What Your Vesta Sign Reveals About Your Purpose In Life, According To Astrology

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Vesta is an asteroid named after the Greek Goddess, Hestia, linked to the home and fire.

One of the major asteroids in the birth chart, Vesta in astrology is key to establishing a balance between your ambitions and deep desires. Vesta represents your commitment to yourself outside of the responsibilities you have at home and reveals the fire that truly ignites your soul even in the most difficult times.

Meaning of Vesta in astrology

Your Vesta placement helps you uncover what brings you happiness through your career and what you desire in love. 

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Vesta in Aries

This placement wants to exert its inner power, is unabashed, and does not get along with monotony.

In their career, leadership positions will help them feel courage and develop empathy for others. Fighting for their beliefs and being their most authentic selves will make them feel fulfilled.

Although they might desire a relationship, they would prefer to do things on their own if they see it does not work for them.

Vesta in Taurus

Vesta in Taurus will feel complete when they have the liberty to choose what truly brings them joy. They get inspired and will go through any hurdles to make their vision a reality.

Vesta here is dedicated, loving, and caring. They desire to be recognized in their career. When in a relationship, they feel understood when their partner allows them to wield their power but can also help them feel grounded. 

Vesta in Gemini

Having Vesta in Gemini means that the native is all about having fun and excitement. Pursuing their educational interests will make this person feel alive.

They need a partner to match this energy. Communicating will bring out their interests and the more heated the topic, the more passionate they become. This is a placement that welcomes personal growth.

Vesta in Cancer

Those with Vesta in Cancer will feel fulfilled when they can exert themselves. The native with this placement is stubborn, determined, a fighter, and will enjoy challenges in romance.

Helping others in their career helps them establish a sense of purpose. Channeling their energy to bring healing and happiness to others will make everyone around them appreciate them.

Vesta in Leo

Vesta in Leo knows how to embody their creative energy in their career. They understand what it is like to bring their vision to others in a way that will be accepted.

Naturally popular and prepared, this placement knows how to captivate anyone in their presence. Vesta feels empowered when they can help others. They also enjoy when their hard work is appreciated and they are admired for it.

Vesta in Virgo

Vesta in Virgo becomes more comfortable in their skin once they embrace their flaws and learn to put themselves first. Tapping into their selfish side will allow them to discover that they are worthy of the praise they receive.

At work, others will respect their perfectionist qualities and ability to deliver when needed but this can easily lead them to burnout. Centering themselves and understanding their worth will enable them to conquer with dignity.

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Vesta in Libra

When Vesta is in the sign of Libra, the native knows how to make others feel at home around them. It is a placement of extremely career-oriented people that will network to get to where they need to be.

They feel most fulfilled when they are in relationships that can bring harmony and stability. Vesta has to learn how to focus on their independence to draw in a partner that can give them something fruitful in the long run.

Vesta in Scorpio

Vesta in Scorpio is a powerhouse. They are dynamic, confident, and prepared.

When they are in a career that allows them to shine brightly, they can help and guide others. They know how to carve their path and become successful.

In love, they can go with the flow only if their partner can meet them at the same emotional and spiritual level.

Vesta in Sagittarius

Vesta in Sagittarius embodies the adventurer. The person with this placement is not afraid to be in the limelight and meet new people. The more chances they get to create new experiences, the more fulfilled they feel.

In their career, they set their sights on becoming more knowledgeable and prepared. Change does not make them cower away, instead, it exhilarates and motivates them more to keep their passions alive.

Vesta in Capricorn

Vesta in Capricorn enjoys the excitement that comes with succeeding. The way that they connect with others is more business oriented and tactical. With this placement, the native feels fulfilled in a job that pushes them to be a better version of themselves.

They desire to create deep romantic relationships that keep them grounded and filled with desire.

Vesta in Aquarius

Vesta in Aquarius creates change. This placement is not too focused on romance, since they want to help others.

The dynamic qualities of this placement make them formidable in their careers. They are wise, innovative, and great leaders. Their job can make them feel fulfilled when they know they are doing right by their colleagues and their employees.

Vesta in Pisces

Vesta in Pisces wants to find their place in the world through understanding. As a mutable sign, they want the chance to expand and grow, so friendships and romantic relationships can make them feel fulfilled.

They learn how to create balance and discover new aspects of themselves through the people they meet. Their appreciation and love will manifest through complete devotion when they truly care about someone.

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