The Monthly Love Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign In May 2024

New beginnings arrive during the month of May.

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The monthly love horoscope for May 2024 begins with Pluto retrograde in Aquarius, prompting some internal work around your inner truth. This energy will be crucial for you in the coming months to help you understand your deepest desires and what has been preventing you from having the relationship you’ve always desired. Yet, as the weeks of May progress, the introduction of Taurus energy with the New Moon and Mercury helps you to create a new sense of stability, genuineness, and pleasure within your relationship. In order to cultivate greater joy and excitement in your connection, you first must care for the foundation, which is precisely what the month of May 2024 brings.


As you lean into the power of healthy conversations about the future with the person you love, you create a chance to build your relationship from the ground up. When building a home, you don’t just jump into decorating the bathroom or selecting beautiful fixtures. You first must create the foundation and framework, which, in this case, is the process for your romantic life. As you lean into the building, the introduction of Gemini and Sagittarius energy mid-May helps you enjoy all you’ve created. This is expressed through new adventures, dynamic connection, and knowing in your heart when you believe you can have it all — the universe rises to bring you just that.


Monthly love horoscopes for each zodiac sign, May 2024:


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Best Love Day for Aries During May 2024: Saturday, May 25

You are most known for your actions of love, Aries, but with Jupiter shifting into Gemini on Saturday, May 25, you will be able to use your words to create the relationship of your dreams. The energy of Jupiter in Gemini will be mingling with what the Nodes of Fate have been bringing into your life. With the North Node in your sign of Aries all year, follow your heart and truly make the choices that resonate with your truth.


As Jupiter shifts into Gemini, not only will you be able to use your way with words to create romantic success, but you also will benefit from becoming more vulnerable, transparent, and downright talkative. Instead of believing that your actions say all that is necessary, ensure that you’re also creating a beautiful foundation of open communication. As much as this energy may feel unfamiliar, do lean into it because it seems that someone special to you is longing to hear the very words in your heart.

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Best Love Day for Taurus During May 2024: Thursday, May 23

The Full Moon will rise in Sagittarius on Thursday, May 23, bringing in opportunities for romantic transformation. Sagittarius energy helps restore the connection between intimacy and brings together divine romantic connections. As you prepare to welcome this energy, be sure to use the expansion that Jupiter in Taurus has delivered, which has helped you see that it’s safe to take risks, especially for what you most want.

Full Moons bring up a moment of fruition, and so what arises with this one in Sagittarius will likely bring a turning point in a significant romantic relationship. Try to embrace the themes of Sagittarius, which are exploration, understanding, learning, and the greater purpose, so that you can transmute any recent challenges into a stronger and more connected bond.

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Best Love Day for Gemini in May 2024: Thursday, May 23

At the beginning of your zodiac season, Gemini, you will find boundless joy and love around the Sagittarius Full Moon. Sagittarius is your opposing sign and it rules over matters of love and relationships. This Full Moon on May 23 helps you realize everything you’ve been working toward is already manifesting in your life, so this is an excellent time to plan some time away to celebrate your birthday. Create a space to enjoy all the love you have in your life.


The Moon in Sagittarius will be opposite the Sun in Gemini, which can help you feel more seen by your partner — as long as you can be mindful of not neglecting to see your partner in the same way. Make sure you’re holding space for both your head and your heart, as that may be a theme that arises as well. This lunation helps you embrace a new love or deeper connection, as long as you’re willing to surrender to its power.

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Best Love Day for Cancer in May 2024: Thursday, May 2

Pluto is known as the lord of time and karma. In January 2024, it finally left Capricorn and shifted into Aquarius, helping you move past some recent hardships in your romantic life. Pluto in Aquarius is also helping you become more comfortable with the process of transformation in your life as you lean into the unknown and trust that what lies there is also connected to your ultimate destiny.

On Thursday, May 2, Pluto in Aquarius will station retrograde, drawing your process of transformation inward and helping you to actually put yourself in place to know what direction you should take your life and relationship in. For many Cancers, Pluto in Capricorn brought a significant ending to their romantic life, but in Aquarius, it also holds the power to bring in another life partner. Never stop believing that the love you have dreamed of is possible. What you need most throughout the month of May might be found in the most unlikely place.

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Best Love Day for Leo in May 2024: Thursday, May 2

Aquarius rules over your romantic relationships, Leo, giving you an opportunity to find a balance between yourself and the love with another. Pluto recently shifted into Aquarius in January 2024, giving you the opportunity to dive deeper into the meaning and truth connected with your romantic choices. While Pluto in your house of relationships may bring significant changes to this area of your life, it also helps you know that what remains is absolutely meant for you.


On Thursday, May 2, Pluto in Aquarius will station retrograde in Aquarius, giving you a chance to do some deeper internal work around love, connection, and relationships. Pluto brings what was hidden to the surface and usually tends to work with darker themes. So, this could be an opportunity to explore issues like jealousy, insecurity, fantasies, and the wounds that may still be affecting your romantic relationships. As much as inner work may not always feel the most fun, it truly is where to begin when wanting to improve and transform your romantic relationships.

