiating and making a deal on a car that you can count on.  

Best time to manifest friendship: Moon hour

The moon governs phases and the changes within your life, but it is also great for manifesting time with those that you are closest to or even new friendships.

Because the moon rules femininity this is especially true if the majority or entirety of your circle is female, and it can also be used for those family gatherings.  

Best time to manifest authenticity: Sun hour

The sun's hour is all about shining that inner light with the freedom to be yourself. Sometimes you may have to watch for ego trips during this time, but ultimately if you are trying to be more authentic, using the energy of the Sun will help you step into your own personal power.  

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