What Your Juno Sign Reveals About Your Deepest Relationship Needs

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Juno is an asteroid named after the Greek Goddess Hera who was married to Zeus and represents a balance of Venus and the Moon.

Juno sign meaning in astrology

In astrology, your Juno sign represents who you are when you are married and what you desire in a partner.

Through Juno, we uncover the emotional and spiritual aspects of the Moon, while elaborating on the surface needs and requirements of Venus.

Juno can be just as important as Venus, but while Venus shows us what we look for in the short term, Juno lets us know what we look for in a commitment. Your Juno sign uncovers the long-term potential and not just the superficial aspects of dating that Venus might pinpoint.

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Natal Juno signs

Juno in Aries

Fiercely independent Juno in Aries needs a teammate. Although they could hope for someone to cheer them on, in order for them to stay interested, they need someone they can look up to and respect, and who challenges them to go beyond their comfort zone when it comes to reaching their dreams.

Their partner should make them feel brave and awaken the warrior.

Juno in Taurus

Juno in Taurus wants a partner that can help them find themselves. This Juno sign wants to feel emotionally and financially secure in a partnership. Having someone that helps them not feel burdened by mundane and day-to-day problems will help them thrive.

They also want their partners to be physically attractive since this is a Venus-ruled sign.

Juno in Gemini

Communicative Juno in Gemini enjoys excitement and may not be concerned about stability like Taurus. These folks want to feel the thrill and joy of a relationship. They want a partner that is witty and keeps up with their conversations.

The experience matters to them as long as it could break them free from the monotony of the day to day life.

Juno in Cancer

This Moon-ruled Juno sign wants a partner that can help them grow. They will be their support system and will cheer them on as long as they know they have someone they can trust and admire.

Juno here does not make compromises and when their trust is broken it can change the dynamic of the relationship. Give them love and they will be forever devoted.

Juno in Leo

Only the most unique and radiant person is what Juno in Leo looks for. They want someone to match their vibe and energy. They want someone who can help them reach the summit and whom they can proudly present to everyone.

Having pride and respect for their partner is important for them. The more fascinating their partner is, the stronger the bond.

Juno in Virgo

Juno in Virgo wants to create magic through perfectionism. Their partner should feel as if they are from a dream but if they have some flaws, Juno will be willing to patch them up.

Juno in Virgo should focus on not changing anyone, instead, they should embrace imperfections. The more fixated they are on transforming someone, the harder it will be for the relationship to grow.

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Juno in Libra

Having Juno in Libra means that the native will desire a co-dependent relationship. However, it is essential for Juno in Libra to reflect on finding their independence before creating a bond where their personality merges with their partners.

They should find a partner that respects, admires, and wants a long-term vision with them while pushing them to be autonomous.

Juno in Scorpio

Trust is important for Juno in Scorpio and their relationship cannot blossom if this element is missing from it.

Creating a secure and stable environment is essential. Their partner has to be conscious of their need for stability. Honesty and loyalty are also key and if their partner can't provide this, Juno might walk away. 

Juno in Sagittarius

Juno in Sagittarius wants to exercise their independence and needs a partner that can respect their boundaries. What they truly desire is to have someone that can keep up with their thought process and adventurous spirit.

Someone that does not like to explore or have fun will not be a good match for this sign. A healthy balance of freedom and companionship keeps them interested.

Juno in Capricorn

When Juno is in Capricorn, the native works hard to build a relationship that matters. Their partner cannot be flaky and must have long-term goals that align with theirs.

These people want to have a marriage partner that can cheer them on, help them navigate problems, and will be there by their side. A loyal, caring and devoted partner will win their heart.

Juno in Aquarius

Another independent sign, Juno in Aquarius will break free from a partner that wants to control them. They need a companion that is understanding and will be their support system.

They demand loyalty like Scorpio but want the same freedom that Sagittarius craves. Their partner needs to respect their boundaries.

Juno in Pisces

Juno in Pisces wants to feel awakened by their partner. They want their connection to transcend and to feel like a fantasy experience.

Juno in Pisces is romantic, so their marriage should feel like a love story for them. After all, this Jupiter-ruled Juno sign likes to dream big and hopes for a marriage filled with joy and bliss.

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