What A Scorpio Venus Sign Means In Your Birth Chart

Having a Scorpio Venus placement isn't all bad.

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Whether you are super into astrology, or your best friend forced you into getting a birth chart reading done, finding out what the stars say about you can be thrilling.

As you scroll through your natal chart, you get to your Venus sign, the planet that rules love — only to find that it's a Scorpio Venus sign.

You’re freaking out. This is terrible! Venus in Scorpio is debilitated, right?

Relax and pull yourself together — having a Scorpio Venus sign isn't as bad as it's made out to be.


Venus in Scorpio meaning

Venus is the planet that rules what and how you love. Maybe this can be interesting!

This means that this is the house that explains why you like the people you like, what makes you attracted to them, and how you show that attraction.

Scorpios are fierce, passionate, and dedicated, but they are also known for their extreme emotions and their high tolerance for jealousy.

Venus in Scorpio is not the end of the world, (I know, shocker right?) and here’s why.

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Venus in Scorpio traits

1. Passionate

Having your Venus in Scorpio means that part of your expressions of love is passion. This probably means that your love language is physical touch or acts of kindness.

You like making it very obvious that you love this person, and you want every single girl at the club to know it too.

Outside of relationships, you’re probably the person that gets really into a show or book series.

You do this by researching predictions and fan theories and making all of your friends join you. You’re not afraid to show off what you’re passionate about.

2. Seductive

You are very much in tune with your sexy side. You know you’re hot, and always RSVP 'yes' to hot girl summer.


You have an easy vibe about you, which lends you to be a natural flirt in a lot of ways. You know how to make them tick and want you back.

You’re experimental in the bedroom too; you’re partner definitely won’t be surprised to see you wearing some risque lingerie just because you feel like it.

3. Mysterious

This can lend itself to both of the other two points, but I think it’s significant enough to stand on its own.

You have an alluring sense about you, one that makes people want to get to know you, whether it be to go to bed with you or just be your friend.

You might be into the more underground scene, whether it be music, art, or fashion.


You’re not afraid to show your style but you also don’t want to show all your cards right away. You like keeping people on their toes.

4. Protective

One of the ‘negative’ drawbacks that come with having this placement is your propensity for jealousy.

This is definitely something you need to be aware of, but you can work towards making it a positive one.

You can become fiercely protective of your loved ones and friends. You would never let anyone walk all over them.

You see the best in them the majority of the time. Be careful not to let haters sway your opinion of the people in your life and make your own decisions on them.

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Best Scorpio Venus sign compatibility

Now that you know these amazing reasons why having your Venus in Scorpio is a good thing, let’s talk about your perfect Venus sign love match.

While the rest of your chart can have a major influence on you, especially your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, having your Venus in these two houses would make for a good relationship.

1. Venus in Pisces

I say this combination because this placement means that these people seek out those who have a deep emotional connection with them.

They understand that not everyone is one hundred percent honest with their emotions, and they’re willing and able to dig deeper to learn more.


They can break down your mysterious exterior, and their empathetic views on love will match well with your passionate love languages.

2. Venus in Virgo

This may seem like an odd combination but stick with me for a second. This is a balance of character kind of combination.

Virgo’s are logical, and when in Venus it means that they don’t do a lot of dancing around titles and labels.


They don’t like to waste time, and they’ll knock you out of your mysterious and seductive ways.

They will want to build a strong emotional bond, and they will be loyal to a fault, which will be good for your jealous tendencies.

Your love languages may differ, but since both of you have an open and honest communication style, that won’t be a problem.

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Kayla Baptista is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture, and relationships.