When Is The Next New Moon & How To Do A Manifestation Ritual

Become one with the sky and usher change into your life.

When Is The Next New Moon & How To Do A Manifestation Ritual, Per Astrology unsplash

The lunar cycle is predictable, shortly after a Full Moon a New Moon is roughly two weeks.

Since the last Full Moon was in the sign of Pisces and took place on September 14th, that means the New Moon will arrive on September 28th-29th.

Who knew that a New Moon could mean more than just the second installment of the Twilight franchise!

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Whether you are Team Edward or Team Jacob, you can utilize the cosmic powers of a New Moon to your advantage.

The lunar cycle is responsible for so much of our everyday lives.

The cycle, which takes about 28 days to complete, has been found to be connected to fertility, mental health, sleep quality, and tidal behavior.

The energy harnessed by the Moon’s gravitational pull is powerful and effective on achieving desires when properly harnessed.

Following the trends of the Moon is a long term practice that requires repetition and dedication to fully see results.

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Connecting and flowing with the energy present by the different stages of the Moon’s cycle is best completed through Moon rituals.

As we move through each phase, the intention behind the rituals change. The most powerful rituals are completed during the New and Full Moon stage.

This is when the Moon’s energy is most volatile and charged. With some practice, you can harness your desires with a tribute to the cosmic powers that surround your life on the daily!

What Is A Moon Ritual?

Historically, the Moon has been worshiped by civilizations for centuries. Scientists have found evidence of Moon rituals being carried out by Ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Indian, and Chinese cultures.


Participants in these rituals viewed the Moon as a symbol of rejuvenation and new beginnings.

In a modern view, Moon rituals are a time of introspection and meditation. It is a time to reflect on your values and the places in your life in which you find anything lacking.

It can be used as both a connection with nature and your inner being by separating yourself from the materialistic and digital worlds.

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What Is The Importance Of A New Moon?

The light emitted by the Moon is actually a reflection of the Sun. A New Moon happens when the Sun and the Moon align perfectly, causing the Moon’s surface to seemingly disappear.


It is a time of equal balance between the feminine energy of the Moon, yin, and the masculine energy of the Sun, yang. There are harmony and equilibrium during a New Moon.

When channeling the energy of the lunar cycle, the New Moon phase is best utilized for its ability to reset your desires and focus attention on the areas of your life that need the most work.

To get the most out of the cycle, you should identify the parts of your life that feels as if they are lacking and turn your intentions to improve them.

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What Do I Need For A New Moon Ritual?

The most important step to a New Moon ritual is the preparation.


Because you are diving deep into your personal desires, you’ll want to really assess where you are in life. In the moments leading towards your ritual, ask yourself honest questions.

How is my happiness affected by the things around me? The people? What is hindering me from experiencing full tranquility and solitude?

What part of me could benefit from more love and guidance? Are there any outstanding desires that have yet to be fulfilled?

After you’ve determined these trouble spots, you are ready to begin. Start by cleansing your environment of all negativity and stress.

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Clearing the physical air with sage or aromatherapy candles can help to clear the mind.


Set out a clean and sleek station using a cloth or rug. When the timing feels right, begin to make a cosmic connection with the forces around you.

Feel the energy presence of everything in your immediate vicinity. Then, extend that awareness further to channel the presence of the planets.

Using a fresh piece of paper, begin to write out your manifestations.


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Focus on the words you are creating. You are using the energy you have harnessed to create a physical representation of your deepest wants.

Write the manifestations over and over again until you feel that they have established their place in the physical world.

Lastly, work through another personal meditation. Solidify your connection to the things you have manifested. Package them tightly in your thoughts and release them up to the Moon.

Thank the cosmic world for providing you with the energy to complete this ritual and move forward with your lunar cycle!


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