What It Means If You Have A Purple Aura

Purple auras have a deep spiritual connection.

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In the spiritual world, it is believed that every person has an energy field called an aura that surrounds them everywhere they go. Though not visible to the naked eye, auras can detect emotional states, thoughts, and feelings.

Auras can be a variety of colors such as red, white, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, indigo, or a mixture of two or more colors. Auras can include other rare colors like rainbow, crystal, silver or gold. Each color carries its own specific meaning and even that can vary depending on the shade or hue of an aura.


An aura reading can tell you what color yours is. Some aura colors are more attuned emotionally than others and some of the most intuitive people possess a purple aura. People with purple auras have very unique spiritual connections with the universe.

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Purple Aura Meaning

A purple aura color is connected to your crown chakra, located at the top of your head. It is the final of the seven chakras and controls your connection to spiritual realms and enlightenment.

The purple aura personality is intuitive and has psychic abilities. They are tapped into their emotions and are highly sensitive to the energies of people around them. Someone with purple energy is more introverted than the brighter, brilliant colors, and prefers to think through decisions.

People with purple auras have an active imagination that gives way to their strong creative abilities. When they tap into something deep like art projects, meditation and manifestation, the hue of their aura follows, becoming deeper shades of purple.

7 Purple Aura Personality Traits

1. Spiritual

Purple auras have a strong sense of understanding when it comes to spiritual matters. They are deeply connected to the universe and spiritual guides believe them to be blessed with special divine gifts.


2. Empathetic

People who have purple auras are in tune with the emotions and moods of people they spend time with. They understand others and recognize that everyone is different yet still important.

3. Intuitive

Purple aura people can see right through other people to get to the heart of what they are experiencing. Their strong intuition allows them to "read the room" and initiate the most supportive responses to the woes of others.

4. Mysterious

Perhaps it’s the introversion that makes purple auras so mysterious. But they tend to get to know people way before anyone has a clue about who they are. For that reason, people tend to be curious about individuals who have purple auras.

5. Kind

Because purple auras are sensitive to the needs of others, they are always kind and gracious. Their natural reaction to a person’s pain is to be a helpful resource. They really want to see everyone do well.


6. Knowledgeable

If you are one of those people surrounded by a purple aura, you’ve probably been observing the feelings and actions of those around you for as long as you can remember. This has given you great life experience that you use to come up with solutions to problems.

7. Intrusive

One thing that purple auras must be aware of is their propensity to overstep when it comes to helping others. They can get caught up in the lives of other people, leaving them feeling exposed and anxious.

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Purple Aura Challenges

One of the biggest challenges purple auras face is the possibility of being perceived as a "buttinsky," or a nosy person.


Because they are so intuitive and sensitive to others’ needs, they delve into people’s lives without restraint. Purple auras should take care to leave everyone around them with some semblance of privacy.

If they are not careful, purple auras can become overwhelmed with other people’s problems. They want to take on some of the pain they see others experiencing and that, coupled with their own trials and tribulations of life, can leave them bogged down.

In all relationships, purple auras are extremely loyal and keep a very small circle of friends who are so close, they are considered family. They treasure their connections and nurture them.

However, purples struggle with maintaining love interests due to their propensity to get involved out of pity instead of mutual respect.


Different Shades of a Purple Aura

Light Purple or Lavender Aura

If your aura is lavender or light purple, you are intuitive, creative, and full of imagination. You get caught up in dreams and fantasies and are drawn to the mystical.

Light purple auras ascend to higher dimensions and believe that the possibilities in life are endless. They are not bound by the physical world and its limitations.

Lilac Aura

If your aura is lilac, you are probably a dreamer who is preoccupied with all of the possibilities of what life can be. You internalize the problems of other people and take your time considering solutions to their problems.

Lilac auras are mysterious and analytical, which contributes to their tendency to daydream and to carefully weigh their options in any situation before acting.


Violet Aura

The brilliance of violet auras spells out the power of their intuitive abilities, spirituality, and psychic skills. They are filled with mystique and curiosity, easily sensing the thoughts and motivations of people around them.

Violets have to be aware that they can lose focus easily, so they should try to stay grounded and centered. They should avoid using their powers for their own benefit and seek to utilize it in helping others.

Dark Purple Aura

Dark purple auras carry many of the same traits that a violet aura has. However, it can be difficult for dark purple auras to find people to relate to. If you have a dark purple aura, you should look for like-minded people to go through life with.

You carry yourself in such a way that people know you understand them. Be careful to stay centered, use the best of you for the good of the world, and keep your eyes on the big picture.


Indigo Aura

Indigo auras are a dark bluish-purple color. They rarely appear, so when a person does have one, they are very valuable to society, bringing the best of blue and purple auras combined.

People whose aura is indigo have the spiritual intellect of a purple, balanced by the communication skills of blues. They can bridge the gap when speaking with people about their feelings by offering clear, concise thoughts and resolutions.

Pale or Pastel Purple Aura

Someone with a pale or pastel aura is empathetic and intuitive as expected, but they have a more lighthearted nature than other shades of purple. They still feel the pain of others but can compartmentalize it and keep it from affecting their life.


Purple Aura Relationships & Love Life

Purple auras are challenged when it comes to keeping relationships long-term. They start out mysteriously attractive, but become intimidating when they start to "read" everything about a person. That can lead to feelings of guilt, shame, and weakness.

However, if people really understand purple auras, they know that disloyalty is rare for them, so there is no need to worry about them abusing your trust.

Purples love with depth and passion, and when it is not matched they find themselves at odds with partners, usually leading to the destruction of the relationship.

Purple Aura Careers

People with a purple aura are a great asset to the workplace due to their sensitive, caring, and honest nature. Humanitarian jobs, roles where they can help and care for animals, or a career in serving the community are the best fit for them.


Purple can be self-sacrificing, overusing their abilities. They have to always seek balance to avoid burning out and withdrawing from everyone around them. As long as they trust their instincts and understand their gifts, purple will always excel at work.

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