5 Signs Your Energy Is On A High Vibrational Frequency

Is your energy high frequency? You'll know you are high vibration when you see these signs.

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Believers in the Law of Attraction and manifestation know that your energy vibration is everything when it comes to creating the reality you desire.

The vibrational frequency you are on determines what you receive from the universe. While positive thoughts and actions cause high vibrational energy and more positive returns from the universe, negativity leads to low vibration and more of a ‘dark cloud’ feeling over your life.


There are many different tricks you can use to raise your vibration and even calibrate your vibration when it’s not aligned. But how can you know for sure what frequency your energy vibration is on?

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According to a TikTok posted by mindset and lifestyle coach Corrin Johnson, there are certain signs you’re aligned to a high vibrational frequency and are in fact a high vibration person.




5 Signs Of A High Vibration Person: 

1. Animals and children are drawn to you.

Both animals and children are known for being able to sense the energy that people give off. If babies start crying whenever you hold them or dogs constantly bark in your presence, chances are you need put some work into raising your vibration.


On the other hand, George explains that you’re a high vibration person if “you’re like a magnet” to animals and kids “because your frequency is a match to their high, pure frequency.”

2. Strangers easily approach you.

If you find that “strangers stare at you like you’re familiar, smile at you, even stop to talk and open up about things that they wouldn’t usually tell people,” you’re likely vibrating at a higher frequency.

Even when you’re in a group, you might find that you’re the first one approached or addressed by strangers. You may have even been told you have a “good vibe.” This is because your energy vibration is on a higher frequency and others can feel it.

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3. You experience synchronicities.

Synchronicities are often thought of as little coincidences, but they’re much more than that. In fact, synchronicities are one of the signs that your manifestations are coming true — which typically only happens when your vibrational energies are in alignment.

4. New relationships feel effortless.

Like attracts like, so as your vibrational energy increases or you become a high vibration person, you’ll attract people on the same journey as you. Because of this, you may feel like even though you haven’t known certain people for long, you connect on a deeper level that may even feel like you knew them in a past life.

5. Everything is working out in your favor.

There are some people who always seem to get the short end of the stick. At a glance, it’s easy to just call them unlucky. However, since it’s your thoughts that become your reality, the truth is they’re likely vibrating at a low vibrational frequency and therefore attracting things that align with that low vibration.


On the other hand, “things just have a way of working out for you,” explains George. “This is a sure sign that you are a high vibration person.”

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