6 Reasons A Cancer Girl Is The BEST Friend You Never Knew You NEEDED

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Cancer defies what a best friend should be. She treats being a best friend like a full time job and she is willing to go above and beyond for the people she loves. 

If you were to look up "best friend" in the dictionary, you would see a picture of a Cancer right next to the definition.

Cancer makes sensitivity and a strong-willed nature work together in a way that puts everyone else to shame; it may LOOK easy, but trust me when I say that not everyone can do what a Cancer does in life. 

When she isn't blowing everyone away with her determination in the workplace, she's spending time with her best friends doing everything from making home-cooked meals to spending a weekend at the beach.

What Cancer takes pride in more than her intuitive nature is her ability to always be there for her friends... no matter what the situation is.

If you're looking for a friend who can give you serious advice while still making you laugh like a dork, Cancer is your gal.


She'll always make sure her best friends are happy and taken care of, even if that means putting herself second. Don't mistake her love for a submissive nature, though. If you take advantage of her, you'll have a hard time earning her trust back.

Cancer lives fiercely and loves with even more ferocity, proving why she is a friend you truly NEED in life.

Here are 6 reasons why Cancer should be your BEST friend (if she isn't already):

1. She can read your mind. No, really.

Cancers are deeply intuitive and if something is bothering you, chances are your Cancer BFF knows about it before you can bring it up. She herself is very emotional and loves surrounding herself with people who are similar to her.

Cancer has a sentimental streak and if she wants to show you how much she appreciates your friendship, she'll do something personal for you (like cooking you your favorite dinner or surprising you with tickets to your favorite band).

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2. She's a Ride or Die chick.

You'll never meet anyone as loyal as a Cancer. She takes pride in always being there for her friends when they need it and she wouldn't trade those special people in her life for ANYTHING.

If you are looking for a best friend you can count on to have your back, Cancer is the girl for you. What's more, loyalty is second nature to her, so it comes easily.

3. She's up for just about anything.

Cancer has a very imaginative mind and she loves expressing her imagination through art and other creative outlets. A Cancer will probably persuade you to try something new with her... Chances are good that she's already planned it out (she just wants someone to share the experience with).

Having a creative Cancer as your best friend means expanding your mind and learning something new about yourself. She's all about getting her friends to look at life differently.

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4. She protects her friends like a sister.


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Cancer loves deeply and when you're important to her, she'll always have a protective watch over you. Think of her like a big sister; the two of you can still talk about guys and have fun, but she's always there to look out for you whether you know it or not.

Cancer treats her best friends like family, so it's easy to see why she cares about those around her so much. The closer you two get, the more important you'll be in her life.

5. She'll WOW you with her cooking skills.

If you haven't let a Cancer cook for you yet, you're DEFINITELY missing out. Not only does Cancer love to show off her amazing cooking skills, she loves bonding with her friends over food... and honestly, who's going to turn down a free meal?!

It might sound cheesy to you, but Cancer cooks with love and that's what makes her such great company. As long as the two of you are bonding, dinner can last HOURS. And before you leave, she'll be planning your next get together.

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6. She's intensely determined when she knows what she wants out of life (something you can ALWAYS learn from).

Tenacity is Cancer's middle name and when she wants something out of life, she goes after it, no questions asked. That's why she' such an important person to know; she's a role model AND a best friend all rolled into a cute little package.

The best thing about Cancer is that she isn't someone to push you out of your comfort zone. Instead, she'll take the lead and hope you'll follow in her footsteps. Call her crazy, but she always sees great potential in her closest friends.