Who You'll Have The Most Significant Long-Term Relationship With, According To Your Saturn Sign

Saturn rules time.

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Contrary to popular belief, Saturn in astrology isn't just the planet of woe, hard work and icky things that no one likes.

Saturn also represents how you approach the subject of commitment and your relationship, especially when it comes to the idea of control.

Suffice it to say, Saturn sign compatibility with your romantic partner is just as important a factor to check as your emotional compatibility, sexual compatibility and even marriage compatibility.


But how exactly does Saturn influence our love life?

If you look at the synastry chart of two people, the Saturn contacts between them can tell you whether they are of similar temperament or they rub each other the wrong way.

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It can highlight if they will respect each other, value their relationship, and try to make it work. Or, if they will feel as if the other party is trying to silence them or restrict their freedom and creativity.

So with this in mind, let's look at the best Saturn sign compatibility for each zodiac sign.

Saturn in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn

If you have your Saturn in Aries, there is nothing you cannot conquer if you set your mind to it. You like to accomplish things alone in silence and are extremely self-reliant.

If you have your Saturn in Capricorn, your mission in life is to leave your mark on this work. And since the planet Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, these natives are extremely driven, ambitious, tight-lipped, and well-sorted.

One would think Aries and Capricorn make an odd pair, but this is Saturn compatibility. A square aspect, oddly enough, is the most desirable here.


Mainly because Saturn in Capricorn understands the grit and drive of Saturn in Aries and makes Aries feel like they can rely on them as a teammate without feeling stifled or dependent.

Saturn in Aries benefits Saturn in Capricorn with its sharp insights and unconventional ideas. They even explain the thought process until Saturn in Capricorn understands why it's an 'ah-ha' and not an 'oh-no'.

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Saturn in Taurus and Saturn in Cancer

With Saturn in Taurus, you are a frugal individual.

You don't like to spend money on things if you can help it. And sometimes people who don't understand you may even call you a miser because of this tendency. But this is because you are afraid of becoming dependent on others for money someday.


If you have your Saturn in Cancer, you are the opposite of a crybaby. You don't cry at all.

For some, this placement represents a very harsh mother or a neglectful home environment. But people with this placement are incredibly wise. Your intuition is very strong as well.

When Saturn in Taurus and Saturn in Cancer come together, it's not fireworks. That's not how Saturn rolls. It's more of a 'you are growing on me and I can't live without you anymore.'

This is a sensible couple that spends their money wisely and prepares for all eventualities. And with time, they know they can depend on each other for the long haul.

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Saturn in Gemini and Saturn in Leo

Natives with Saturn in Gemini find it difficult to make friends or even speak up when they need to. They are the opposite of chatty.

And sometimes they are born into families where they feel like a total outsider or they have siblings who are their worst enemies.

With Saturn in Leo, you do not like to be in the limelight.

Kids with this placement have a history of either being bullied in school or hating it when the teachers called on them to answer questions in front of the class.

Later in life though, once you become an expert at something, Saturn in Leo gives you the conviction to stand on a stage and become a leader on that subject.


When Saturn in Gemini and Saturn in Leo come together, they admire each other in silence at first. Neither wants to make the first move.

Eventually, Saturn in Leo takes the lead. And their influence enables Saturn in Gemini to gain their voice and feel safe.

Saturn in Gemini, likewise, has a good effect on Saturn in Leo. They surprise Leo with their astute observations. The pair can even team up and do research together.

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Saturn in Virgo and Saturn in Scorpio

To be honest, the planet Saturn has a fair amount of affinity with Virgo. It's like paint in water. It can create beautiful swirls and be absolutely mesmerizing.


That's the nature of people with Saturn in Virgo as well. They are incredibly good at what they do, especially if they have a hobby or talent in something that requires a lot of patience and fine workmanship.

Saturn in Scorpio, on the other hand, usually manifests in one of two ways.

Either the native is sexually repressed because of a religious upbringing. Or they experienced something traumatic at the hands of another, most likely an authority figure who tricked them.

When these two come together, something very beautiful comes to life.

Saturn in Virgo impresses Saturn in Scorpio with the way they do things and their approach to life. While Saturn in Scorpio's hidden intensity makes Saturn in Virgo feel things they have never felt before in their life.


This synastry can make both parties each other's muse in very different ways.

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Saturn in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius

People with Saturn in Libra are the opposite of the life of the party, but they find themselves yearning to be a part of some social circle nevertheless. Every time they try, though, they usually stick to being wallflowers.

Saturn in Sagittarius makes a person cautious of learning and exploring. They don't want to open their mind and fall prey to misinformation, so they can become extremely close-minded.


This pairing is difficult at first, regardless of the affinity between Libra and Sagittarius. But the two eventually realize (with time and exposure, which is a must for this pair) that they actually are a good fit for each other.

Saturn in Libra finds the companion in Saturn in Sagittarius they were looking for. While Saturn in Sagittarius finally finds a committed partner in Saturn in Libra that was eluding them so far.

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Saturn in Aquarius and Saturn in Pisces

Saturn in Aquarius makes its natives curious about the future and how they might bring it into the present. But it also makes one feel ostracized and misunderstood, sometimes even helpless because they don't know how to bring their vision to life.


Saturn in Pisces is skeptical of spirituality and the afterlife. But these natives tend to have a lot more spiritual experiences than most. Almost as if the universe is trying its best to make them a believer again.

When these two come together, something magical happens that both deny at first because it's not their temperament. It feels almost fated.

Of course, Saturn in Pisces doesn't realize that they are one bringing the fated element to the table. And that being with them finally helps Saturn in Aquarius find the pieces of the puzzle to bring their vision to life.

Saturn in Aquarius, on the other hand, is very curious about Saturn in Pisces' odd experiences. And they encourage them to dig deeper and find out why they are experiencing what they are. This gives Saturn in Pisces the permission to go on an adventure they didn't even know they needed.


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