What It Means If You Have An Indigo Aura

People with an indigo aura must not let people take advantage of your compassion.

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The color of your aura can teach you a lot about your personality traits and what brings you to life. It is a vibrational energy field that surrounds you everywhere you go, giving and receiving energy from the people and world around you.

Aura can come in many different colors, including red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, orange, brown, and indigo, and even rarer colors such as gold, silver, white, and rainbow. Even within those colors, an aura can be different shades or combinations of multiple hues.


The indigo aura color is the source of much curiosity due to its depth and high vibrational field and spirituality. Learning the ins and outs of indigo aura energy will help you understand how you need to be handled or how to handle the indigo aura person in your life.

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Indigo Aura Meaning

People with an indigo aura have a strong connection with nature. They possess creative energies that help them move through life on a journey of discovery and to share new experiences with others. People with indigo color shades in their aura are naturally spiritual and intuitive.

Indigo aura people are known for the psychic abilities that can be credited to their intuition and divine guidance. Those psychic powers help them to weed out toxic people and practice magical rituals that bring peace and harmony in life.

Indigo children, in particular, are thought to have come to rid the world of negativity, replacing it with love, integrity, and abundance.

As you might expect, the indigo aura is connected to the third eye chakra, located in the middle of your forehead between your eyebrows. This makes indigos receptive to dreams, intuitive insight, and psychic messages. Indigos are also associated with the crown chakra that promotes communication, imagination, and mental agility.


10 Indigo Aura Personality Traits

1. Intuitive

As mentioned previously, indigo auras are extremely intuitive and tend to trust that they know what’s best for them in any given situation. They listen to the universe and trust it to guide them.

2. Peaceful

Indigo aura people have no desire to get caught up in chaos or turmoil. They love to live in peace and harmony, and will do all they can to avoid drama and negativity.

3. Creative

Indigo auras are super creative and enjoy music, art, writing, and anything else that allows them to express their ability to dream up beautiful things. They are gifted when it comes to being creative and find it easy to gain new skills and experiences.

4. Empathetic

People with indigo auras are empathetic to the plight of others. That is why children and animals naturally gravitate toward them. They can sense that they are in the presence of a good person.


5. Spiritual

Those with an indigo aura can easily absorb the energy, feelings, and emotions of people and the world around them. They are deeply connected and have a sense of oneness with everything and everyone.

6. Communicative

Indigo personas have a great deal of skill when it comes to communication. They know how to talk to others in meaningful ways that solve problems and encourage them. Good communication is hard to come by, but indigos have mastered it.

7. Responsible

If someone with an indigo aura promises to do something, you can believe them. They have a strong sense of accountability and always work to deliver on what they have committed to.

8. Overthinking

Because of their knowledge and intuition, people who have an indigo aura can easily overthink a situation. They might make assumptions about the intentions of other people because they are used to doing it and, more often than not, are right.


9. Judgmental

One characteristic of indigo aura people that is not so desirable is their tendency to judge others. They know so much about a person by simply being in their presence, and that insight can lead to them becoming judgmental.

10. Impulsive

The creativity and imagination of indigo auras can make them do impulsive things. They are filled with bright ideas and new concepts and are sometimes open to acting on them without fully think it through.

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Indigo Aura Challenges

The natural intuitive gifts of indigo personalities can often be confused for advanced psychic powers, leading people to believe an indigo aura can do things for them that may not even be humanly possible.


Like other sensitive and compassionate people, indigos can end up overwhelmed and exhausted from all of the demands placed on them and burdens laid at their feet. For that reason, it is important that they have processes for coping with the tremendous stress and anxiety they deal with.

People with indigo auras often look for ways to escape the realities of their lives and venture into their own imaginary world without limits. Though being imaginative is a great attribute, it is also vital that they know how to stand and deal when the going gets tough.

Different Shades of an Indigo Aura

Even within the realm of indigo auras, personality traits can differ based on what shade yours is. Each individual tone of indigo carries its own unique spiritual meanings.

True Indigo Aura

True indigo auras have a sixth sense and can understand exactly what someone is going through without them ever having to say a thing. They are much more susceptible to the emotions of other people than any other aura color.


Pale Indigo Aura

A pale indigo aura is less saturated, bordering on faded. They are less impacted by the energies of others, but still have the same sensitivity and empathy that deeper indigos do. Pale indigo auras don’t always believe it is their responsibility to heal other people.

Dark Indigo Aura

The darker the indigo in your aura is, the more sensitive you are. Because you pick up on so much, you might find yourself buried under the backlog of other people’s emotions. These people need to practice a lot of self-care and make sure their cup is filled in order to pour into others’.

Clear Indigo Aura

If you have a clear indigo aura, it is kind of translucent or see-through. It reveals heightened psychic abilities and tells you that you are able to read people’s minds to understand their interests and motivations.

Bright Indigo Aura

The bright indigo aura is all about creativity. You have advanced knowledge in a variety of areas and are somewhat of a maven. You are in tune with your highest self and are on a karmic journey that will inspire those around you.


Indigo Aura Relationships & Love Life

The empathy and intuition of an indigo can be a double-edged sword when it comes to love and romance.

They can form strong connections but have trouble setting appropriate boundaries and dealing with their emotions. They are very attached to their partners but find it difficult to know where their mate’s feelings end and theirs begin.

In order to have a successful romantic or platonic relationship, indigo auras need to set effective boundaries, take care of their spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being through self-care, and be able to clearly express their own needs and emotions.

Indigo Aura Careers

Indigo auras are a valuable contribution to society due to their creativity, intuition, and sensitive nature. One of the fields they are ideal for is teaching because they have the ability to create a nurturing learning environment and come up with innovative methods.


Other ways indigo personalities can use their God-given gifts are as social workers, in the healthcare field, or any healing professions. They have a unique understanding of human emotions that allows them to connect with and assist those in need.

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