12 Zodiac Sign Friends With The Worst & Most Toxic Friendship Compatibility

When things go bad between them, their relationship becomes toxic.

12 Zodiac Sign Friends With The Worst & Most Toxic Friendship Compatibility getty

Best friends for life? Not always. Some friendships are made to last and others fail the test of time.

There are some zodiac sign combinations that end up as toxic friendships and are almost guaranteed to implode. Whether or not you listen to your horoscope is irrelevant, because astrology knows which signs just don't mix.

There are some friendships that never die and some friends that are always in our lives, while others are only in it for a certain amount of time. Just because a friendship was short or turned toxic doesn't mean we don’t get something out of it. People are in our lives to teach us something about ourselves, even if it takes us years to realize what that lesson was.


But if a friendship is bad for you and affects you negatively, then it’s best to cut your losses and go your separate ways. If you can do this without bitterness, then that’s great; if not, you’ve got to process it the best you can, without regret, and without blaming yourself for letting that person into your life.

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So, which zodiac signs don't have good friendship compatibility?

1. Aries & Cancer

Aries have a lot more heart than they're given credit for and that's something that bonds them with their Cancer friend. Both Aries and Cancers are good listeners and are caring. Trouble comes when Aries gets too confrontational with Cancer and says something that hurts Cancer's feelings.


Aries tend to be impulsive and want to do things right now, whereas Cancers are more cautious and tend to think things through. Both signs can be controlling and that's where things can get tense. Cancers aren't spontaneous enough for Aries' liking, and eventually, these two signs will get on each other's nerves and the friendship will become strained.

2. Taurus & Capricorn

What happens when two extremely stubborn signs are friends? They eventually find that their arguments and issues can't be resolved and their relationship reaches a stalemate. Both signs are reliable, dependable, and down to earth, so it could be a problem that they're so much alike.

Neither adapts to change that well, and they tend to be inflexible. If no one is willing to make a compromise, then the problems don't get resolved and the relationship ends. A friendship that started with so much promise will eventually just fade out.

3. Gemini & Taurus

Speaking of being versatile, that's Gemini. They're very spontaneous and lively. Both Gemini and Taurus know how to make an entrance and work a party. The problem comes when Taurus refuses to do any of the hundreds of fun things that Gemini wants to do. Taurus can be fabulous, but they need their downtime, which Gemini doesn't always understand.


Gemini's good-natured flakiness is sure to annoy Taurus, and after Gemini stands Taurus up one too many times, Taurus will make a scene and Gemini will fight back with all they've got (which is a lot). Feelings will be hurt and the friendship will be finished.

4. Cancer & Libra

It's not that Libras aren't caring, it's just that they can be a little insensitive. If you put Libra's insensitivity with Cancer's hypersensitivity, you're going to have a problem. Although Cancers can be desperate not to cause anyone any pain, it still happens.

Both signs can be moody, so watch out if those moods clash. Who is the caregiver in that situation? There are just too many emotions in a Cancer-Libra relationship, and sometimes, clear heads don't prevail and the friendship ends in some emotional turmoil.

5. Leo & Leo

Leos admire other Leos — and why wouldn't they? Leos are dazzling and amazing. But what happens when there are two leaders and no followers? A power struggle — and that's what can happen in a Leo-Leo friendship. They both are competitive and are used to winning. Their relationship is great as long as there's a balance, but if one starts winning more than the other, then there will be trouble.


It's difficult for a friendship to survive with two captivating personalities. When things go south in this relationship, neither one will want to look bad, so there won't be a huge fight or anything. More than likely, when this friendship ends, it will be quiet and small enough so that when they meet in public, everyone will assume they're still close.

6. Virgo & Aries

At first, Virgo will be very impressed with Aries' lust for adventure and life, but over time, Aries' foolhardiness and lack of control will clash with Virgo's whole philosophy of life. Virgos take their time, they do their research, and they don't act until everything is in its place — that's not how Aries thinks.

When things get tense between these two, there's a good chance that either or both of them will say some things they'll regret but won't be able to take back. These are the kind of friends who end up having a screaming match over coffee.

