What Does The Color Red Mean, Spiritually?

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What Does The Color Red Mean, Spiritually?

People often find themselves wanting to use the color red because of the strength that it holds, but many are unaware of this color's spiritual meaning.

It is hard not to look at the color red. It stands out amongst any other color and demands your attention.

People often use the color red to add flair to their outfits. A lot of the time, people find that it is easy to make a boring, bland outfit look incredible by adding a pop of red.

What does the color red mean?

Red symbolizes passion, courage, strength, and creativity. It is a bold color that can give an extra “pop” to anything that may be dull or boring.

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If you are attending an all-white party, it is difficult to stand out when everyone is wearing the same color, causing you all to blend in with one another.

Instead of wearing gold, silver or white shoes, wearing red shoes will draw all attention to you and make your outfit stand out despite the fact that everyone at the party essentially has on the same thing.

There are three primary colors in nature: red, blue, and yellow.

Every other color is a mixture of two or more pigments. You can’t have purple without red and blue, you can’t have green without blue and yellow and so on.

These colors stand on their own and cannot be formed by mixing any other colors.

Colors hold a lot of significance for everyone around the world.

Colors have an impact on our emotions and also have several different meanings related to religion and culture.

We are constantly surrounded by colors, but we often do not take the time to think about what they mean or how they make us feel.

When it comes to spirituality, colors can impact healing and energies.

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There are general things that colors make us feel, but the overall meanings are different for every individual.

Colors can be used to amplify qualities that you want to be known for or make people feel certain emotions and energies when they are around you.

Ever wanted to make someone feel calm? Wearing or exposing them to colors like blue or violet can do exactly that.

Because these colors are cool, they have the ability to not only make the atmosphere feel relaxing but also will allow your energy to come off the same.

When you constantly keep these colors in your atmosphere in places such as your bedroom, all over your house, and the places that you spend the most time in.

The aura that surrounds your body will absorb the energy from those colors and you will begin to exude those characteristics that those colors symbolize.

Here are three spiritual meanings for the color red:

1. Spiritual meaning of the color red — confidence

Red makes people come off as confident and ready to own any room that they walk into.

Even if you are not the most confident, your aura will absorb the energy from the color red and everyone will think you are the hottest in the room.

Often, people choose to wear red when they go on dates because it attracts their romantic interest even more.

Red lipstick can have your date looking at your lips, hoping they will have the opportunity to kiss them at the end of the night.

Wearing a red dress can also enhance your figure and your date just will not know how to keep calm.

Red accents such as jewelry with red stones or a red bag will also do the job.

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Pairing red hoop earrings or a small, red crossbody bag with your neutral-colored outfit will make it look much more interesting than it would have if you chose to wear a black bag or a white bag.

Doing this will make it seem as though you put a lot of effort into the outfit that you chose for your date, even if that is not the case. Red attracts romance because of the passionate energy that the color is filled with.

A phenomenon called the “red effect” suggests that the color red can influence perceptions of attractiveness.

A 2008 study conducted by psychologists Andrew Elliot and Danielle Niesta conducted five experiments involving men rating the attractiveness of women.

Little did they know, these studies were being recorded to show how men react to women in photos that the color red was also present in.

It was shown that the women in the photos that the color red was present had higher ratings.

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2. Spiritual meaning of the color red — blood

The color red also often represents bloodshed.

In Christianity, red wine is used during communion as a symbol for the shedding of Jesus’ blood.

In the Catholic Church, the color red is the color for martyrs or people who are willing to sacrifice themselves.

In Salt Lake City, the “Serve and Protect” sculpture was artistically covered in red paint during recent protests to symbolize the blood that innocent black people have shed at the hands of law enforcement or the ones who, as the statue symbolizes, are supposed to “protect and serve” them.

This enhances the emotions of the color red, as people have begun to use it to make statements regarding important injustices around the world.

Using red allows the message to be even clearer and to catch everyone’s attention.

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3. Spiritual meaning of the color red — attraction

Red is a color to use when you want all eyes on you and all ears open to what you have to say.

Red’s demand for the spotlight makes it impossible for it to fall into the background. Use the color red when you desire and need the attention the most.

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