3 Zodiac Signs Whose Life Improves For The Better On May 5

We really do want to help.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Life Improves For The Better On May 5 Joel Mott Via Unsplash / Hadiiiben’s Images and Artulina via Canva

On Sunday, May 5, three zodiac signs will get it into their heads that they have a purpose here on Earth. This purpose is to do good, to tell the truth, and to be helpful in any way we can to whomever it is 'out there' who might need us. We aren't brash or conceited about this; we are altruistic and pure. We do want to help. We feel that the world is crying for a big hug, and while we can't wrap our arms around the planet, we can do our best in a small way.


We've got a Waning Moon in Aries, and what's about to happen for three zodiac signs is this feeling of helplessness. That waning energy pulls on us, as it does the universe, and while we know in our hearts that we must endure whatever it is that's required of us, we want to rise above. We want to be good, and we want to help. We see ourselves as a force of lovingkindness and want to deliver on that calling.


For those who feel this way, we might consider that we are going through a spiritual transformation this Sunday. Yes, we want to help out 'right now,' but we also want this attitude to be how others perceive us. While this may be 'day one' of our new attitude, it may be the first of many days like this.

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3 zodiac signs whose life improves for the better on May 5

1. Aries

When you put your mind to it, you create miracles, Aries, and the rush you get when you can do good for another person is remarkable. Sunday, May 5, has you feeling as though you are truly a force of goodness as you not only come to the rescue of someone you care about but can help many other people simultaneously.

The butterfly effect is blossoming for you, and you'll enjoy how one thing leads to another — all results are good. You can help someone find an answer this Sunday. Because we have the powerful Waning Moon in Aries on our side, you will see that you're not only at the peak of your power but can also use that power sparingly and with discretion.


This means there's no ego involved here. You aren't helping someone out to get the kudos for doing so. You don't even need to be thanked, as you feel the best reward is in knowing you did something good and that you are potentially an agent for that good at this time. You will be remembered for your work during the Waning Moon in Aries, and good things will return to you whether you expect them to or not.

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2. Gemini

What makes you feel so good about life on Sunday is that you feel as though you've let go of something in earnest and whatever it is that you were holding on to prevent you from being your amazing and generous Gemini self. You've always been a good guy,' so to speak. While you've carried the weight of the world on your shoulders, you now feel as though you are ready to lift that weight off once and for all. You'll be able to shine as you once did.

During the Waning Moon in Aries on May 5, you'll find that freeing yourself from your baggage was probably the best move you'll ever make, as now you can resume being the 'good guy' again. Once you start, you won't be able to stop. It's as if you're making up for lost time, Gemini; you want to do good. You're a force of goodness and mean to take advantage of this optimism.


You may even find your calling during this time, as you like the idea that you can help others. It makes you feel good, as if this is your purpose in life. You want to pursue the call of goodness as it brings you the kind of gratification that you never found in staying alone, hiding away from people, places, or things. During the Waning Moon in Aries, you will rejoin the living, and it will do you a great turn, as you happen to be someone who can help others. You will be appreciated.

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3. Leo

Being a force of good is second nature to you, Leo, as doing good things for other people is what you love. You might even call it a hobby, as you turn to this when you feel the timing is right. You've come to understand that the timing has to be right, as the others involved must be ready for the help you can offer. It happens that this Sunday, the timing is perfect.

You've got the Waning Moon in Aries to help you figure out exactly how you will bring the magic, but that magic is certainly there, Leo. You are just brimming over with positive energy, just waiting for the right moment to do your finest work. May 5 is an open door for you, and you are about to walk right through it, armed with happiness and joy, ready to share it all.


What is life if we do not share happiness? You feel that life is hard enough, and why should we spend too much time feeling bad when we can consciously approach it all with a better attitude? Your positive energy is buoyant on May 5, and you plan on taking advantage of this energy rush. You will make several people exceedingly happy during this time...thanks, Leo!

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