How The Aries Stellium Effects Each Zodiac Sign's Relationships, February 22 - 23, 2023

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How The Aries Stellium Effects Each Zodiac Sign's Relationships, February 22 - 23, 2023

There is a unique wave of energy that enters this week as the Aries stellium peaks ushering in the passionate desire to embrace your healing as you walk towards a brand-new chapter within your life.

A stellium in astrology represents when five or more planetary bodies are all within one zodiac sign.

This is important and often represents a life-changing energy because the more focused the universe is, the more drastic and dramatic the results will be in your own life.

Currently, Jupiter, Venus, Juno, Vesta, and Chiron are all in Aries, — as of February 22nd and 23rd, the Moon will shift into this fire sign making it six.

This results in a powerful focused energy that is set to bring new beginnings to your life in whatever part is governed by the zodiac sign of Aries.

To understand more about what to expect, it is important to know what each of these astral figures represents.

Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance. In Aries, it helps you say yes, to take risks, chances and to move ahead at all costs.

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Venus is the planet of love. In Aries, it becomes more passionate, it does not care about the status quo or the opinions of others and instead focuses its energy on what it wants. Because it also rules finances and real estate, this same mentality can be seen within those themes as well.

Juno is the asteroid that governs marriage, contracts and even the social agreements within your life. In Aries, Juno becomes extremely confident in making decisive and often quick decisions.

Asteroid Vesta represents your internal fire and your home. In Aries, you become more focused on what you want and need rather than abiding by the desires of others or even obligations you have previously agreed to.



Chiron though is the wounded healer, the asteroid that helps you heal yourself before you heal others. This is a major factor in your journey and the shift from the external to the internal.

In Aries, it specifically asks you to target your fears about what could go wrong so you can take the risk of moving ahead.

And finally, the Moon. The Moon In Aries is direct, focused and a little less emotional. This makes an Aries Moon the perfect scenario for an important conversation or decision because you are going to be more drawn to just accomplish it rather than overthink it.

Together these planets are gathering within the fire sign of Aries, so intently that it will be as if they are operating as one energy.

Anything related to expansion, love, finances, or legal matters will be significantly impacted in the week ahead. It may provide some surprising moments as Aries will not waste time thinking about a decision, but will just act.

But it will be the step towards a new beginning that you have not just wanted but needed to take, and it is the first step that always matters most.

The Aries stellium horoscopes for each zodiac sign's relationships, February 22 - 23, 2023:


(March 21 - April 19)

Aries stellium healing theme: Self-growth and truth

You are in an incredibly transformational and healing time right now Aries, but it does require you to act. This stellium will be in effect until the beginning of March, although it peaks today so it is important to pay attention to choices and what is happening around you.

The theme for you is growth and truth. To grow you must embrace your truth and once you do, it also means that there will be situations or relationships that no longer align. Do not worry about what you are outgrowing, focus on what you are growing into.

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(April 20 - May 20)

Aries stellium healing theme: Acknowledging your fears and desires

Aries energy represents the deepest and most hidden part of your life — your fears and desires. This week and even in the rest of the month, the focus will be on learning and acknowledging your truths and that of others.

The more that you run from what is uncomfortable or inconvenient, then the more you run away from opportunities of growth. Spend time in the darkness this week. Sit with your feelings and you just might see that there was never anything to fear.

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(May 21 - June 20)

Aries stellium healing theme: Redemption

You can feel misunderstood a great deal of the time. Like you think and live in a way that is just separate from others. This is your own inner gift and one that you should continue to embrace, but it does not mean this path is always easy.

This stellium affects the part of your life that governs how you interact and are seen by others. For you it represents a powerful moment of redemption and even vindication as you are extended grace, understanding and even a greater level of acceptance for simply just being yourself. When you are consistently yourself, you also will attract those who respect you for just doing that.

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(June 21 - July 22)

Aries stellium healing theme: Authenticity and your reputation

You have been growing out of the comfort zone that you had lived within for so long, but you still may be surprised at where the universe is directing you. In the coming days there is a focus on your authenticity and the reputation that you develop because of that.

Authenticity is simply the practice of being one hundred percent yourself, but to do that you also must know who that self is. As you allow yourself to learn more about what it is that you need and what you feel drawn to pursue, the more you can feel confident that you are truly living your most authentic life.

