How To Find Your Soulmate In Your Zodiac Sign's Natal Chart, Per Astrology

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Looking for your soulmate?

A lot of people are familiar with their zodiac sign and birth chart, but not many are familiar with all the insight that information can give you. Have you ever spent time wondering who your soulmate is?

How do you find your soulmate using astrology?

You can find your soulmate in your astrology chart. You can do this by using your astrology house, zodiac sign, and nodes in your birth chart.

This might sound confusing right now, but don’t worry — we will go over each step and cover everything you need to know in order to find your one true love!

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You might know the basics like your Sun sign, which is your overarching zodiac sign. That is definitely helpful to know, but it is your Venus sign, which dictates how you deal with and view relationships, as well as your other planetary placements, that will give you the most insight.

So, here are 4 soulmate signs to look for in your astrology chart.

1. Find and understand your natal chart placements.

In order to know how all the zodiac signs and planets relate to each other, you must first know all of your astrological houses and planet placements that make up your zodiac sign's birth chart.

It's definitely a simple task to do! All you need to know is the day, time, year, and place you were born. There are many free online websites you can use, as well as more in-depth apps like Co-Star.

2. Check which sign is in your Seventh House.

When you find the results of your birth chart, first pay attention to your Rising sign, also known as your Ascendant. On the complete other side of your Ascendant is your Descendant.

Your Rising sign easily connects with whatever sign is opposite of your rising sign, which can be seen in your Seventh House. For example, a sensitive Pisces will always have the rational Virgo sign in the Seventh House. This is due to the fact that Pisces and Virgo are complete opposite zodiac signs.

This isn’t that surprising because there is a saying that opposites attract, and it’s written right there in the stars. (If you are an Aries, keep an eye out for Libras that enter your life.)

You are bound to find connections using your Seventh House, so it is also helpful to pay attention to the planets present in your Seventh House. For example, your ruling Sun or Moon could make an appearance in your significant other's Seventh House.

So keep an eye out for similarities because your future soulmate and you are already more aligned than you might have initially thought.

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3. Pay close attention to you and your partner's placements in Mars and Venus.

Aspects are helpful for seeing how the planets are associated with each other based on the degree of which their angles lie. When Mars and Venus are on the same wavelength, they can indicate a peaceful, happy, and harmonious relationship for the couple.

It is pretty easy to figure out the aspects of your chart. All you have to do is look at the degree of the planet ruled by a particular sign, and it will be noted as a number between zero and 29.

You will get to find out that you are heading towards a happy relationship if your planets are in aspect. To be in aspect, there shouldn’t be more than five degrees of difference between both charts.

For example, if one of your planets is at 20 degrees in one chart, then to be in aspect the other chart should have a degree ranging from 15-25.

4. Look at the North Node of your Moon sign.

In astrology, the ecliptic shows Earth’s orbit in relation to the sky, and shows the journey the Sun takes as it travels past the stars.

The North Node signifies where the Moon moves past the ecliptic as it travels toward the Northern Hemisphere. The North Node awakens when you meet someone that could become important in your life, someone like your future soulmate.

For example, if your significant other’s North Node intersects with one of your unique planets in your chart, this could heavily indicate that you are bound to be soulmates.

These are only some things to consider when analyzing your birth chart and how it relates to finding your soulmate. So, keep analyzing and drawing your own conclusions based on the information given to you by your chart!

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