What It Means If You Have A Gold Aura

Just like the precious metal, these individuals have a uniqueness that makes their shiny gold aura emit light.

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If you know anything about auras, you are keenly aware of how important they are in your spiritual journey.

Auras are the energy fields that power our lives, keeping us grounded, fulfilled, and tell us more about who we are. The color of your aura is a good determinant of how you deal with life and the people in it.

Auras come in many colors including red, yellow, green, blue, orange, pink, purple, white, rainbow, indigo, and all the shades in between.


Your aura represents your unique outlook on life, and the physical and mental limits you place on yourself. Auras are a spiritual energy that, though invisible, follows you wherever you go.

The gold aura color, in particular, is less common than the other colors, and understanding it is enlightening.

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Gold Aura Meaning

A gold aura, not to be confused with the yellow aura, is attached to the solar plexus chakra, which is the third chakra. It alludes to vitality and purpose. Like the white aura, it is about personal power, wisdom, and confidence. When those attributes are at their peak, your golden glow will shine as brightly and elegantly as a hidden treasure.

People with a gold aura are known for being compassionate and wise. Like the precious metal, they have a unique beauty and style about them that makes their shiny gold aura emit light. If a person’s aura is gold, they have achieved spiritual enlightenment and are led by divine guidance.

The gold aura tells you that you have overcome your ego, and are constantly doing shadow work and gaining vital knowledge. You have a high degree of spirituality and are under divine protection, separated from all that might be sent to harm you.

7 Gold Aura Personality Traits

1. Magnetic

People who have a gold aura draw other to them effortlessly. They have an attractiveness that is contagious and pulls people in like a magnet. People feel seen and heard when they encounter a golden aura.


2. Disciplined

Once a person with a gold aura commits to doing something, they are disciplined enough to see it through. They learn from past failures and use them to propel themselves into future success. Gold auras have an endless supply of stamina that helps them reach their destination.

3. Respectful

Gold auras show everyone they come across respect and treat them with dignity. They are not overly ambitious or competitive because they are confident in their own skills and know that what is for them is already theirs.

4. Enlightened

People with gold auras have already embarked on a path of spiritual awakening. They are intellectual, illuminated and have transcendental insight. They have an enlightened view that creates opportunities for spiritual, personal, and material prosperity.

5. Selfless

Those with a gold aura are selfless by nature. They have more than enough to share with others and give liberally. It is apparent to them that there will be ups and downs in life and they strive to support others throughout the journey.


6. Overprotective

Gold auras love fiercely and protect the people they care about. They exude strength and use it to advocate for and protect others. People know they can count on them to be dependable, reliable and stand up for what’s right.

7. Humble

Another beautiful gold aura personality trait is their humility. Though they could be, gold auras are not show-offs and are intentional about staying grounded, and making others feel welcomed and supported. Their non-judgmental demeanor inspires sharing and collaboration.

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Gold Aura Challenges

One of the biggest challenges of being a gold aura is the people that gravitate to you. They just want a little piece of the light you carry and, over time, it can become draining. The ability to show compassion will prompt people to lay their problems at your feet and eventually cause burnout.


People with gold auras also have a difficult time saying no. They leap at every opportunity and find themselves being everything to everybody. If your aura is gold, you will need to set some healthy boundaries with the people in your life in order to protect your own peace and maintain good health.

Keeping your aura gold is also a big challenge. The energy, motivation and illumination you feel when your aura turns gold is incomparable, but staying in that place takes dedication, commitment, and a willingness to look at life from a bird’s eye view.

Different Shades of a Gold Aura

Just like any other aura color, gold can vary depending on the hue. One day you might be a brilliant gold, while the next, your shine has dulled and you are not giving off the same energy you once were. It is important to know that differences between the various shades of gold.

Sparkly Gold Aura

A sparkling gold aura means that you are an intellectual. You advocate for change by doing things that can reach lots of people at once like writing, artistic projects, or anything that garners the attention of the masses.


Bright or Metallic Gold Aura

If your aura is bright and has a metallic look about it, you are an amazing speaker and use your voice and presence to facilitate change in the world. Bright gold auras eclipse the others and enhance with connection and purpose.

True Gold Aura

True gold auras are very rare and indicative of a super spiritual person. They tell you that you are deeply connected to the divine plan for your life and your soul contract duties here on earth.

Dark Gold Aura

If your aura is dark gold, you might be having some frustration on your spiritual journey. You could be overwhelmed and in need of a break to recalibrate and reconnect with the path.

Clear Gold Aura

A clear gold aura is one that is transparent, like a gold film over you. It means you are protected by your guardian angels and totally enlightened.


Gold Aura Relationships & Love Life

People with gold auras believe in the power of love. They use their hearts and minds in relationships and don’t place their own personal expectations on others as they are fully aware that nobody is perfect.

They desire honesty in every relationship and always give the same in return. Freedom is important to people with gold auras. If you intend to stifle their progress or lock them down in your clutches, the relationship won’t last.

Gold Aura Careers

Gold auras are best suited for leadership roles where they can teach and inspire others. This might be a career as a mentor where they get to cultivate confidence in others or provide the inspiration needed to excel in life.

Gold auras have a strong work ethic and avoid drama in the workplace at all costs. They should seek professions that allow them to use their intuition and wisdom to help others excel.


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