What It Means If You Have A Blue Aura

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Knowing the color of your aura can help to clear up any questions you may have about who you are deep down inside.

Your aura is your personal energy field that goes with you everywhere you go. Aura colors give us direct insight into our personalities.

Not only is your aura giving off vibes that spread to everything around you, but it is also absorbing any other energy in your presence.

Your aura can be any shade of the seven primary colors — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple — as well as additional colors like pink, white, brown, and black. It lightens and darkens as you consume positivity and negativity.

If you learn what the color of your aura means, the traits associated with it, and how it manifests in your work and relationships, you will be much more equipped to handle anything life throws at you.

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Blue Aura Meaning

The fifth chakra, known as the throat chakra, is associated with the color blue and this color aura. This chakra and aura color signify finding your voice and using it.

But a blue aura also signifies truth, confidence, communication, and intuition.

People whose aura is the color blue usually have good communication skills. They are in no way passive-aggressive and speak their minds.

Blue aura people possess strong intuitive abilities, making them good at reading people and reading the room.

A blue aura person knows how to listen actively and listen patiently. This understanding of others comes in handy in their philanthropic work.

7 Blue Aura Personality Traits

There are many blue aura personality traits that are admirable. But people with a blue aura are not a monolith and it is important to understand the individual traits and the differences in the shades of blue.

1. Level-headed

The color blue itself psychologically represents calmness and a sense of soothing. Blue aura personalities are cool, calm, and collected, even under pressure.

2. Creative

Blue auras know how to tap into their creativity. They are gifted artists and excel in any artistic pursuits they choose.

3. Giving

People with blue aura personalities are resourceful and helpful. They find purpose in being of service to others.

4. Honest

Those who have a blue aura can be brutally honest. They are truth tellers who pull no punches when it is time to be transparent.

5. Communicative

If you have a blue aura, you know how to deliver a message or get your point across effectively. Rarely do you mince words or cause confusion when talking to others.

6. Expressive

You are not the type of person to hide your true feelings. People with a blue aura are comfortable expressing their feelings, strengths and weaknesses.

7. Thoughtful

Blue auras think deeply before they make informed decisions. They like to make all of the necessary considerations before acting.

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Blue Aura Challenges

The biggest challenge a person who has a blue aura might face is finding people who are as emotionally available as they are.

Everyone is not as transparent about how they feel as blue auras. They can be left feeling slighted when they uncover hidden truths about other people.

In addition, people with blue auras can be trusting to a fault. They expect everyone to be as forthright as them and can be disappointed when that doesn’t happen.

Because of their tendency to be assertive, blue auras can step on other people’s toes inadvertently. They have to be careful not to offend with their direct nature.

Different Shades of a Blue Aura

All people with blue auras are not the same. Depending on the hue of blue, the traits and characteristics can differ vastly. There are several blue aura shades and each one has unique quirks and traits specific to it.

Sky Blue or Light Blue Aura

People with sky-blue energy fields are talented creatives. They know how to use their leadership skills to help other people and are top-tier communicators. Light blue auras promote peace and positivity.

Turquoise Blue Aura

Turquoise blue auras are super-confident and self-assured. They know who they are and are not easily swayed by peer pressure and influence.

Cloudy, Dark or Muddy Blue Aura

A shadowy or murky blue tone to your aura might mean that your energy is dark. Cloudy, muddy, or opaque blue auras signify insecurity and fear. You have a need to control intuition and find your voice.

True-Blue or Royal Blue Aura

If your aura is royal blue, also known as true blue, you are expressive and intuitive. Royal blue auras have a deep connection to the spiritual world and use their wisdom and imagination to be their truest selves.

Blue-Indigo Aura

The depth of a blue aura with shades of indigo represents deeper, more intuitive feelings. These people are very sensitive and relate well to others.

Blue Aura Relationships & Love Life

Blue auras are truthful and honest, which are good qualities for starting and keeping healthy relationships.

People with blue auras are also committed, loyal, and faithful — a recipe for long-lasting connections.

Blue auras should connect with people they are equally yoked with, spiritually and emotionally. They tend to pair well with people who have yellow auras.

Blue Aura Careers

Due to their endless creativity, blue auras are well-suited for artistic jobs where they can explore their active imaginations. They are also giving and helpful, and excel in careers when they can give to others and inspire them.

Teaching, nursing, or counseling are ideal for people with blue auras. Blue aura individuals are naturally good at communication, so a job in public speaking would also be a great fit.

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