Is His Scent Making You Swoon? Could Be The Pheromone Phenomenon!


You're not crazy, you just been zapped by the Mojo Maker!

So, my husband borrowed my body wash, and I am still waiting to get it back. He forgot to buy some during our prior trip to the store and he was yelling from the shower, “I need some soap!!!” I went into the shower carrying my body wash and with a smirk said, “This is all I got, but it smells girly”. He rolled his eyes, yanked it from my hands and closed the curtain.

I fully expected him to smell like a beach babe and that I would have quite a time laughing AT him. Much to my surprise, when I went up and smelled him, I was like, “Did you use MY stuff? Damn, that smells SOOO GOOD!” I didn’t remember thinking that I smelled that good when I used that stuff. And, I don’t remember getting a little turned on by my own body wash. Honestly, within 5 minutes, all I was thinking about was how fast I could get him upstairs to our bedroom.

(Mental Note- let the husband use that stuff ANY time he wants. In fact, RUN to the store and buy him a case!! Right NOW!)

It seems, for me, “his” body wash reacted with his natural body chemistry to be his ultimate pheromone infused scent, next to his usual cologne. That cologne incidentally is the same scent that he wore back when we dated in high school. He had found the cologne on a website and was so excited to be able to smell like he did when we first dated in 1993! And did that bring back memories!!! Our first kiss after his hockey game, Homecoming, Prom- all drizzled with high school hormones and high school drama. A lot has happened since then- breaking up but finding our way back to each other 12 years later; dating again as adults and getting married after 5 years together. Little did I know that I would still be able to say that I get high on his “smell” at the age of 35!

These pheromones are some awesome and wacky chemicals!! Whether it was in the scientific studies where Dr. Winifred Cutler and her team of researchers codisovered pheromones in our underarms, or in the study that Martha McClintock used to illustrate how woman in dormitory settings showed synchronization of menstrual cycles after living in close proximity to each other, we are ruled and governed by the smells and body chemistry around us and the affects they have on us.

These pheromones not only make you frisky and walk with a swagger, they help US feel sexier and they can help to attract those of the opposite sex as well. In fact, most women in blind studies preferred the smell of men that where the most different than they. So, there IS some credence to the whole, “Opposites Attract”, huh? These pesky chemicals that make us swoon when we smell t-shirts or dress shirts also emit your elevated sexual mojo to those around you. Ever notice how you feel the most sassy and are most turned on around your time of ovulation? Nature’s chemicals!! Be prepared to be ogled, touched, and sniffed. You have been warned.

But, let’s just hope that those around us do not use this information to act like common barn yard animals!! According to Dr. Peter Pugliese, “Cows in heat bellow so that males can find them, but they still exchange pheromones by sniffing each other’s genitals before mating”. Ewww, can you imagine that scene in the bar??? During a Speed Dating event?? Definitely a boundary issue!

All joking aside, many have reported decreased feelings of depression, and a general overall feeling of wellness, when using products infused with pheromones. Let’s be clear, please- I am not suggesting that you stop your antidepressant medication and run and buy Pheromone infused products. What I am saying is that I think you should stay on any and all medications you are prescribed AND buy pheromone products as well!! There is room in this world for both!

I think that if we have the opportunity to combat all of the negative images and negative self-talk that creeps into our brain about how we stack up to the airbrushed models in the magazines, even just one little spritz at a time, we should run with it. No woman is perfect, even those that prance the catwalk with wings and stiletto’s. They drool when they sleep just like the rest of us and have the same bodily functions (yes, that one too!). They have just learned to harness their mojo better than some of us. Until now.