12 Reasons An Aries Is The Best Friend You Never Knew You Needed

She will never disappoint.

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You'll never regret being friends with an Aries.

Ok, so sure they can be moody, impatient, and short-tempered at times, but their redeeming qualities far outweigh the bad ones.

You'll never have to worry about what you look like because Aries won't care — they're the kind of friend that favors leggings and a baggy tee over a cute but uncomfortable outfit. And on the weekends Aries will totally be down for an all-out binge fest of whatever TV show you want.


12 reasons you need an Aries friend

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Nobody is perfect, but Aries sure come pretty close to being the perfect friend.

So go out and find yourself an Aries (f you don't already have one).


1. Aries friends always tell you what they are thinking.

Sometimes the truth isn’t always easy to hear. Maybe you already know that you can’t pull off that trendy style of clothing or that you shouldn't be dating that guy because he's a total jerk (even though he's a hot jerk).

Whatever the deal is, Aries will always be there to give you the hard truth. No feelings spared. They keep it real.

Aries doesn’t mean to offend you with their opinion — they only tell you what no one else has the guts to say to your face. They will keep you from making mistakes that you’ll regret later. That’s what best friends are for. Right?

2. Aries puts passion in everything they do (and make it look easy!)

Aries never does anything halfway, which is why they're so successful in life. They would much rather go over the top with weekend plans or a project at work instead of doing the bare minimum.


Aries is always incredibly passionate about their friends, so expect them to be cheering you on from the sidelines when they see your awesome skills in action.

Aries is the friend who reminds you that passion is a requirement for a happy, fulfilled life, which is why they're such great people to look up to.

3. Aries friends help you see the bright side of every situation.

Aries is a "glass is half-full” kind of person. They see the silver lining, the sunshine through the clouds, and every rainbow around the corner.

Aries is the person you want to have around you when times get tough because they will be there to remind you everything will be OK. And most of the time they’ll be right ... but even when they're not, you’ll still appreciate the optimism.


4. Aries has a crazy active social life (which means you do, too).

When Aries isn't busting their buns at work, they're partying until the sun comes up. Aries' life motto is "work hard, play harder," and they stick to it no matter what.

Aries loves spending time with their best friends, too, so prepare to be their "plus one" all the time (it's a great way to make memories).

Aries doesn't mind opting to stay in with friends instead of hitting up their favorite party places, but only if you have something fun planned. They're not going to waste their Friday night being bored when they could be living it up (with you, of course).

5. Aries friends like to see things through.

If there’s one thing Aries are not, it’s quitters. They are the most determined people you will ever meet. You can bet on that.


Aries is the friend you call after purchasing all your furniture from Ikea. Trying to figure out which piece goes where would drive anyone else crazy, but not Aries. Their work won’t be done until your house looks like a home (furniture included).

6. Aries' confidence will inspire you.

It’s so easy to get down on yourself about what you look like today. It may seem to you that every other girl in the world is blessed with perfect skin, abs, and an hourglass figure. But Aries knows that they — and you — are dazzlingly beautiful, flaws and all.

Some days you’ll hate how Aries fearlessly rocks that LBD, and other days you’ll love them all the more for inspiring you to love yourself.

7. Aries invests their time in the people and things they love.

Aries can be passionate about anything and everything: dogs, ice cream, cotton sheets, dark chocolate, knitting, TJ Maxx, crafting, rom-coms, you name it. Aries will invest their heart and soul into everything they love.


You might get whiplash from Aries constantly finding new things to be passionate about, but there is a huge upside. Maybe one week they're passionate about baking and the next it's pottery making.

Whatever Aries finds that interests them, you can be sure that they will share their creations with you.

8. Aries optimism is contagious.

Aries always has a positive outlook on life because they know things can only get better from here. They work so hard to reach their goals, so of course they know their future is going to be bright.

Aries wants their friends to be as idealistic about the future as they are, so while it feels like they're always pushing you to get out of your comfort zone, what they're really doing is encouraging you to take control of your life.


9. Aries will take charge when you don't want to.

Aries love any leadership role they can get. Aries loves being in charge and taking charge. So they will have no problem helping you out when you're feeling overwhelmed.

Moving? No problem. Just gather up a team of friends and family and Aries will direct them where to go and assign jobs to them. They can help make life easier for you.

10. Aries likes to live on the edge.

Danger is an Aries' middle name. So you want to go try skydiving, bungee jumping off a bridge, or swimming with sharks? Well, Aries is the gal that will be game to do all!

Aries are incredibly courageous. They have an adventurous and wild spirit. Nothing scares them. This means that they will be up for just about anything you want to try. Every day is a new adventure for her.


11. Aries is a big ball of love.

Aries has more than enough love to go around and they spread it around generously. Whether they're doing something special for their significant other, planning a surprise for their best friend, or helping out family, Aries always does it with love.

Aries believes in love because they know how important it is to show the people in their life how much they're appreciated. Even in the smallest situations, Aries goes big.

12. Aries lives in the moment.

Some people call it being impulsive, they calls it living in the moment. Aries hate the thought of waking up one day and regretting not buying that pair of shoes, going to that concert in California last minute, kissing that boy at the bar, or quitting a job and moving somewhere far away.

Their motto is life is too short to not do what you want to.


Aries won't make you follow their lead, but you'll sure wish you could live as freely as they do. They'll teach you all about really living. You won't ever regret being friends with Aries.

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Aries friendship compatibility

When it comes to the best friend for Aries, the zodiac sign needs friends who match their fiery nature. They like being on the go and aren't always the best at taking things seriously, so Aries' friends need to be OK with the ram's high energy and impulsiveness.


Aries best friends

1. Sagittarius

As a fellow fire sign, Sagittarius totally understands Aries' personality and have no problem keeping up.

Aries and Sagittarius will enjoy a friendship full of traveling and exploring.

2. Libra

An air sign, Libra is highly intelligent and open-minded. They'll let Aries take the lead in the friendship but have no problem matching Aries' intensity.

3. Leo

Leo is another fire sign so they have that same sense of adventure and spontaneity that Aries is known for. These two will never be bored in each other's company.

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