What It Means If You Have A Pink Aura

Pink auras are all about love.

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Knowing your aura color is important in knowing what your outlook on life is, your strengths and weaknesses, and what personality traits you exhibit. Your aura is an energy field that travels with you wherever you go, dimming and brightening as life goes on.

The main aura colors are blue, green, red, orange, yellow, purple, and indigo. However, your aura can be any shade of those colors or a combination of them, as well as a rare color like rainbow or crystal.


Your aura influences the world around you by sending out contagious energy that can either light up every living thing around you or bring doom and gloom. But it is also a magnet for the energy others give off, so choose your company wisely.

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Pink Aura Meaning

A pink aura color is associated with the heart chakra, one of seven energy centers in your body that manages the state of each respective area. Like people with green auras, pink aura people are focused on healing, balance, and growth.

Pink aura individuals are usually gentle and sweet. They are filled with love, sensitivity, and loyalty. Those with pink aura colors are also compassionate and very creative.

The downside to pink auras is that they may be too loyal in some cases. Their child-like innocence can be a blockage when it comes to sniffing out people who mean them no good.

Pink auras are natural romantics and are whimsical in nature. An aura that is colored pink has a feminine energy and shows up in a nurturing and caring way.


Their intuition and sensitivity is their superpower, giving them high emotional intelligence and the ability to empathize and show up for others.

7 Pink Aura Personality Traits

1. Light-hearted

The pink aura personality doesn’t take themselves or life too seriously. They are quick to forgive and let go of grudges in favor of peace and harmony.

2. Loyal

People with pink auras value passion, security, and a strong sense of loyalty, so they always give what they hope to receive. If a pink aura is in your corner, you can count on them.

3. Loving

Pink aura people have a strong desire to love and be loved. They easily express their feelings and are quick to make others feel warm and welcome in their presence.


4. Compassionate

If your aura is pink, you are likely compassionate and understanding when it comes to others. You relate to their plight even when you have not walked in their shoes.

5. Child-like

Pink auras are mostly found in children because of their childish nature. They are playful and positive, always willing to welcome others who might have fallen by the wayside into their world.

6. Gentle

They say that you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. Pink auras live by that and have a natural inclination to be gentle when it comes to dealing with other people.

7. Sensitive

If your aura is pink, you likely pick up on the emotions and social cues of others easily. You are extremely intuitive almost to the point of being psychic, which gives you an advantage in relating to others.


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Pink Aura Challenges

One of the biggest challenges that comes with having a pink aura is that their openness can invite unwanted guests into their heart space. When they are hurt, they will close off and take it very hard.

Pink auras also have a tendency to gossip and give away too much of their own personal information, leaving them vulnerable and regretful.

They can be seen as soft by people who don’t respect how sensitive they are. That perception can cause others to take a person with a pink aura’s kindness for weakness.

If your aura is pink, you will have to take care not to allow the world to harden your heart. Set boundaries and be willing to cut off anyone who does not respect them.


Different Shades of a Pink Aura

Not everyone with a pink aura behaves in the same way. Each shade of pink has its own attributes that make it one of a kind.

Pale Pink or Baby Pink Aura

A lighter colored pink aura is indicative of a person who is soft, calm, and mild-mannered. They are very spiritual and believe themselves to be somewhat psychic. They need balance and meaningful relationships.

Bright Pink Aura

Bright pink auras a similar to the baby pink aura, but their qualities are magnified. While they, too, are mild-mannered, they exude an inner strength and vibrance that pulls others to them.

Deep Pink or Magenta Aura

If your aura is magenta or deep pink, you are the picture of confidence. It is important to toe the invisible line that crosses over into arrogance, though. Magentas can be abrasive, but are courageous leaders who are honest visionaries.


Muddy or Dark Pink Aura

If your aura is dark pink or muddy in color, heed the warning that there is some negativity in your life that should be eradicated. You might be held back by your own self-limiting beliefs or by someone in your orbit.

Pink Aura Relationships & Love Life

Pink and red are the colors of "love," so naturally, pink auras need to be in committed relationships filled with romance and appreciation.

The pink aura connection to the heart chakra makes them ideal partners who know how to communicate, deal with emotions, and be sensitive to the needs of others.


However, if a person with a pink aura feels slighted after giving their all to a relationship, they can shut down, limiting their natural inclination to spread love. This can be detrimental to their emotional wellbeing.

Pink Aura Careers

Any career that allows pink aura people to help others is perfect for them. They might be a therapist or a mentor, helping those around them navigate life.

The pink aura's creativity also gives them the ability to see the beauty in life and the world around them. They do well in the beauty and décor industries.

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