No matter how apologetic Aries may feel, Virgo is not likely to forgive them unless Aries makes a huge gesture. However quickly Aries gets over a fight, they can be just as quickly moving on and making a new friend.


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7. Libra & Scorpio

Scorpios are mysterious and have that certain something that makes people gravitate to them. Libras are charming and kind, and it's easy to see why each sign would want to be friends with the other. However, Scorpio's intensity and obsessive tendencies could rub Libra the wrong way.

Scorpio won't enjoy Libra's fast and loose approach to truth and fidelity. It's not unlikely that Libra might bring in a third friend, and that Scorpio might feel like the third wheel of this friendship circle. Scorpio will drift away, and Libra won't understand why the friendship didn't work.

8. Scorpio & Gemini

Both Scorpio and Gemini are extremely intelligent and magnetic. They enthrall and fascinate people with their stories and conversational abilities. When this relationship works, Gemini is able to loosen Scorpio up and not take everything quite so seriously. Gemini loves Scorpio's ability to commit and how they do almost everything with passion.


However, as the relationship develops, Scorpio will become increasingly annoyed at what they see as Gemini's inability to take things seriously. There's a time for laughter and being silly, but that's not every second of every day for Scorpio. Scorpios take their responsibilities very seriously and won't react well when Gemini encourages them to just blow things off and party. When this friendship ends, it goes down in flames.

9. Sagittarius & Virgo

Both of these signs are smart and have a good sense of humor which is why they're friends in the first place. However, Sagittarius will feel as if Virgo is constantly criticizing them for the way they live and for not adhering to the rules that Virgo has set up. Sagittarius will return things broken or stained — if they return them at all — and this won't go over well with Virgo.

Sagittarius will feel confined by Virgo and while they'll admire them, in the end, being in a friendship with Virgo will seem claustrophobic. When the relationship ends, Sagittarius will just go somewhere. They'll keep up a correspondence for a while and then it will die out.

10. Capricorn & Sagittarius

Sometimes opposites attract, and sometimes those opposites are able to have a bond that never breaks. As long as Capricorn and Sagittarius are both honest about what they want in a friend and how accepting they're willing to be of that friend's differences, then this relationship can work. But if Capricorn pretends not to care about Sagittarius' inability to commit or their free-spirited attitude, then there's going to be a problem.


Capricorns have a fun side and they like to have friends like Sagittarius that they can express that side with. But sometimes, Sagittarius is just too flightily and flaky for Capricorn. If Sagittarius unintentionally does something that hurts Capricorn, Capricorn will stew on it for some time and then blow up about it.

Sagittarius will have completely forgotten about their insensitivity and will feel that Capricorn's wrath is unjustified. If these two don't talk about their problems and issues with each other, resentment will grow and the relationship will become toxic.

11. Aquarius & Leo

Aquarius doesn't want any emotional drama — and Leo thrives on it. Both of these signs are people-pleasers but in entirely unique ways. Aquarians are humanitarians and work to save the world. They're very accepting of others and don't care about a person's wealth or lack thereof.


Leos love people, especially those who love them. Leos do enjoy money, having it, and knowing those who have it. Ultimately, these two may not have much in common, though it will initially seem like they do.

Leo may get emotional when the friendship ends, but Aquarius will just shut down. Their ending won't be toxic per se, but more of a cold war.

12. Pisces & Aquarius

Both of these signs are extremely creative and imaginative. They'll bond over art, music, and theater. However, Pisces will gradually become too much for Aquarius: too emotional, too much in their head, and too clingy. Aquarius will want Pisces to "toughen up" and Pisces will get hurt by that.

Aquarius may call Pisces out on constantly playing the victim card. Because Aquarius is so independent, they won't want to check in with Pisces as much as Pisces will need them to. At some point, Aquarius will slip and say something that will devastate Pisces and there will be a falling out.


Pisces will try to mend the friendship and the two may try to remain friends, but the damage will be done and they'll never be as close as they once were.

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