How Venus In Scorpio Effects Your Love Life, By Astrology House

Scorpio is no easy lover... but then again, everyone has their quirks.

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If your Venus is in Scorpio, then you are one of the most mysterious, hardcore lovers of the zodiac.

There are some people who just can’t handle you when you’re looking for love… but you couldn't care less about those people anyway.

What is a Venus in Scorpio person attracted to? You want to be in a relationship with someone who not only totally gets you but never judges you for who you are.

You know firsthand that you can be intense and extreme, but hey – there’s no middle ground for you when it comes to love.


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Someone either wants you, or they don’t. The reason for all of this intense emotion?


Scorpio rules the zodiac’s eighth house – AKA intense bonding. For you, relationships aren’t as easy to make and break as some people make them out to be.

You need time to get to know someone and create a strong foundation for your friendship or relationship to last. When you meet someone new, you put in a LOT of effort to understand who they are, what they want, and how you can be a part of their life.

If things don’t work out and it’s mutual, no big deal! It may hurt at first, but you know that there are other people out there who actually want you around. But if the other person hurts you in any way or makes it known that they don’t feel as strongly about you as you do about them, then it’s personal.

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You have a tendency to burn bridges before really getting to know what someone is going through. Just because someone doesn’t want to initiate a relationship with you just yet doesn't mean that they don’t care about you.

It just means that they need to do things on their own timeline. But you also can’t really help it. As Venus in Scorpio, casual dating and one-night hook-ups just don’t work for you. You need someone who is all in, all the time. You don’t have time to guess what they want!

That said, you yourself are pretty mysterious and private. For a relationship to really work, you need to strip down your walls and let yourself be vulnerable in front of people. Don’t automatically assume that everyone is out to break your heart.

Sure, there will be times when you don’t click with someone, and there will be other times when someone actually does break your heart, but when you close yourself off to love and refuse to let your guard down, you’ll never find the love that you’re looking for.


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It can be easy for you to cut a potential relationship off before it really begins if someone is taking their time getting to know you and open up to you, but you do the same thing. Don't let yourself be a hypocrite, Scorpio.

Practice what you preach, and you’ll be a much better person for it. Life is about searching for your twin flame; that “other half” that makes you feel safe, loved, and accepted for who you are. That journey may take time, but all good things come to those who tough it out.

In the meantime, open yourself up to all varieties of relationships and friendships – you never know who will come into your life and change it forever!


Keep reading to learn more about personality traits for those with Venus in Scorpio (the 8th House), as well as for all astrology house traits.

Venus in the 1st House

House of Self

Venus in the 1st house will have traits found in the Aries zodiac sign. Keywords for this placement include self, fresh starts, and new beginnings.

If Venus is in your 1st House, you are a naturally magnetic, charming, and alluring person.

You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve and have no problem telling people exactly who your heart belongs to. Unless Venus is in a challenging or detrimental position for you, befriending you comes easy.

On a good day, you’re warm, easy to approach, and sweet. On a bad day, you may act superficial, shallow, and two-faced. While you may shy away from conflict in order to keep the peace with others, you have a natural ability to win people over to your side… maybe you don’t need conflict, after all!


Love and affection are very important to you. Without either, your life feels sort of empty to you. Once you get comfortable with a partner, you dive head-first into ultimate romance and passion.

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Venus in the 2nd House

House of Personal Gains

Venus in the 2nd house will have traits found in the Taurus zodiac sign. Keywords for this placement include property and personal gains.

If Venus is in your 2nd House, you are refined, extravagant, and totally indulgent. In other words, you have good taste, and you know it. You are most attracted to things (and people) of high quality.


Give you a partner with financial security, someone who loves their mom, and has a good career, and you’re shopping for wedding venues by the second date.

Even if someone turns out to be the wrong match for you, it can take you a while to completely disengage from the relationship. You definitely want to find true love in life, and it’s easier for you to wait out a not-so-great relationship hoping it’ll turn around than starting something new.