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Best Love Day for Virgo in May 2024: Thursday, May 23

The Full Moon in Sagittarius rises on Thursday, May 23, bringing momentous events to any Virgo's home and family life. Sagittarius represents a deep desire to explore where home is and to ensure that whomever you share it with, there is a deep purpose and bond. The Full Moon in Sagittarius brings to fruition a theme that began around the New Moon on December 12. Reflect on what has occurred or continues to develop in this area of your life, as you will soon be able to see significant growth.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius will bring a moment of gratitude and fulfillment to your romantic life. If there have been recent changes or challenges, this lunation will allow you to take a step back and find gratitude for all you have rather than what you don’t. Gratitude truly is an energy that holds the power to change your entire relationship because when your partner feels deeply appreciated, there is no limit to the love they will extend toward you.

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Best Love Day for Libra in May 2024: Wednesday, May 15

Mercury will shift into Taurus on Wednesday, May 15, bringing up some important conversations around your relationship and the type of connection you are seeking. Mercury in Taurus will help address themes around intimacy, shared financial resources, and the direction in which you hope the relationship will continue to grow. The North Node, the ruler of your fate, is currently activating your house of relationships, giving you the confirmation you need to make important decisions, no matter what they might be.


Mercury governs all forms of communication, and in Taurus, it encourages you to lean in and really start having more profound conversations with your partner. Your life is headed in a completely different direction at this time. It’s important to gauge whether your partner can support you in this new phase of life because the only way you will have the love you deserve is to first create space for it.

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Best Love Day for Leo in May 2024: Tuesday, May 7

Everything is coming up with the promise of new beginnings for you in May 2024. This month, one of the dominating energies is Taurus, which governs over your house of relationships, giving a strong romantic focus to help you create the new beginning you have been dreaming of. Jupiter, a planet of abundance and expansion, has been in Taurus since 2023, helping you to break free from any restrictions and uniquely view love. As this period begins to come to a close, the New Moon in Taurus enables you to take everything you’ve been through and now start to use that to create what you really want.

The New Moon in Taurus is a wonderful time for a new beginning to start dating again or grow your current connection. In Taurus, it concerns love, dating, and relationships. The last few weeks of May, Jupiter arrives to help you take all you’ve learned and realize that love really only becomes better once you have improved your relationship with yourself.

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Best Love Day for Sagittarius in May 2024: Saturday, May 25

In many ways, 2024 really is the year of love for you. Not only is the North Node in your house of marriage all year, but Jupiter will be shifting into Gemini on Saturday, May 25, bringing expansion and abundance to your romantic relationships. Jupiter in Gemini helps you look beyond how you’ve previously seen love so that you can have more of what you want. This energy can also help you develop your self-love more deeply, which in turn will also help you attract a new and long-term partner.


All of the current energy with Jupiter in Gemini and the North Node in Aries is helping you not only find someone who truly is meant for you but also commit to building a life together. The North Node, though, also directs your focus to who brings the greatest joy into your life, which may be significant, as the person meant for you may not be who you anticipated. Trust your instincts and let yourself truly open up to love being even more expansive than you could have imagined.

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Best Love Day for Capricorn in May 2024: Wednesday, May 15

Taurus's energy always brings up themes of commitment, marriage, children, and joy. While this will occur for all of Taurus Season because of the strong, energetic pull of the Sun, it will become intensified as Mercury shifts into Taurus on Wednesday, May 15. Mercury is the planet that governs communication, offers, and agreements. With this energy, you may very well be getting engaged or discussing a greater commitment with your partner. There will likely be significant developments in your relationship in May, which may even have you moving in together — or purchasing a home.

Mercury in Taurus helps you to go all in and commit to the person, the relationship, and the life that you really want. By talking about practical matters and realizing that it’s the simplest joys that matter most, you can easily cultivate a love that will continue to grow with you through every phase of life.


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Best Love Day for Aquarius in May 2024: Saturday, May 25

As much as Aquarius can sometimes be known for your independent and free-spirited ways, it doesn’t mean that you also don’t crave a deep romantic connection. As Jupiter shifts into Gemini on Saturday, it will help you be able to create just that. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, helping to breathe new life and energy into whatever area of your life it touches. In Gemini, you can either continue to develop your romantic connection or attract an entirely new partner.


Jupiter in Gemini will help develop a stronger romantic connection through a significant commitment or marriage — but it also will help you enjoy life more. You may find your priorities shift around this time to include more quality time with your partner or with family. When you can allow yourself to be pulled by what is most important, you will also ensure you are investing in your future happiness.

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Best Love Day for Pisces in May 2024: Saturday, May 25

Although you have a strong focus on your professional and financial success in 2024 with the North Node in Aries, you also need to hold space for love as well. Jupiter will move into Gemini on Saturday, May 25, bringing themes of moving, purchasing a home, or having your partner live with you. While a move is definitely in the cards for you, it really is about you also enjoying abundance in the most personal part of your life.

Make space for love to surprise you this month, Pisces, as you may still be holding onto some lingering fears or heartbreak from the past. As much as you’ve been trying to approach love in a more healthy way, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to have control over everything — but that’s also the most beautiful part. Open your heart so you can receive the abundance of love that Jupiter in Gemini will bring into your life.

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