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7 Reasons A Taurus Is The BEST Friend You Never Knew You NEEDED

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Taurus Best Friend

EVERYONE should have a Taurus as a best friend. If you don't, I suggest you go friend hunting immediately. Not only will a Taurus charm the pants off of you, but they will also be one of the most trustworthy friends you have.

She's is the type of friend who understands what you are going through without you needing to say a thing, and she never tries to make you feel uncomfortable — no matter what you have to say. She knows first hand how hard it can be to open up to others, so when a friend comes to her for help, she knows that sometimes it's best to just lend an open heart and a shoulder to cry on.

Taurus also makes great company that not everyone can match. Whether you're spending a day indoors making cookies or enjoying the weather and going on a day hike, Taurus makes EVERYTHING more fun.


So if you don't already have the privilege of knowing a Taurus, here are 7 ways she is the BEST friend you NEED right now:

1. She's CRAZY reliable.

A Taurus will always be around when you need her. And if she's not, she'll always think of ways to make it up to you. As one of the most dependable signs, you can always count on your Taurus BFF to stick by your side.

Whether it is a big commitment or a little favor, a Taurus will make sure they help you out. Why? Because they know you would go out of your way to do the same thing.

2. She can be incredibly stubborn when she knows she's right (And you NEED that!)

No one is more likely to say "I told you so" than a Taurus and not because she's trying to be snarky. When a Taurus gives you advice, take it to heart.

Taurus is known for being one of the most stubborn signs, but just because she's stubborn it doesn't she's being a jerk. More often than not, she knows she's right and is looking out for the wellbeing of her friends.

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3. She'll be your ultimate protector when you need it most.

If someone breaks your heart, Taurus will always be the first one to comfort you (and ask you if you want someone to kick his ass for you). The situation won't always be that intense, but never underestimate a Taurus' ability to stand up for you. 

Some think Taurus' overprotective nature is a little too much to handle, but friends are always at the top of her list. That just means being protective comes with the friendship. 

4. She is devoted to bettering herself (and inspires you to do the SAME).

You will never meet a Taurus who's comfortable being second best. Whether it's pushing for a promotion at work or upping her game at the gym, Taurus is always devoted to being a better her

The best part about it? Her determination rubs off on her friends and if they need a push, she's always happy to oblige.

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5. She'll introduce you to the BEST music on earth. 

Taurus and music go together like tequila and lime; a perfect combination! Taurus thinks of music as a way to bond with friends AND as icebreakers for meeting new people. 

When she's not loading new music to her phone or renewing her subscription to Spotify, a Taurus will be giving you names of artists to listen to. Be warned, though, if it's an artist she really digs she'll make you list your favorite songs and talk about how cute the lead singer is (sorry, not sorry).

6. She shows you how important it is to NEVER take shortcuts in life.

Nothing keeps a Taurus more motivated than going above and beyond with her work. Sure, it takes her a little longer to finish something, but when it's done, she knows her success is all because she made the extra effort. 

Having a Taurus as a best friend means having someone to cheer you on when you're stuck on something (like a project at work), as well as someone who can show you what a little extra effort can do for you. She wants success to be contagious!

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7. She'll take care of you (like, MOM-style). 

When you need a friend to call on, you go to Taurus. Simple as that. She's patient when you need someone to listen and she is the stable one in your friend group. All in all, Taurus is the mom-friend in the group without the nagging and constant texting when she's worried (well, kind of).

You never realize when you need someone like that until you DO need them. What we love about our Taurus BFF the most? She's there before you even know you need her. How's that for impressive?

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