14 Aura Colors & Their Spiritual Meanings

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14 Aura Colors & Their Spiritual Meanings

The colors of an aura mean different things and each reveals information about your spiritual, emotional, mental, and chakra health.

Auras come in an array of colors. A purple aura can signify a person's spirituality. The color white might be found in a person who is highly gifted and here with a unique purpose.

What do the colors of an aura mean?

Each color of an aura has its own significance and it’s important to know what your auric field is trying to reveal.

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These colors will express an individual’s energy, thoughts, feelings, wellbeing, and spiritual awareness.

As we all know, colors have many meanings that are representative of certain energies and ambitions.

Depending on your mood, it can be simple to assume what your aura color is.

Understanding what your aura is trying to reveal is one of the benefits to looking inward.

Centre of Excellence gives 14 possible colors that could appear in anyone’s aura color.

While some aura colors are rarer, there is a chance to achieve all the aura colors.

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The 14 aura colors are:

  1. purple
  2. blue,
  3. green,
  4. yellow,
  5. orange,
  6. red,
  7. pink,
  8. brown,
  9. gray,
  10. black,
  11. white,
  12. silver,
  13. gold,
  14. and rainbow.

Every aura color has their own meaning that aims to show deep emotion and spiritual progress.

We can better understand ourselves when we use the colors in our aura to show the connection between inner peace and outer appearance.

Nevertheless, there will be times when you’re not as in-tune with your emotions.

That’s why it can be beneficial to use an aura’s color(s) to your advantage!

It’s possible that your aura shows several colors and that’s normal.

While it may be hard to distinguish between positive and negative colors, they will give you insight into what you may not even know.

There are 14 colors that can shine through your aura.

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Here is the meaning of each aura color:

Aura color — purple

According to the Centre of Excellence, purple portrays that you are becoming spiritually aware and more open in areas of your life.

If you have let new love in or feel content in a spiritual sense, the color purple is showing that you’re on the right path.

Aura color — blue

This color represents balance and intuitive abilities. Bright royal blue could indicate psychic prowess.

Sometimes it’s hard to balance all the demands of everyday life. However, if you see blue in your aura you’re making big steps towards stability.

Aura color — green

Similar to its role in nature, green symbolizes natural healing abilities. A blueish green color may represent a high level of power in healing.

There’s a chance that your profession can indicate the colors within your aura. That said, if you are a doctor, massage therapist, counselor etc., you might frequently see the color green.

Aura color — yellow

Just like the vibrancy of the color itself, yellow indicates a playful and inquisitive nature. It could also point to a spiritual awakening.

If you have been basking in the tiny joys of life, your playfulness might be high, resulting in giving off the color yellow.

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Aura color — orange

Orange promotes strong emotion and vitality. Bright orange is symbolic of good health and living life to the fullest.

When mixed with red, you may be feeling confident in yourself.

Representing very positive emotions, the color orange can be seen when you are feeling happy, healthy, and self-assured.

Aura color — red

Dark red typically show self-sufficiency, whereas clouded red signifies negative energy and repressed anger.

Nonetheless, this color is very powerful.

While this may not be the best color to give off, red shows you that you need to focus on releasing any negative emotions.

Aura color — pink

This color of love shows the power of romance. Clear pink often suggests a strong balance between spiritual awareness and material reality.

Are you falling more in love with your man every day? Then it’s safe to assume the color pink surrounds you.

Aura color — brown

If you are fearing the unknown circumstances in your life, this color may present itself as your aura.

Brown will be a part of your auric field if you're contemplating tough decisions or have anxiety for the future.

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Aura color — gray

Gray could indicate depression, the dark side of your personality, or a blocked or stagnant energy that needs to be expressed.

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Is there something you’re holding in? Seeing the color gray is your sign to let it out.

Whatever it is — anger, sadness, or uneasiness — it’s time to deal with what lies in front of you.

Aura color — black

Evidently this color represents some type of negativity. It might also point to an unwillingness to forgive.

The dark cloud over your head (literally and figuratively) should not be ignored. Release any pent up emotion and turn things around.

Aura color — white

One of the rarest colors of the aura, white typically only surrounds those who are highly spiritual and have transcended physical reality.

Although you may not see this color within your aura, white is still something to look out for as it aims to show your spiritual progress.

Aura color — silver and gold

These colors surround those with a high spiritual vibration, similar to the color white.

If you have an outstanding relationship with the spiritual realm, you will most likely see the colors silver and gold in your auric field.

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Aura color — rainbow

The most beautiful energy field, rainbow auras are going to present themselves to the spiritual 5th dimension.

These will most likely be spiritual teachers, healers, and lightworkers.

Seeing rainbows is another rare appearance in an aura.

Nonetheless, highly special people will find a rainbow of colors in their aura.

The colors of the aura are unique to us all. And there’s a chance we may not be fulfilled with all of them in our lifetime.

However, the more experiences you gain and the more connected to the spiritual world you become, the bigger the possibility you give off every color throughout your life.

By understanding the colors that can be seen in the auric field, we can better know ourselves and the emotions we feel.

If by chance you find yourself out of touch with your emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual health, turn to your aura colors for answers.

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