12 Ways To Cleanse Your Aura

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Given that our auras are constantly exchanging energies with the people and situations surrounding us, it’s no surprise that auric fields can get tarnished and dirtied over time.

Just like your home, work desk, and car, the energy field that surrounds your body needs a good cleaning every once in a while.

An aura cleanse is designed to clear out negative energies and make room for positivity, peacefulness, and attractive, magnetic energy.

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The process of cleansing your aura of negative energy looks different for everyone, so it can help to try out a variety of tricks in order to find an aura cleansing routine that works for you.

The good news is aura cleansing can be done at home, or anywhere you can find peace and quiet. You could even enlist the help of the advisors at Keen, our psychic partner, by getting a virtual Tarot reading to better understand your energetic field.

All you need going into an aura cleanse is an open mind and a desire to surrender yourself to this process. Whether you choose to do your aura-cleansing rituals in your bedroom, at the beach, or in a local park, it helps to be alone and in as much silence as possible so your auric energy field isn’t absorbing too many surrounding energies.

Here are some tips and techniques you can try to do an aura cleansing at home.

How to Cleanse Your Aura

1. Take an aura-cleansing bath.

There’s a reason why we feel refreshed and renewed after a relaxing bath, and it’s not just because baths physically cleanse us. A cleansing bath is a great way to wash away negative energy and ease any burden you might be feeling.

Mixing a cup of Himalayan sea salt into warm bath water can aid in removing psychic debris and purifying the energy around you. Add a few drops of essential oils of your choice to enhance the cleansing effect.

Chamomile oil is one of my go-to’s when trying to ease stress and nourish the spirit, but eucalyptus oil can also be amazing to feel invigorated and positive.

2. Smudging.

Just like you might rub off your makeup after a long day, smudging away negative energies is essential in auric cleansing. This is one of the oldest and most trusted aura-cleansing rituals.

To do this, light palo santo, dried sage, or juniper and use the smoke from the burning plant to absorb and wash away negative energies. Carefully pass the burning stick of smoke around every part of your body, visualizing the negative energy passing away.

3. Deep breathing.

When it comes to removing negative thoughts, there’s not much that a few deep breaths can’t fix. Find somewhere quiet and comfortable and practice inhaling and exhaling longer and deeper with each breath to purify your aura.

As you exhale, imagine you are pushing out a swirl of negative emotions. With each inhale recognize the space you’ve created and welcome positivity and hope into every corner of your mind, body, and spirit. Try doing this for at least three minutes.

4. Meditate.

For meditation, you can transform what you did in your deep-breathing ritual into a longer practice. Close your eyes and practice visualization in order to imagine and manifest the aura you want. Imagine a bright, white bubbling light surrounding you that exudes positivity.

It can also be powerful to try and shut your mind off completely for some of this practice and simply be present. This can help you to truly feel and get to know your aura, and discover what you might want to change.

If you are still struggling to understand your aura, reach out to a Keen psychic today!

5. Chant mantras.

This effective and relatively simple aura-cleansing ritual allows you to transform words into action. Create a mantra or positive affirmation that reflects the intentions you have for your aura-cleansing practice.

Then, sit somewhere quiet and repeat the mantra, feeling the message radiate through your body and strengthen your auric field. This chant can be said aloud or incorporated into your meditation by repeating the mantra in your mind.

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6. Free-form writing.

This exercise is all about release. Take a pen and a loose sheet of paper — you’re not going to be rereading this, so don’t use your journal — then remove all distractions by finding a quiet space away from technology.

Let your mind guide you, allowing your thoughts to flow through your hand and onto the page. What you write is not important, but make sure to allow your energy to surge without limits. Messy handwriting and spelling errors are allowed!

Write until your hand feels tired or you have nothing left to say. Then, without reading a word of what you’ve written, burn, shred or tear up the paper, discard it, and wash your hands to reveal renewed, cleansed energy.

7. Bask in sunlight.

For some extra cleansing, you can take any of the rituals above outside — except for the bath, you might want to keep that one indoors.

Not only will this give you a hit of vitamin D, but it also shines a light into the deepest, darkest corners of your aura and transforms them into a lasting light surrounding you.

8. Use aura-cleansing crystals.

Carrying a crystal with you in your pocket or as a chakra bracelet is powerful for continuously protecting and cleansing your aura, but you might also choose to hold and rub a crystal as you meditate, repeat mantras, or practice deep breathing.

Powerful aura cleansing crystals include amethyst, moonstone, and lepidolite. Make sure to charge and cleanse your crystals before and after using them.

9. Aura combing.

This practice works similarly to smudging but is done without any utensils. Wash and dry your hands to start. Then, in a quiet space, close your eyes and visualize your aura.

Slowly comb the area around your body with your hands, beginning with the top of your head and working your way around and down to your toes. As you do so, imagine your aura pushing out any negativity.

Be sure to wash your hands again once you’ve finished. If you have a favorite healing crystal, you can hold this in your hand as you do the combing.

10. Aura-cleansing spray.

A cleansing spray can also be powerful to spray on after a shower or just throughout the day on an ongoing basis for a quick aura cleanse.

To make this, charge a cup or two of water under the moonlight and add drops of your favorite essential oils generously. Lavender smells great and is a popular choice for easing stress and clearing out bad energy. A couple of drops of vodka or witch hazel can stop the water from growing bacteria if you plan on keeping this mixture for a while.

When shaking up this mixture in a spray bottle, be sure to think about your intentions and objectives for your aura — this is the most important ingredient. You can also place a charged crystal into the mixture if you wish. Then, spray the cleansing mixture up and down your body in a counter-clockwise motion, starting with the crown chakra (the area above the crown of your head).

11. Step into nature.

Being at one with the Earth can allow us to surrender ourselves to whatever life throws at us and reconnect us with our primal instincts. It also helps to free us from some of the stifling effects of the modern world.

Set aside some time to go on a hike in nature or stand barefoot in the grass in order to invite some spiritual grounding. Make your way to a lake, river, or ocean and purge your soul by immersing yourself in nature’s natural cleanser.

12. Cleanse your surroundings.

In order to keep the spiritual cleansing going on a daily basis, incorporate essential oils and crystals into your daily life by placing them around your home or carrying them with you.

Be sure to cleanse your aura all year long.

However, while these aura-cleansing rituals can free us from a lot, getting the most out of this practice requires an examination of all aspects of our life in order to recognize what negative circumstances might be causing stress to our auras.

Be sure to surround yourself with love and light by spending time with positive people and practicing self-love on a daily basis. Doing this will keep your aura shining bright, no matter what.

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