What It Means If You Have A Rainbow Aura

Do you have the rarest type of aura?

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Auras are just another way of describing the type of energy you carry throughout your daily life. Though not visible to the naked eye, they are a field of energy that makes you who you are.

The aura that surrounds you and hints at your personality traits can be any of the main colors such as red, yellowgreen, blue, orange, pink, purple, or even white. But the rarest aura color of all is not just one shade, it’s a rainbow with the essence of every aura color.


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Rainbow Aura Meaning

If you are one of the unique individuals lucky enough to walk around with a rainbow aura, you have a blend of many personality traits from different aura colors and are one big mystery.


The rainbow aura is not correlated to one chakra in particular, but depending on what color is dominant on a moment-to-moment basis, it can lean more towards one than the others.

You are likely strong and filled with a vibrant energy and that makes you adorable to everyone you meet. You are sensitive to your needs and those of others and are extremely clear on what you want in life.

You rise to the occasion when adversity comes your way, but are easily heartbroken and empathetic to the plights of other people. You are especially open, and your social circle reflects your aura, filled with different people from different walks of life.

People with rainbow auras are steadfast and sturdy, just happy to be alive and intent on discovering all they can in the little time they have on this planet. They have a passion and zest for life that they bring to every decision they make and every action they take.


7 Rainbow Aura Personality Traits

1. Transformative

Rainbow auras are like chameleons or shapeshifters because they inhabit the very best (and worst) of all of the other auras. They are quick on their feet, agile, and usually have the right tool in their arsenal to handle anything that comes their way.

2. Confident

Those who have a rainbow aura are confident, both in personal and professional matters. Because they have so many helpful resources within, they tend to have everything they need and are confident in their abilities.

3. Positive

For the most part, rainbow auras have a positive outlook on life. They see the beauty in all things and are slow to judge. This makes people come to them like a magnet, hoping some of their joy rubs off.

4. Charming

People with rainbow auras are charming. The ability to attract people is purely subjective but rainbow auras know what is required of them at the exact time it is needed. They are able to approach others in ways that are specially tailored to make them feel remarkable.


5. Mysterious

It’s hard to know all of the aspects of someone with a rainbow aura. They are a deep well filled with mysterious ways that might be difficult to understand, especially since many of their characteristics seem to conflict with one another.

6. Resilient

If anyone knows how to bounce back from misfortune, it’s a rainbow aura. While life for them isn’t perfect, they see the glass as "half-full" and have an inner strength that helps them overcome even the biggest of life’s obstacles.

7. Energetic

Rainbows require a lot of energy, physical and emotional, to access all areas of their personality. They can be empaths one moment and filled with tough love the next. In order to keep all of their chakras in balance and functioning, they must exert a lot of energy, so they should take time to recharge.

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Rainbow Aura Challenges

It is hard to pin down a person with a rainbow aura. The inability for others to understand you might be off-putting or the cause of much confusion when it comes to interacting and relating.

Because rainbow auras are so passionate and invested in their decisions, they sometimes have trouble hearing and seeing other points of view. Once they "know" they have made the right move, there is no way anyone will sway them from that choice.

Rainbow auras are very susceptible to getting hurt by others due to their sensitive and intuitive nature. However, they move on from that hurt quickly and are usually not depressed or riddled with guilt long-term.

Different Shades of a Rainbow Aura

A rainbow is pretty self-explanatory: a palette of all of the colors we see around us. But there are some slight differences in the hue of the rainbow aura that can change how you present to people around you.


Pale Rainbow Aura

A pale rainbow aura that appears to be faded can be a sign that you might be a healer. Another interpretation is that you are just starting to discover your gifts and need to continue learning them.

Bright Rainbow Aura

A bright rainbow aura tells you that your chakras are open and active on a high vibrational frequency. You are in a healthy state and your radiant aura is a sign of creativity, brilliance, and power within.

Striped Rainbow Aura

Rainbow auras either look like stripes or sunbursts of color streaming from a person. If your rainbow aura is striped, you are at your energetic maximum and equipped with next-level intuition and purpose.

Dark Rainbow Aura

A dark, murky, or blurred rainbow aura tells you that you might be conflicted or experiencing some inner turmoil. Perhaps you are picking up on the energy of others and putting yourself in their shoes, or you are dealing with your own set of circumstances you need to heal from.


Rainbow Aura Relationships & Love Life

Rainbow auras attract people easily, but have no clear advantage when it comes to maintaining healthy, happy relationships. But their genuine interest in others makes people feel good and makes it easy to find partners.

Life with a rainbow aura is filled with ups and downs. One second, you are having the time of your life and feel deeply connected. Then, their need for independence overpowers their intense love for you.

Rainbows are not the type to be codependent or self-sacrificing in relationships just to make their partner feel good. They are willing to compromise, but to keep the friendships or relationship going takes a lot of negotiation and communication.


Rainbow Aura Careers

People with rainbow auras have an innate need to help others. That makes them ideal candidates for careers in healthcare, law, politics, management, volunteering, and providing spiritual guidance.

Rainbows are responsible workers who will give all they have to the job if it means having a positive impact on someone’s life. They prefer to be in the trenches, getting work done effectively.

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