How Venus In Aries In Your Birth Chart Affects Your Life & Relationships

Venus is coming, and she's bringing all of the love!

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Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and fertility.

Venus changes signs (roughly) every 30 days. Depending on if she's retrograde or not, she will be one to two signs from the Sun at all times.

Venus in Aries Meaning in the Birth Chart

Your Venus sign reveals how you love, your hidden talents, and future partnerships. A Venus in Aries placement in your natal chart means that these areas of your life are influenced by Aries traits.


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Venus rules all matters of the heart and how you love. She's also a hint at how your body is built. Your natal Venus compels you to follow your heart in a delicate and beautiful way.


Venus is in charge of the way we relate to other people and things romantically.

For men, where natal Venus falls on their chart aids how they relate to and understand romantic partners. For women, they will get in touch with their femininity and womanhood, and it can also reveal who will be a good business colleague.

Aries Venus Traits

1. Independent

Aries is one of the most independent zodiac signs, so if your Venus is in Aries, though you put your all into your relationships, you also know that you don't necessarily need them to be happy. You put yourself first, so if a relationship is not making you happy, you're not afraid to let it go.

2. Competitive

Aries is known for being extremely competitive. People with the Aries Venus placement thoroughly enjoy dating because it can be like a game to them — and an Aries placement is always out to win, no matter what game they're playing.


3. Impulsive

Aries Venus placements can be impulsive when it comes to matters of the heart. This means that they fall head over heels quickly. However, they're just as quick to end relationships without completely thinking things through.

4. Passionate

With Venus in Aries, you love hard and put your all into your relationships, both romantic and platonic.

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Best Venus in Aries Compatibility

Being the planet of love, Venus signs are often a better indicator of zodiac compatibility than Sun signs.

These are the best matches for those with the Aries Venus placement.

Aries Venus + Leo Venus

Aries and Leo zodiac signs are very similar in their passion for life and love, so when these two placements get together, you can feel the chemistry from miles away.


Where this couple may have issues is when the Aries Venus' impulsivity affects the Leo Venus' pride. Overall, however, these two are thick as thieves.

Aries Venus + Sagittarius Venus

Both fire signs, this relationship has the opportunity to set the world on fire or burst into flames. 

Venus in Sagittarius likes being pursued and the Aries Venus will do just that.


Aries Venus + Gemini Venus

The Gemini Venus placement is fun and highly flirtatious and easily matches the Aries Venus placement's energy. Gemini in Venus doesn't last long in "boring" relationships that fall into a routine, so the Aries Venus' sense of adventure is attractive to the Gemini Venus and vice versa.

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