What It Means If You Have A Yellow Aura

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Aura colors are a telltale sign of what is going on within you. They identify personality traits and represent your core energy.

An aura is the energy that surrounds every living being on the planet. It can give you a strong sense of who you are.

There are seven primary colors associated with our auras — purple, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, and indigo. At any given time, they can be any shade of those colors or a combination, and may also include rare colors like rainbow, white, silver, or gold.

Auras don’t just emit energy based around your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. They also internalize vibes from the world around you, dimming when you take in negative energy, and brightening when you are in the midst of positivity.

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Yellow Aura Meaning

Think of the people with a yellow aura color as having a sunny disposition. Those with yellow energy tend to be happy and cheerful.

Yellow is representative of the solar plexus chakra, referred to as the third chakra. It is located just above your stomach and extends from the navel to the breastbone.

The solar plexus chakra is your source of self-esteem and personal power. It gives you a warrior energy and eases transformation.

The yellow aura personality is usually pleasant to be around. They have a spiritual energy that lifts the mood in the room.

If you are around a yellow aura person, you might perceive them as confident and inspirational, seeing the glass as half full. They possess high intelligence and seek to understand all aspects of a situation before making decisions.

7 Yellow Aura Personality Traits

Depending on the shade of yellow, there can be marked differences among the yellow aura personality. But there are some commonalities you might find in all shades of yellow auras.

1. Fun-loving

Yellow auras know how to make light of a situation. They are happy-go-lucky and have high energy.

2. Spiritual

Those with a yellow aura are in close connection with their spirituality. They seek guidance from the universe often.

3. Uplifting

If you have a yellow aura, you likely enjoy seeing others at their best. You always have just the right words to get someone into a positive place.

4. Attractive

People are attracted to people with a yellow aura like magnets. There is just something about them that makes other people want to be in a yellow aura's presence.

5. Giving

Yellow auras are givers who people run to and dump all of their baggage on to. It is important that they set boundaries and carve out time for self-care.

6. Dynamic

If you have a yellow aura, you probably have pretty big goals for yourself. There is so much to conquer and so little time, which can lead to burnout.

7. Hopeful

People who have yellow auras think the best of others. Even when things are dismal, they hang on to hope that everything will work out in the end.

Yellow Aura Challenges

Because of their helpful and resourceful nature, those with yellow auras can overexert themselves, leading to stress and exhaustion. Their giving nature often means being there for others and placing their own needs on the back burner.

Yellow auras have to be aware of "energy vampires" who are there to suck all of the positivity out of them because they, themselves, have none.

Because of their need to live in a state of happiness, yellow auras can become extremely disengaged in dismal circumstances, especially when there is no silver lining.

People with yellow auras can easily intimidate others. They become envious at how easily you interact with and gain acceptance from those around you.

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Different Shades of Yellow Aura

All people with an aura that is yellow are not cut from the same cloth. In fact, they may seem to be from two different worlds altogether.

Light Yellow Aura

A light yellow aura is an indication that you are in the midst of a spiritual awakening. It is attached to hope, ambition, growth, and curiosity.

Golden Yellow Aura

If your aura is golden, you have great inner strength and self-discipline. You know how to inspire through intuition, generosity, and thoughtfulness.

True Yellow Aura

If you have a true yellow aura, you are likely super sociable and described as "bubbly." You love to learn new things and won’t hesitate to share the knowledge.

Bright Yellow Aura

Few people are more sure of themselves than those with a bright yellow aura. They have no trouble navigating new people and places, and exude confidence.

Dark Yellow Aura

Deep, dark shades of yellow mean that you might have bitten off more than you can chew and are approaching a breakdown. It brings a warning of the need to let go of some obligations.

Yellow-Orange Aura

The yellow-orange combination is all about creativity and optimism. Your goals are front and center, but you should be wary of making them unrealistic.

Yellow Aura Relationships & Love Life

People with yellow auras are not subject to the old adage "opposites attract." They have the best relationships with people who share the same values and characteristics.

That’s not to say they have to have every single trait in common. But yellow auras do avoid people with pessimistic outlooks on life.

When it comes to love, relationships have to make sense. People with yellow auras are passionate and loyal, but do not make romantic decisions based on lust or fairy tales.

Yellow Aura Careers

If your aura happens to be yellow, you are well-suited in a profession where you can teach or help others realize their potential.

Yellow auras should work in an environment that supports their creativity and ongoing growth. But they must be careful of sacrificing their sanity to meet professional needs.

Yellow auras are hard workers who don’t take themselves too seriously. They excel in leadership positions and as entrepreneurs.

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