What It Means If You Have A White Aura

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Aura colors tell us exactly what kind of energy we are putting out into the world. They tell us what kind of person we are, good or bad, and give us a sense of how we deal with the trials and tribulations of life.

The energy field that is your aura can be any shade of red, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, or indigo, or a mixture of multiple colors. It's also possible to have auras in different shades, including black, gray or white, as well as rarer shades like crystal.

You give off your own unique vibe via your aura and, in turn, you pick up on the positive and negative energy that people around you send out through their auras. So, it’s important to protect yours at all costs, especially if you have a white aura.

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White Aura Meaning

Some see white as an absence of color instead of an actual hue. When it comes to the white aura color, it is known as pure light, making it an incredibly powerful field of energy.

A white aura means that you are operating at a high vibration so, naturally, it is associated with the crown chakra near the top of the head. The white aura is tied to spiritual energies and connection to a higher power.

People with a white aura are transcending the bounds of the physical and creating higher spiritual connections. White auras point to a period of enlightenment and oneness with the universe.

White auras represent authenticity, self-awareness and actualization while warding off negativity with their reflective nature. White aura individuals tend to live lives of truthfulness, purity, and genuine authenticity. They must have passion and purpose to be truly fulfilled.

7 White Aura Personality Traits

1. Innocent

Those with white auras have an almost child-like innocence about them. They are untainted by life’s traumas and have a beautiful outlook on the world.

2. Purity of heart

White auras are naturally genuine with people around them. They take you at face value and are compassionate and understanding.

3. Generous

White aura individuals are quick to help others in times of need. They share their good fortunes instead of coveting more than they need.

4. Wise

If you are a white aura person, you are likely wise beyond your years, offering that wisdom and guidance to people around you in their times of need.

5. Healing capabilities

Because of their divine connections to the universe, people with white auras have healing capabilities and can lighten others’ loads with their mere presence.

6. Divinely connected

White auras have a higher level of consciousness than others and can see things from an elevated perspective, giving them a unique insight into life.

7. Self-sacrificing

People who have a white aura need to be cognizant of how much they pour into others at their own expense. Self-sacrifice is second nature to them but should be balanced with self-care.

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White Aura Challenges

One of the biggest challenges for those with a white aura is their tendency to put the needs of others ahead of their own. White auras should always make time to step away and recharge.

The innocence that people with white auras have can easily spiral into naiveté. They see the good in everyone, giving them the benefit of the doubt, even when they shouldn’t.

White auras also need to be careful not to let their spiritual connections cloud the realities of their lives. It’s easy for them to get disconnected from the material world.

Different Shades of a White Aura

Bright White Aura

A bright white aura represents everything good: a giving spirit, a pure heart, divine spirituality, wisdom, and a personality that is not susceptible to corruption.

Dark or Murky White Aura

If your aura is murky or dark, chances are people have been taking advantage of your kindness, you are judgmental of others but make poor choices in your own life, and the toll of the manipulation inflicted on you is detrimental to your well-being.

White Aura Relationships & Love Life

People who have white auras place the needs of their partners over their own. They feel responsible for the wellness of everyone around them.

That willingness to cater to every need of the person they love can be smothering, and can come off as clingy if they are not careful to back off and give people the space they need.

White Aura Careers

Because of their caring and spiritual nature, white auras will excel in fields where they provide services or healing to others.

Animal rescue, therapy, charity, and holistic healthcare are just a few of the fields that white auras would likely experience success and fulfillment in.

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