What It Means If You Have A Green Aura

Green auras are on a journey of growth.

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The color of your aura is a great gauge of who you are, how you think, and what you are passionate about. Best described as an invisible field of energy that surrounds you everywhere you go, your aura tells you exactly what kind of vibe you emit.

Red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, and indigo are the primary colors of our auras, but they can be any shade or those colors or a mixture of two or more colors. Auras can also be much rarer colors, like pinkblack, white, gold, silver, or brown.


Not only does your aura shine outward, touching everything you come into contact with, but it can be influenced by the auras of other living things in your presence. Therefore, it is important to be aware of what energy fields are in your presence.

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Green Aura Meaning

The green aura color is associated with your heart chakra, which happens to be the energy center for personal growth, balance and healing.

People with a green aura exhibit unconditional love for others and give off a strong sense of life force, making their presence felt by everyone around them.

The green aura is all about peace, love, energy, healing, and a connection to nature. Green auras are drawn to animals and the great outdoors and have the natural ability to heal themselves.

If your aura is green, you will likely experience a marked period of transformation in your life. This could be the start of a new profession, starting or ending a relationship, or bringing a child into the world.


The heart chakra is tied to attributes like forgiveness, compassion, gratitude and understanding. If you peel back the layers of people with green auras, you will find a lot to discover.

We’ve already talked about some of the traits that green auras give off. But you are likely to find many of those characteristics in a person with a green hue to their aura, no matter the shade.

7 Green Aura Personality Traits

1. Balanced

People with a green aura are not especially moved by the trappings of the material world. They will give their all to work, but must be able to take a step back when necessary. Balance is key to those with a green aura.

2. Harmonious

Green auras thrive in environments that are harmonious. They seek to get along with everyone who they are in relation with. If the energy does not create harmony, a person with a green aura can’t be around it.


3. Determined

If your aura is green, you probably have a growth mindset and are always looking at ways to be a better person. Green auras are on a never-ending journey of self-improvement.

4. Self-caring

When it comes to taking care of themselves, green auras are willing to pull out all the stops. Whether it be something as minute as a bubble bath or as pivotal as a therapy session, people with green auras know how to prioritize themselves.

5. Responsible

People with green auras do well when it comes to making and delivering on commitments. They keep their word and are reliable and accountable.

6. Creative

Creativity is another trait of those with green auras. They aspire to do big things and have no trouble thinking outside the box or finding new ways of navigating complex situations.


7. Assertive

Those who have a green aura do not tread lightly when it comes to expressing their feelings. They speak up and stand up when necessary.

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Green Aura Challenges

Because green auras have such lofty aspirations, they can be hard on themselves when they fall short. They must be able to learn the lessons and keep pushing without negative self-talk.

Green auras are also people-pleasers and will go out of their way to be of service. The problem is that when those acts are not reciprocated, they become resentful.

In relationships, people with green auras can be clingy and possessive. Because they give so much, the need to receive it back can create insecurity and emotional dependency on others.


When a person with a green aura suspects someone is invading their "territory," jealousy can rear its ugly head and cause them to behave in negative ways.

Different Shades of Green Aura

There are several different shades of green aura, and each comes with its own unique personality traits.

Bright or Neon Green Aura

A bright green aura or one that is neon green is an indication that you are happy and content with your current station in life. Love, strength and abundance radiate from you.

Light Green Aura

A light green aura symbolizes growth and development. You are in a state of healing, and are open and receptive to all that it entails.

Dark Green Aura

If you have a dark green aura, you might be experiencing some jealousy or resentment in relation to another person. Letting it go is vital to unblocking your own blessings.


Emerald Green Aura

An emerald green aura draws people into you like a magnet. They can feel the warmth and joy within and just want to be a part of it.

Lime Green or Yellow-Green Aura

If you are lucky enough to have a lime green aura, you are energetic and bring positivity. You love life, are creative and, like yellow auras, you exude confidence.

Olive Green or Muddy Green Aura

The olive or muddy green aura looks just like it feels: dull and murky. You are selfish and stubborn and have a hard time trusting others based on your own behaviors.

Blue-Green Aura

The blue-green aura, AKA turquoise, is soothing and bright, representing compassion and healing. It is typically the color of those who help to heal others for a living such as counselors, doctors, or mentors.


Mint Green Aura

Aqua green or mint-colored auras are on a journey of spiritual growth. Their intuition is at its peak and they are connected to the universe with the goal of making the world a better place.

Green Aura Relationships & Love Life

We already know that the green aura is directly correlated to the heart chakra. And people with this aura love hard and deep and expect the same in return.

They love to have peace, harmony, and balance in a relationship. If all of those elements are absent, it will not last long.

When green auras feel slighted, they get resentful and become jealous or possessive. So, it is important that they feel equally yoked with those they choose to connect with.


Green Aura Careers

Green auras need to be of service. Career fields that give them the opportunity to help those in need are ideal.

Therapists, coaches, and advocates are just the type of roles that people who have a green aura would excel in. They also need to have an opportunity to use their creativity and feel valued in whatever position they find themselves in.

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