Change is hard for you, but it can be exactly what you need to move on and finally find that one person you’re meant to be with. Whoever you’re with will know just how important love and a long-lasting relationship is to you. You have strong values, and once you find The One, it’s impossible for you to give up something this good.

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Venus in the 3rd House (Gemini)

House of Communication

Venus in the 3rd house will have traits found in the Gemini zodiac sign. Keywords for this placement include communication and transportation.

If Venus is in your 3rd House, you have a way with words. It almost doesn’t matter what you say because people will always find that you’re just so persuasive. You love giving others compliments and flirting, and you love dating because it gives you a chance to talk about yourself.

As shallow as that seems on the surface, you’re actually incredibly likable and friendly.

That said, you can often use your sweet-talkin’ ways to get what you want, even if you know all you’re doing is using someone for their kindness. There are times when you’re mischievous and like playing mind games, but these are never done out of malice. You just like having fun and keeping things light, just like your relationships.


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Venus in the 4th House (Cancer)

House of Parents

Venus in the 4th house will have traits found in the Cancer zodiac sign. Keywords for this placement include parents, security, home.

If Venus is in your 4th House, you constantly strive for peace and harmony in your home and love lives. You are most attracted to things and people who bring you ultimate comfort – like a cushy, velvet loveseat or the strong arms and soothing voice of your S.O.

Everything you do for your home and your partner you do with a loving touch.

A birthday or anniversary never goes unnoticed, presents are always perfectly unique and personalized, and your love is sprinkled into everything you do in your relationship.


Risk-taking is not your forte when it comes to love. You like knowing that the person you love loves you back and that there is no guessing about what your relationship really is. Labels are extremely important to you for this reason (you’ve read about the horror stories).

As a nurturing and kind-hearted individual, it is very easy for you to smother your S.O. or become clingy. Watch out for the threat of codependence in your relationship!

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Venus in the 5th House (Leo)

House of Romance

Venus in the 5th house will have traits found in the Leo zodiac sign. Keywords for this placement include play, romance, and children.


If Venus is in your 5th House, you are sensual and romantic to your core! You are naturally playful, indulgent, and amorous when it comes to relationships. In fact, there are more than a few times when people have fallen in love with you, simply because you smiled at them, winked, or touched their arm.

You love surrounding yourself with all of the finer things in life, like sweet-smelling candles, rose petals on the bed, and sultry music. The only thing better? Having someone to share these things with you.

You are known for being loyal to your partner and being there through all of the ups and downs. You are fierce in all the best (and sometimes worst) ways.

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Venus in the 6th House

House of Work

Venus in the 6th house will have traits found in the Virgo zodiac sign. Keywords for this placement include wellness, health, and pets.

If Venus is in your 6th House, the most important thing to you in a relationship is being there for your S.O. Acts of service is definitely your love language, and any chance you get to show your partner just how special they are to you is a chance you’ll always take.

When it comes to expressing your love, you may not go for the flowers or chocolates, but you will help do the dishes after a long day at work or do something thoughtful.

You are very attentive and are able to focus on the little things in your relationship, which can be a blessing and a curse. You may always know how to cheer up your S.O., but you will also know every little flaw of theirs.


There may be times when you convince yourself to stay in a more practical relationship than one that may seem risky, but you could be passing up on true love. Sometimes, it’s better to make decisions with your heart instead of your head.

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Venus in the 7th House

House of Marriage

Venus in the 7th house will have traits found in the Libra zodiac sign. Keywords for this placement include partnership, fairness, balance, and marriage.

If Venus is in your 7th House, you love being in a relationship. It’s very hard for you to see yourself fully thriving as a single person because relationships are just way too much fun to give up!


Harmony and balance are very important to you, so when you find someone to share your life with, they absolutely must be an equal partner.

Because you are so in love with love, it’s more important for you than other zodiac signs to really love with your brain as much as your heart. Don’t let yourself bend over backward for a sub-par relationship just because you don't want to be alone. There will be that perfect person out there for you – don’t settle for just anyone!