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(July 23 - August 22)

Aries stellium healing theme: Expansion

Think big Leo. Act big. Love big. Those are your mottos for the upcoming stellium and even beginning of March. Aries energy governs the part of your life that rules travel, education, learning, spirituality and even luck which means that the major theme for you is healing yourself into expansion.

You always seek to live an amazing life, but often what does not go according to your hopes can then end up holding you back from trying again. Instead of letting pride get in the way, simply believe everything has happened in the way that it was meant to, which means it is possible to make your dreams a reality.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Aries stellium healing theme: Vulnerability

You are known for being a healing earth sign but that does not mean you always extend that energy to your self. The Aries stellium will increase your inner healing allowing you to practice greater vulnerability within your relationships. While healing, you can tend to be a perfectionist, but this aspect of yourself is the only one that you use to find safety.

As if the more you can control your outer world the safer you can allow yourself to feel, which is reflected in how open and vulnerable you are – especially in relationships. This stellium is challenging you to find safety within your self so that you can transform your life, and relationship, in all the ways you desire.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Aries stellium healing theme: Trusting your heart

Aries is your sister sign which means that it is also the area of your life that governs your romantic relationship. Aries energy helps you create the balance within yourself and your life that you seek because it helps you become more assertive and less passive.

A big part of this with the stellium is trusting your heart, however illogical it might be. Trusting your heart means that you do not need to explain or justify your choices. You do not need to have a guarantee, or everything planned out to know that it is everything that you are hoping for. Trust your heart and let the rest just play out.

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(October 23 - November 21)

Aries stellium healing theme: Revitalizing your life

It is time to get back to yourself this week as the Aries stellium peaks. Aries energy rules matters of health, daily routines and even your thought process which governs your beliefs and the lens you view life through.

With so many planets in this sign, it is a chance for you to heal the perspectives that have been hindering creating the life you want. Whether it is strategizing your daily routine, or being more mindful of your thoughts, it is a fantastic opportunity for you to make sure that you are not sabotaging yourself out of being afraid to change your mind.

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(November 22 - December 21)

Aries stellium healing theme: Committing to your joy

As one of the signs of the zodiac that values and desires freedom more than any others, you can often need to evaluate and heal what commitment means. In general, commitment can often be seen as something that creates less; less time, less options, less freedom, less adventure, or even new experiences. But commitment is simply to focus your energy on a specific container.

This week the Aries stellium peaks within the part of your life that rules commitment, marriage, children, joy and even self-expression. It is time to see commitment as the pathway to not just freedom but to your ultimate joy.

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(December 22 - January 19)

Aries stellium healing theme: Healing the home

The Aries stellium can help bring things to a head within your home so that you can change how you react. Aries can bring about the need for change and even make you more aware of what it is that you need or want from life. Aries is the beginning, the warrior that does not stop until its goal is achieved. You also do not give up easily, but you usually like to take your time.

The Aries stellium represents spontaneous focused action to improve your home, family and even your healing process. Instead of letting yourself become frustrated by what you cannot change, become empowered by knowing what needs to be done.

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(January 20 - February 18)

Aries stellium healing theme: Speaking your desires

You can finally embrace your truth and the wild authenticity you have for life. It has been an important healing journey for you to take apart the structures of life that made you feel as if you were caged in or limited in what you can create.

But you have stepped into this state of bold confidence increasingly which means that you are feeling more inhibited in pursuing your passions. This allows you to heal the parts of yourself that are held back from speaking your mind or desires as the stellium in Aries peaks.

Use this energy to speak out, to say what it is that you really feel and really want so that you can genuinely embrace the amazing life that you are co-creating with the universe.

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(February 19 - March 20)

Aries stellium healing theme: Embracing your inherent value

What a week for you Pisces as it begins with the New Moon in your zodiac sign and then the Aries stellium peaks activating themes related to value for you. If anything, this is a sign from the universe that the new beginning which is taking place is all about up-leveling your value.

Do not be as available to others, do not expect that they understand your worth if it does not seem like they show it with their actions. This is about the healing you went through all last year, and which will get a boost this week from the Aries stellium.

When you honor your value, you then attract a higher value of life. This shows up in friends, romantic partners, career opportunities and even in your financial sector. Raise the bar for yourself and watch how the universe rises to meet you.

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