What It Means If You Have A Silver Aura

Your physical and psychic abilities are leaps and bounds beyond the average person.

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Your aura is a colorful energy field that follows you everywhere you go. Most people can’t see it, but they can feel the energy you give off whether it’s good or bad.

Your aura is indicative of the personality traits you have, and if you pay attention to the details, it gives you insight into who you are and how you show up, and can lead to a blessed and spiritually enlightened existence.

Red, green, pink, orange, blue, yellow, purple, rainbow colored, crystal, and even gold are some of the colors an aura can be. But keep in mind that it can be any shade of those colors or a combination of two or more of them. There are numerous possibilities for what hue your aura will be.


Having a silver aura is pretty uncommon, but if you happen to have one, knowing what it means physically and spiritually will help you reach your highest potential in life.

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Silver Aura Meaning

If you are a person who is surrounded by a silver aura, you have psychic abilities and physical attributes that exceed those of other people. The silver aura personality is connected to the root chakra and crown chakra, so this person has advanced intuitive abilities and nurturing ways.

But silver auras beware. Your physical, psychic and intuitive gifts should always be used for the betterment of the people and world around you. Failing to use it for good will result in a loss of your unique skills. You have been given a head start by the universe and are expected to use it for good.

The silver aura tells you that you are at the highest level of being, connected to the divine source and have a direct of sight to the guidance. You need to play for big stakes and harness your powers to make impactful change in the world.

10 Silver Aura Personality Traits

1. Wise

A person with a silver aura is wise beyond their years, bestowed with a high intellect and intuitive wisdom that comes directly from their connection to source energy by way of the crown chakra. Avoid having blocked energy in your root and crown chakras to operate at your highest potential.


2. Sensitive

Their intuitive nature makes those with a silver aura highly perceptive and sensitive to the energy of people and the environment around them. They know a lot about people simply by "reading" their energy to uncover their feelings and motives.

3. Instinctive

Silver auras trust their instincts to guide them in the right direction. Their inner guidance is dependable and always tells them exactly what to do in any given situation.

4. Karmic

People with silver auras believe wholeheartedly that what goes around comes around. They know that if they use their gifts for good, they will be blessed beyond measure, but accessing them in for the wrong reasons will lead to a karmic debt they are unwilling to pay.

5. Leader

Because of their natural wisdom, silver auras are best suited for leadership roles. They use their intuition to understand details that might be over the heads of others. Their intuition and instincts make them great leaders that people are willing to follow.


6. Humble

Another personality trait of people with silver auras is humility. They have all of the reasons in the world to let their intellect go to their heads, but choose to remain humble and grounded. People with silver auras keep their accomplishments quiet unless asked about them.

7. Psychic

If your aura is silver, you can likely see the risks and rewards in any situation before you act. The psychic connection to the universe gives you an ability to see things without ever having to experience them.

8. Self-aware

Silvers know that they are super sensitive and tuned into the energy of the universe, so they protect that sensitivity at all costs. They would much rather walk away than allow themselves to become caught up in an unnecessary confrontation.

9. Ambitious

If your aura glows silver, you are not satisfied with the status quo. Complacency does not play a part in your life and you are always looking to do more and be better. Silver personalities are all about growth and continuous improvement.


10. Abundant

As long as silver auras use their power in a way that is positive, they are blessed with unlimited abundance. Success and wealth are drawn to them like a magnet, and if you happen to be in the vicinity, it will rub off on you.

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Silver Aura Challenges

One of the biggest challenges of being a person whose aura is silver is remaining humble in the midst of so many blessings. If they start showing off their good looks, money, and belittle other people, it can go as easy as it came.

Because silver aura people don’t use their talents for selfish reasons, they can start to feel used and burned out. Ailments and illness due to toxic energy in the body parts that are affected by the silver auras' pessimism are not uncommon.


People who have a silver aura can also be extremely indecisive. This is because they are usually at a crossroads in their life where they need to decide between their spiritual purpose and a path that they might want to travel for their own personal interests.

Different Shades of a Silver Aura

There are a few different shades of silver aura that you can have, some more positive than others. It can be bright and shiny, have a dirty gray overlay, or be dark and dull.

Bright Metallic Silver Aura

A bright silver aura signifies a nurturing and intuitive nature. You are in tune with all of the assets you possess and know how to use them to come up with creative solutions to complicated problems. Bright silver auras are firing on all cylinders and at the epitome of their potential.

Dark Silver Aura

The antithesis of the bright silver aura is dark silver or dark gray. People having this shade of silver aura color are unwilling and unenthusiastic about their goals. Perhaps they have lost their motivation or are uninspired, but they need to get back in touch with their higher power.


Muddy Silver Aura

If you have a dirty silver aura, you have all of the good attributes of the bright silver people, but your energy is blocked or stuck, and you are skeptical about how to proceed. Maybe you are misusing your gifts and need to stop and rethink what you are giving your energy to.

Silver Aura Relationships & Love Life

Silver auras are introverted but still friendly. They vet friends and lovers thoroughly to make sure they are a good investment of their time and energy. Silver people have strict guidelines they follow when deciding who to let in.

In a relationship, a connection with a person who has a silver aura is a definite blessing, albeit hard to come by. They have a spiritual calling that requires the people they love to take a backseat and be willing to let them make it a priority.


Silver Aura Careers

If your aura is silver, you are a hard worker, intent on using all that you have to achieve your goals. You love to teach and train, so any opportunity to do so is a win for them, the person they work for, and those that will benefit from their vast knowledge.

Silver auras should stay away from disciplinarian positions. They are naturally non-confrontational and prefer to avoid drama or feuds at work. They should look for chances to share all that they know and help others to improve, personally and professionally.

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