Just because you want a long-term relationship doesn’t mean you have to rush into anything. Take your time and go at your own pace. The right person will be patient.

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Venus in the 8th House

House of Inheritance

Venus in the 8th house will have traits found in the Aquarius zodiac sign. Keywords for this placement include rebirth, death, shared property, inheritance.

If Venus is in your 8th House, you may fear being vulnerable in love. Casual hook-ups are not your game, but there are times when you find yourself going for the one-night stand instead of the first date because dating means getting serious with someone new.

It can be hard for you to lower your guard around people, but if you want to find true love (and I think you do), you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

When it comes to love, you can be very obsessive and all-consuming. Let your relationship be a part of your life, not your entire life. When you don’t give yourself any breathing room, your relationship can turn into someone dramatic, petty, and eventually broken.


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Venus in the 9th House

House of Learning

Venus in the 9th house will have traits found in the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Keywords for this placement include travel, culture, and learning.

If Venus is in your 9th House, you may find yourself most attracted to people who are from different cultures or backgrounds. Hey, if you can’t find it in the budget to travel, you can always meet new people to help you broaden your horizons, amirite?

Long-term, serious relationships really aren’t your jam, and you aren’t especially clingy or attached to your partners.


For you, relationships are about growth – and when you feel like you’ve learned all there is to learn from a current S.O. you're off to find your next partner. Some call you shallow, but you really just have a lot of love to share with the world and a lot to learn about life, and you like having the freedom to be your own person.

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Venus in the 10th House (Capricorn)

House of Work and Social Reputation

The 10th house cusp is the Midheaven, what you are here to do in this life.

Venus in the 10th house will have traits found in the Capricorn zodiac sign. Keywords for this placement include hard work, reputation and life's work.


If Venus is in your 10th House, you have a big heart but can be hard to connect with. There’s something about you that both intrigues and intimidates people… and you can’t help but like it that way.

For you, relationships are important investments. You aren’t going to date someone if they just want to keep things casual.

On the other hand, you often find that relationships are out of the question for you because you’re more married to your work than you ever could be with another person. It can be hard for you to separate your personal and professional lives, and sometimes one wins out over the other… usually your professional life.

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Venus in the 11th House 

House of Friends

Venus in the 11th house will have traits found in the Aquarius zodiac sign. Keywords for this placement include friendship, gain, and socializing.

If Venus is in your 11th House, you are not one to follow the rule book on love. In fact, there are times when you like to rebel and initiate the most unconventional relationship you can think of, simply because you can.

Before you can even think about a romantic relationship with someone, you need to build the foundation of friendship first.

You tend to focus on a person’s unique qualities and personality over their “romantic resume” as it were. Whatever makes someone stand out, that’s what you find yourself falling in love with – not how experienced they are in bed or how many past relationships they’ve been in.


There are times when you find yourself shying away from romantic endeavors because of the responsibilities they come with. Instead, focus on cultivating your friendships and letting the romance come naturally.

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Venus in the 12th House

House of Hidden Enemies

The 12th astrological house is similar to the zodiac sign Pisces. Keywords for this house include imagination, illusion, and fantasy.

If Venus is in your 12th House, you live and breathe romance. Once you find someone who can handle all your quirks, you're hooked for life. You tend to do everything with so much passion and emotion, whether it’s something big or small, in your personal or professional life.


It can be hard for you to openly show affection at times because you worry that your love won’t be reciprocated or that you will be taken advantage of in your vulnerable state. As the fish of the zodiac, you can move in all sorts of directions, which can label you as a hot-and-cold kind of partner.

Love and sacrifice often go hand-in-hand for you, but allow yourself to understand why you may be punishing yourself in the name of love. If you’re not happy, leave your relationship. If you need something else, don’t suffer in silence. You ARE worthy of a loving and equal relationship.

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