5 Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening

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5 Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening

When one experiences a spiritual awakening there are many signs prior to their enlightenment. One sign can be an overflow of emotions that opens the mind.

If you're going through a spiritual awakening, you may feel anxious, afraid, and sometimes a bit of loneliness creeps in.

However, the outcome of this cataclysmic journey is rewarding, and you should let it happen.

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The beginning of a spiritual awakening can be exhausting and lonely because while you are bettering yourself, the people around you may not fully understand why you're experiencing this.

A spiritual awakening is more than one element. It is complex in nature and has multiple layers to knowing and understanding the experience.

Here are the five signs of a spiritual awakening (and the meaning of each):

The first sign of a spiritual awakening is the feeling of discomfort and alienation.

The first thing to know is that a spiritual awakening does not mean you wake up one morning and you feel like you're on top of the world.

This experience is much deeper than you think. It may take days, weeks, even months until you reach your destination of wisdom.

You may experience depression and confusion as your questions of, "What's the point?" start to come into contact. You desperately search for meaning and fullness to fill the void inside of you.

The second sign is reality and what you thought you knew begins to shift.

Although things may shake up your life, you should know that a spiritual awakening happens at an almost perfect time.

Another bit of misinformation you may have read is that this is something you can plan out.

"Today is the day where I reach potential enlightenment!!" Not so fast, buddy.

This kind of experience happens out of the blue when you least expect it.

You start to notice all the lies and insanity that runs the world, and you've had enough of it. You are unhappy with what goes on and feel the need to step up and do something to change those things.

The third sign is when you begin to search deeper for the questions that may answer why you are feeling this way.

Once you've gone through the journey, your eyes will be opened to the wicked ways the world has to offer.

When was the last time you felt content with the way your life was going?

These feelings will almost immediately have you searching for that piece of fulfillment, something that makes you feel complete again.

The last time I truly felt whole was most likely at a young age. Life was not so scary, I was still naive to the ways of the world, and everyone was always nice to me. How bad could things be?

Only then did I grow up to realize that those friends I once had in elementary school were bullies. The news was (and still is) full of violent happenings and inexplicable disasters. The leaves on trees fell and died every now and then.

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What was the point of anything? What is my purpose? These thoughts clouded my mind at a very young age and I did not understand what was happening inside of my head.

These might be things you think about from time to time. And I would like to congratulate you because you are on the right path!

Once anyone begins to question their existence and what is it they are supposed to be doing, that is the beginning of a spiritual awakening.

When you start to think of the intentions of those who are in your circle and how they might benefit/hurt your mind or emotions, that is the first step.

You will soon realize that anything outside of your inner world does not bring true happiness or contentment.

You start to question the meaning of life and this is when you begin to "wake up" and find those answers for yourself.

The fourth sign is finding the answers to your prominent questions.

You start to question everything you've ever known, from your beliefs, habits, and social settings. Life's most significant questions circulate your mind almost every day.

You also may begin asking yourself whether or not there is a higher being above anything we've ever known. God, the Divine, whatever it is you believe in, is anyone up there watching over us?

You may meet a few wise souls along the way who pass along their stories and experiences, which in the end makes you feel less alone on this journey. At this point, you start to see a glimpse of a new reality you have been eagerly searching for.

The fifth sign is the big finale.

Spiritual awakenings occur when our souls begin to evolve and mature into something greater than we think can happen.

As everything else in life grows and transforms, our souls and minds do the same. The more you dig deep into your being, the more you begin to crave a rich and peaceful life.

Everything you've learned about yourself, life, and the world has finally come into fruition after tedious hours of digging and discovering. You will feel whole again, and anything you once thought you knew is disregarded.

This is the stage where life has meaning, your life has meaning, and you will continue to reach every peak of enlightenment there is to offer.

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