Worst Matches For Venus In Leo Zodiac Signs, Per Astrology

Be prepared.

Worst Matches For Venus In Leo Zodiac Signs, Per Astrology getty

People born with their Venus in Leo are dominating, so which zodiac signs do not match this overpowering sign, according to astrology?

Venus represents relationships, beauty, love, balance, and a host of other things.

Leo’s are dramatic and love to display their affection for the ones they love.

Zodiac signs who are not ready for love should not date a person born with a Venus in Leo.

Venus in Leo zodiac signs believe in “go big or go home” and if you are shy and can’t handle the spotlight then the Leo sign might not be your match.


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Venus Leo personality traits are distinct.

Both the girls and guys are both energetic and creative.

Venus Leos give everything into their passion.

They enjoy seeing the best out of any situation and try their best to avoid conflict.


For Venus Leo, it is all or nothing when Leos give their love and they expect nothing but the same from their partners.

They are affectionate and love to have it returned.

They are caring yet they can hold back on their emotions if they feel that they are putting themselves “out there” too much.

Venus in Leo can be very adventurous and spontaneous when they are in the mood for a little fun.

They do not like to hold back when they let their hair down because when they are ready for a good time, nothing can stop them.

Like the lion, Venus in Leo has a protective instinct to ensure their loved ones are safe and loved.

They do not stand for anything. Their dominant nature can be intense but it all comes from the heart. Leo has a big heart and is not afraid to show it.


Here are 6 Venus zodiac signs that should avoid a love match with this fiery Venus Leo Sign.

1. Venus in Leo with Venus in Taurus zodiac love compatibility

Both of these signs are dominating and seek to control any situation.

Venus in Taurus is a raging bull and is quick to speak on their feelings without the care of others' opinions.

Venus in Leo is a roaring lion who values respect and if the respect isn’t there then it can become a toxic situation for both people involved.

Both demand high standards and they will not accept anything less.

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2. Venus in Leo and Venus in Gemini zodiac love compatibility

Venus Leo and Venus Gemini are both kind spirits and gentle souls but they both love the spotlight and we all know that Leo’s will do anything to not have it.


This could cause conflict between the two.

Venus Gemini can give mixed signals and appear to be unstable and Venus Leo thrives on stability.

This match would be great at the beginning and all of sudden go up in flames.

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3. Venus in Leo and Venus in Leo zodiac love compatibility

Two control freaks in one relationship can be too much.

Dominance is the main characteristic of a Leo and when two of them meet it can become a power match.

These two together can be a bit much and even though they can be great lovers.

They need to take control of a situation that can be impulsive to these two which can cause a major conflict.


This match could happen but it might not last very long.

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4. Venus in Leo with Venus in Cancer zodiac love compatibility

Venus in Leo and Venus in Cancer cannot resist love.

Venus Leo has a need to be the center of attention and Venus Cancer might find it irritating because they do not like to share.

This can be a conflict between them because if their partner does not accept them being in love with the spotlight then Venus Leo will gladly turn to someone else.

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5. Venus in Leo with Venus in Pisces zodiac love compatibility

Venus Pisces can be submissive and try to avoid conflicts that Venus Leo would love.


Venus Pisces does not submit to their partner but they will not sing their praise in which Venus Leos love.

This can cause conflict because Venus Leos love to be admired and be acknowledged.

Venus Leo’s should learn to be gentle when it comes to Venus Pisces.

Venus in Pisces can help them in the long run but when it comes to that lion, they can find it hard to find their soft spot.

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6. Venus in Leo with Venus in Virgo zodiac love compatibility

This match can be a fixed fire. Both Venus Leo and Venus Virgo love the spotlight.

Venus Virgo loves to be the center of attention and will throw a fit if the center shifts to others.


Venus Leos can be demanding as well as Venus Virgos which can cause a major dispute between the two.

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