8 Signs Of Strong Sexual Attraction, According To Astrology

When the planets align, you'll feel it.

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There are many birth chart placements in astrology that can explain why certain people are attracted to you and vice versa.

For example, Venus is the planet of love, beauty and attraction, showing us what pleases us the most and where and how we find our pleasures in life, which includes partners. Venus in particular shows us what type of woman a man is attracted to.

On the other hand, the Moon reflects emotional temperament and what a person really wants on an intimate and emotional level.


Mars is also very important in terms of attraction because it rules sex. In a woman’s chart, Mars represents the type of man she will be attracted to while Jupiter plays a role in the type of person a woman looks for in a long-term, committed relationship. 

The way these and other planets interact in the chart can provide insight into when you feel sexual attraction — and to whom.

Sexual attraction aspects

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1. Mars conjunct, sextile or trine Venus

Mars conjunct, sextile or trine Venus is one of the most important aspects in terms of attraction and sexual chemistry. Mars and Venus rule the yin and the yang, and Venus typically rules women and Mars men — although this aspect can be gender-blind. 

Some astrologers believe Mars conjunct Venus is the ultimate placement for sexual chemistry and relationships can turn sexual quickly with this aspect. In conjunction, however, this combo does not imply compatibility unless other aspects are present — but the attraction can be irresistible! 

That said, it can also cause friction unless other aspects are present, so while the sex may be great, there is no guarantee of an emotional connection and it may or may not go long-term.

Mars trine Venus represent romantic feelings as well as sexual chemistry. The energy of this combination is natural and these two may experience ‘falling in love,’ quite easily unless there is something else blocking it. The relationship is often fulfilling and individuals with this aspect know intuitively how to please each other and potential ongoing happiness can be indicated.


2. Mars square or opposing Venus

Mars square or opposing Venus can also indicate sexual desirability between two individuals, but there may be other issues to contend with and this attraction could be purely sexual as opposed to having any type of emotional connection.

The opposition can produce a fiery and often unstable relationship. The Venus individual may sometimes feel the Mars individual comes on too aggressively and while Venus may feel romantic love, the Mars person may not.

Intense jealousy can also be indicated with the square which can cause disruption in the relationship.

3. Sun trine or sextile Mars

These individuals will likely be attracted to one another assuming there aren’t mitigating factors. This aspect is widely known to be an indicator of attraction and sex.


A trine is one of the best aspects to have in synastry and means the energy flows between the two individuals. Since Mars rules sex, sexual energy and passions can run high and this can be a fortunate transit to have. 

The sextile can also produce sexual energy and favors mutual cooperation between the two. The Sun person can also help the Mars individual develop confidence and willpower. These two can be competitive in a friendly manner.

4. Mars conjunct the Sun or Mars opposing the Sun

While Sun-Mars connections confer sexual attraction in any combination, the conjunction and especially the opposition can be indicative of anger issues that may occur between the two.

Sun conjunct Mars is a particularly sexual combination because Mars is attracted to the Sun, and the Sun in turn can be stimulated by the attraction and attention of the Mars person.


The opposition may start out well in terms of sex, but it may soon lead to arguments and clashes because of the Mars individual's urge to dominate and boss the Sun around. While sex may be great, emotional compatibility may be another matter.

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5. Venus-Pluto aspects

This combination can indicate some of the hottest sexual attraction in any form.

The square or opposition can also indicate manipulative behavior and/or jealousy, so depending on other aspects this combination may not be as fulfilling or lasting. Control can also be an issue with either of these transits and at worst it can indicate violent sexual behavior whether it is the conjunction, square or the opposition.


Venus trine or sextile Pluto indicates deep attraction on a physical and often emotional level as Venus is the planet of love and Pluto rules sex among other things. This relationship can regenerate itself time after time. These two individuals may feel a great magnetism and bond with each other that is so powerful others cannot help but notice it.

Venus-Pluto aspects are often considered karmic in nature, and the individuals often feel they are meant to be together.

6. Moon/Mars aspects

Moon/Mars aspects indicate attraction since these two planets represent male-female energies. Mars rules sex and the Moon represents our bodies and emotions so this can create a physical attraction, although it is not as powerful as some of the others. 

This aspect works best in a sextile or trine, and the Mars person is typically the aggressor.  


Hard Moon aspects, however, such as the Moon conjunct, square or opposing Mars also represent arguments and emotional difficulties.

Mars may constantly stir up the emotions of the Moon individual and this is typically not indicative of a lasting relationship or the ability to express tender feelings. Eventually, this combination may decide the sex is not worth the disagreements and/or hurt feelings.

7. Mars/Mars aspects

These aspects almost always indicate sexual attraction but squares or oppositions also indicate anger and arguments.

Have you ever seen a couple that constantly fights and then makes up — or who picks fights specifically so they can make up? If so, there is a good chance these two have Mars square or opposing Mars, and this pattern will remain throughout the relationship unless they do some serious couples counseling. Sexual attraction may be there, but getting along is another story.


On the other hand, Mars conjunct, sextile or trine Mars is an excellent indicator of sexual chemistry without the disagreements and fighting. Mars conjunct Mars can indicate attraction and powerful sexual energy, but it does not represent love or romance unless other factors are present.

Mars sextile or trine Mars can bring out the best in terms of actions in each other and it represents highly charged sexual energies.

With this combination, each will know what the other wants, and do their best to accommodate. Mars is also the realm of activity and actions so these two may participate in other physical activities together and enjoy doing things outside of the bedroom as well.


8. Mars/Pluto aspects

Mars/Pluto aspects can be hot! The best combination of this aspect is a trine or sextile.

While Mars opposing, square or conjunct Pluto can still result in attraction, it is likely there would be anger, power or control issues and at worst, violence. Mars square, conjunct or opposing Pluto is often found in the charts of crime victims and perpetrators so this relationship may burn itself out fast.

Of course, this does not mean every couple with this aspect will get into violent arguments or altercations but it will always produce anger and sometimes competition unless great care is given in terms of respecting each other’s autonomy and wishes.

Mars trine or sextile Pluto, however, can be one of the strongest aspects for pure sexual attraction. In addition, these two can bond on a deeply primal level with one another. The magnetic pull may become so strong they decide they must be with each other constantly.


Mars feels captivated by Pluto and Pluto’s intuitive abilities tend to know what Mars wants most of the time.

While this is a strong sexual influence, with Pluto being the planet of manipulation and control, sometimes jealousies and insecurities may arise even with the trine or sextile, so if this is the case this pair needs to respect each other’s thoughts and actions if they are to continue.

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