What It Means If You Have An Orange Aura

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The color of your aura can be a good determinant of who you are as a person and what is going on in your life.

Your aura is your own unique field of energy surrounding you. Aura colors not only emit their own energy, but also take in negative and positive emotions from everything in the surrounding environment.

This means that it is super important to keep negative energy out of your orbit. If you can keep positivity in your presence, your aura will shine bright and brilliant.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple are the primary colors of auras, but yours can be any variation of those colors, and may even include rarer colors like gold, silver, gray, crystal, or rainbow.

By understanding the color of your aura and how it can change based on the type of energy around you, relationships will become more meaningful and life will make more sense.

Orange Aura Meaning

In general, orange signifies a phase of change in a person’s life.

Orange aura energy is connected to the sacral chakra, which means it represents sexual energy, sensuality, and creativity. If your aura is orange, your sacral chakra is open and unblocked, enabling you to go after what you seek in life.

The orange aura color represents high energy that cannot be contained. It is free-flowing and intense.

Those with an orange aura personality are action-oriented and open to change. They are risk-takers who like to live life on their own terms. Because people with an orange aura are highly energetic, they are ready to tackle any area of life where they feel stagnant.

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7 Orange Aura Personality Traits

If you have orange aura energy, you are likely one of those charismatic individuals who could charm the skin off of a snake. But that’s just on the surface. Orange auras have a lot more to them than meets the eye.

1. Creative

If your aura is orange, you are creative and have no problem coming up with new ideas and new ways of doing things.

2. Energetic

Orange auras have a limitless supply of energy. They are usually the life of the party and can liven up the dullest of circumstances.

3. Adaptable

An orange aura means that you are open to change. You easily let go of anything in your life that does not serve you and are willing to venture into unknown territory, even if you have to do it alone.

4. Sexually uninhibited

The orange aura’s connection to the sacral chakra tells you that you are a person that might seek sexual connection. The sensual energy within creates a need to act on it with your physical body.

5. Joyful

As we grow into adulthood, most of us leave our childlike innocence and joy behind. This is not the case in people with orange auras. They carry an internal giddiness about life and its possibilities.

6. Restless

Because they are so energetic, orange auras have a hard time staying put for long periods of time. They are always on the hunt for the next best thing to conquer.

7. Daring

Orange auras are thrill seekers who rise to any challenge they encounter. They live life in the fast lane, and if you are too laid back, they may not be your people.

Orange Aura Challenges

It is easy to fall in love with the strength and confidence of a person whose aura is orange. But it is important that you don’t see them through rose-colored glasses.

Because they tend to leap before they look, orange auras are extremely susceptible to burn out. They rush into new endeavors and, once committed, find themselves in over their heads.

A person with an orange aura is here today, gone tomorrow. They are all in at the start. Then they move on to whatever piques their interest.

When thinking about oranges auras, Drake’s lyrics “I’m here for a good time, not a long time” come to mind.

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Different Shades of an Orange Aura

We already know that people can have different orange aura shades. Here are some interpretations of the most common colors.

Burnt Orange Aura

If your aura is a burnt orange shade, you are desperately seeking change in your life. The brown undertones in burnt orange tell you that there is something you are holding onto and need to release.

Orange-Red Aura

The color red represents power, passion, strength, and vitality. When it is coupled with orange, those characteristics are magnified. An orange-red aura says that your personal power is at its peak.

Orange-Yellow Aura

Yellow on its own is associated with intellect, inspiration, and optimism. Combine it with orange and you get someone who is a detail-oriented perfectionist.

Peach Aura

It is easy to assume that the lack of depth in the color peach implies weakness. But it is actually a signal that you possess strong communication skills. You have a knack for getting your point across effectively and efficiently.

Pumpkin-Orange Aura

If your aura is vivid and bright like the color of a pumpkin, you have big ambitions and aren’t afraid to go after them. You know exactly what you want and are taking the right steps to get there.

Dark Orange Aura

Similar to a burnt orange aura, dark orange says that you need to let go of some negative aspects of your life. It symbolizes the need for change and a plan that can be put into immediate action.

Tangerine Aura

Like peach, a tangerine aura reveals a goal-oriented person. Tangerine represents vitality and life. You value spontaneity and aren't satisfied with letting life happen to you. You make things happen.

Orange Aura Relationships & Love Life

People with an orange aura have trouble compromising in relationships because they do things their way.

They are able to keep their partner's interest due to their sensuality and desire to please sexually.

Because they are people-pleasers, they love to shower the ones they love with thoughtful gifts.

One thing to be aware of in people with orange auras is the tendency to control. For that reason, they are best matched with people who are more passive.

Orange Aura Careers

People with orange auras have many attributes that make them great choices for roles that are people-facing and dependent on making a good impression.

They are charming and prefer to lead, so any job that puts them in a position to influence others would be a nice fit.

For those with a peach aura, specifically, their communication prowess could land them in positions as public speakers, writers, or orators.

If you want to learn more about yourself, getting an aura reading could really change your outlook on life and help to put your best foot forward!

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