What It Means If You Have A Red Aura

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You may have heard someone talk about aura colors before and know a little bit about the topic, but don’t fully understand what aura shades are all about.

An aura is an energy field that surrounds every living thing on the planet. It attracts emotions, feelings, and energy from everything around you.

The shade of your aura can change depending on whether you are drawing in positive energy, which makes it brighter, or negativity, which dims your aura.

The aura color wheel has seven main colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. But auras come in many variations of each color, and someone can even have a rainbow, crystal, pink, gold or silver aura.

Your aura affects love and relationships, your outlook on life, and how you navigate the physical world. And those with a red aura color have a unique way about them.

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Red Aura Meaning

People have long believed that red is the color of passion.

People with red auras tend to gravitate toward physical activity through sports or exercise. They are primal in nature and super invested in everything they do, so they always give their all.

Spiritually, a red aura is connected to fire, representing transformation, purification, and regeneration. In addition, it means protection, love, and, of course, warmth.

Those with a red aura personality say what they mean and mean what they say. Reds have a strong sense of self and are confident in who they are. They are courageous, independent, and have an air of dominance and leadership.

Red energy is connected to the root chakra, located at the base of the spine. The root chakra is the foundation we build our lives on and represents safety, security, and stability. It also signifies both physical and emotional strength, and resilience.

7 Red Aura Personality Traits

People with red auras possess both negative and positive personality traits. Understanding those can help you accentuate the good while eliminating the bad.

1. Active

Those who have red auras have an innate need to be physically active. This might be through organized or recreational sports, or simply via working out regularly.

2. Passionate

People with red auras give all they have in pursuit of their goals. When a person with a red aura puts their mind to something, it is as good as done.

3. Aggressive

Because of their passion, sometimes a person with a red aura can be seen as overly aggressive due to their relentless drive to get what they want.

4. Brave

People whose aura is red have no qualms about speaking up when it comes to injustice or unfair treatment. They speak from the heart with transparency.

5. Highly involved

People with red auras can become overly involved in work or projects. This can lead to burnout or lack of balance between their personal lives and careers.

6. Clever

Due to their passion and eagerness to take opportunities and chances that come their way, people with red auras tend to know how to make the best of their environment.

7. Energetic

Having a red aura means possessing both positive and negative energy. When this person is surrounded by positive energy, they make good decisions for themselves and those around them; however, with negative energy, they are irritable and moody.

Red Aura Challenges

Because of the red aura individual’s dedication and desire to achieve by all means necessary, they can be viewed as overbearing and insensitive as it relates to anyone that might get in their way.

People with red auras can also overinvest in one thing, letting other responsibilities that they believe aren't as important fall by the wayside.

It is important that people with red auras routinely take stock of their lives and make sure they are balancing all aspects in a healthy way. They should also take time to stop and smell the roses.

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Different Shades of a Red Aura

As mentioned earlier, shades of red auras can change based on the type of energy you are attracting from the world around you.

Murky Red Aura

When people have murky red auras, they feel strongly about their own beliefs and feelings, and are not at all interested in anyone trying to get them to change their minds.

Red auras turn murky when the person is stressed or embroiled in conflict, lack confidence, or are defensive. Those with murky red auras are overwhelmed with negative emotions like anger or resentment.

Bright Red Aura

If your aura is bright red, you are high-energy and dead set on fulfilling your purpose. Bright red auras know exactly where they are going and how to get there.

The brightness may also indicate a need for stimulation and attention from others. People with this type of red aura are charismatic and busy, looking for challenges and willing to live in the moment.

Dark Red Aura

If you have a dark red aura, your value is tied to power, influence, and money. You are extremely sensitive when any of those things you care about most are at risk.

Dark reds have trouble letting go of the past, which leads to relationship problems. They can also be overly possessive, jealous, and controlling.

Red Aura Relationships & Love Life

If your aura is red, your relationships and love life are likely filled with extreme highs and lows.

You can be a passionate lover when you want to be. Your chemistry with others is easy because you are fully in touch with your own needs. But, if their needs happen to supersede yours, you become angry and dismissive.

People with red auras are exciting to be around. They are always on the hunt for the next big adventure and are full of spontaneity. But those that can’t keep up are considered boring and get left behind.

Reds can easily conflict with purple auras, as the red aura energy is centered in the physical world while purples are spiritually bound.

Red Aura Careers

People with red auras are natural-born leaders who are confident but grounded. They are fearless and willing to take risks where others might be more timid.

Their natural drive pushed them to consistently meet and exceed any challenges laid at their feet. This makes them prime candidates for leadership roles.

But reds also excel as politicians, entrepreneurs, sales people and marketers, working in public relations, and in any position where they are managing people or processes.

An aura reading can tell you a lot about yourself. Identifying your natural strengths and weaknesses is part of a growth mindset and can help you live in a way that is conducive to who you are.

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