What Your Venus Sign Means In Love Astrology, By Zodiac Sign

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What Your Venus Sign Means In Love Astrology, By Zodiac Sign
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What does your Venus sign mean, according to astrology? Venus rules over our romantic lives and helps us realize what our love lives have been missing.

How does your Venus sign affect your love life, according to astrology?

The goddess of love affects your zodiac personality in love and relationships, and your astrology natal chart shows how.

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When Venus is in your zodiac sign, you get a Venus return which allows you to use your strengths to your advantage and experience love in a way that enhances your love.

Perhaps you will be bold in expressing your love, or perhaps you will just open yourself up to experiencing love.

Here's what each Venus sign means based on where the planet of love and relationships is located in the natal chart, per astrology:

Venus in Aries: Expect to be bold.

Our girl Venus is going to send you out into the world, full of confidence. Some people may be put off by this a little, but you won’t care.

Romantically speaking, you’re going to see what you want and go for it! Confidence is everything during this time, so make sure you notice your own assets and f-l-a-u-n-t flaunt them, mama. It will work in your favor.

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Venus in Taurus: Your love language is physical touch.

You will find yourself moving sensually through your life, running your fingers on every surface and absorbing romantic and sexual energy from everything and everyone you touch.

While you and your boo will likely be spending more time at home, it can be one of the most romantic times for you.

Nights of lacing your feelings to your fingers and intertwining them with your partners over rich red wines and deep dark chocolate.

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Venus in Gemini: Love gets expressive.

Venus in Gemini is a boost to the ego by showing off their wit and knowledge. They will resist the pull to get closer to someone who makes them feel comfortable and secure and be more attracted to exciting and dangerous people.

While they flirt and peacock their way around town, they are most likely to tie themselves to someone who is stimulating conversationally. Someone who challenges them, and laughs at their jokes.

This is more important to Geminis during this time than any other sign.

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Venus in Cancer: Practical love is best.

It is a love that is familiar, dependable and sturdy. It is the kind of love that is well aged and mature. It is love you can rely on, not just the expression but the person or people your love is tied to.

It is showing your love by being dependable and receiving love by allowing yourself to depend. It is love that is as habitual as breathing and equally as essential.

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Venus in Leo: You love the innocence of love.

It is a time to show off your partner and to allow yourself to be shown off. It is a time for posting your lover on social media, for surprising them with impressive dates and romancing them to no end.

While it can just be romance for its own sake, there is plenty of room for something deeper to grow. It can be a time to make grand gestures.

To allow your showmanship to plant itself inside of you, and love deeper than you thought possible. It is a time to let your Leo love roar inside of you.

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Venus in Virgo: You pay attention to the details.

Structured in almost a mechanical sort of way. They are going to show up every day, and while it may not be grand gestures and romance it is thoughtful and planned.

It is meaningful and considerate and tailor-made for the people it surrounds. It is the kind of love that can only be for two specific people. Unable to be replicated from relationship to relationship.

Some relationships are long-stemmed red roses that spread the aroma of grand generic romance and expensive consideration.

This will feel more like your favorite meal eaten in a blanket fort, riding a train of laughter deeper into your partner.

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Venus in Libra: You are completely selfless.

You will find yourself making compromises that you wouldn’t ordinarily make. You will find yourself prioritizing your partners' needs over your own, and that their happiness is the nourishment that feeds you.

This can come off as needy and desperate, and even an opportunity for those keen on manipulation. Make sure you are in a relationship that is at least attempting to give as much as it takes.

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Venus in Scorpio: Turn up the intensity.

You will have the ability to really zero in on your partner and make them feel like they are the only person worth looking at.

You will breathe them into you with long drawn out gasps of desperation, and in return, you will expel nothing but devotion. You will want to wrap your lover in a blanket made of promises, and in return, they will rely on that blanket for warmth.

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Venus in Sagittarius: Seek adventure.

This is a time of growth. They need someone who will grow independently of them, while still remaining by their side.

Think like a tree. Trees can grow alone, or near other trees so long as the other trees roots don’t impede their ability to absorb nutrients. This is much like a Sagittarius may experience love in Venus.

Two independent beings, growing autonomously together. They don’t take any nutrients that the other can’t afford to give. They will improve together.

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Venus in Capricorn: Romance is traditionally grounded

There won’t be much spontaneity. Capricorns will have a clear picture of how they want to represent themselves and work hard to appear to be everything they think a good lover would be.

It may be their work persona, or their sexual prowess or their attentiveness, but whatever they want their lover to see in them they will work hard at putting that forward.

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Venus in Aquarius: You love people.

will be free-spirited and open-minded. You will find yourself in unconventional relationships, talking about energy and exploring.

These relationships will seem more earthy and experimental than others. Venus in Aquarius people may come off as provocative if you aren’t used to their way of thinking.

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Venus in Pisces: Love is elusive and ethereal.

They are quirky and romantic. You will find yourself in something of an Emily Dickinson romance, reading each other poetry and playing songs for each other on the pianoforte.

Your relationship will be flirty and unpredictable and full of old school romance.

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