10 Ways A Sagittarius is the BEST Friend You Never Knew You NEEDED

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You have to admit .. fire signs are on another level. Here's why you NEED Sagittarius in your life.

Fire signs can be volatile and they can be crazy. But it's this little bit of craziness that they contribute that everyone needs in their life (at least to some degree).

A Sagittarius is a hunter — they seek knowledge and adoration, but above all else, they seek lots and LOTS of fun! Fire signs HATE being bored, so having one in your life will definitely hold the promise of exciting times. 

For those of you who have never interacted with a Sagittarius friend: you're messing up. Just as their element suggests, they burn hot and they burn bright. They love energy and spontaneity, and they are SUPER cheerful — always ready for action. 

A Sagittarius friend is the perfect BFF you never knew you needed. Why? Here're 10 reasons:

1. They’re fun-loving at all costs.

A Sagittarius is that happy-go-lucky friend that is always ready for a fun time. Even when you’re feeling down, your Sagittarius BFF will incessantly boost your mood and do everything in their power to make you feel just as jovial as they are. They’ll dance, sing, tell jokes, and anything else to spread their contagious positive energy to you.

2. They’re active friends and can-doers.

They won’t just sit on their laurels. Sagittarius-born friends are always looking to the future. A Sagittarius is easily bored, so they will constantly be seeking another endeavor or activity. It could be in business, it could be a night on the town, or it could be just finding the next TV show to binge. A Sagittarius will always be looking for the next big thing, and they love bringing you along for the ride.

3. They AIM to understand you and will get to the bottom of your soul.

When you’re with a Sagittarius, it’s not just sitting quietly. A Sagittarius is hungry for knowledge and eager to dig deeper to find a deeper meaning. Your Sagittarius friend will constantly be looking to get to know you on a deeper level. They crave the deeper relations. Your Sagittarius friend won’t quit until they know you inside and out. And after that, they’ll use this knowledge to always aim to please, so you can have just as much fun as they do.

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4. As naturally positive people, they’ll boost you.

A Sagittarian is a chronic optimist. They don’t sit and fester on one issue. Instead, they move on and find ways to better their situation, and the situations of those around them. Their energy is contagious and will infect you with feelings of positivity and an attitude of pure joy.

They’re great people to be around when you’re just not having a good day.

5. They’re free spirits. They’ll liberate you.

Just as the positivity of a Sagittarian is contagious, so is their free spirit. A Sagittarian will freely move from one subject of attention to another. They love to travel, and they will seek freedom and liberation.

For those of you who find yourselves constantly trapped by your day-to-day tasks, you need a Sagittarius friend. Their personality will liberate you and remind you just what it feels like to do what YOU want to do.

6. They will say what you need to hear right to your face (because that's what friends are FOR!)

A Sagittarian is a straight-shooter. They don’t beat around the bush and they will always speak their mind. Just like the archer that denotes their sign, a message from a Sagittarian is direct. They won’t play games with you; they’ll say what you need to hear.

Even further than that, they’ll say what you won’t. A Sagittarian (impulsive as they are) will be quick to come to your defense if they feel there’s something that needs to be said. They’re protectors, and always for your benefit.

Whether or not you want to hear it, if you NEED to hear it, a Sagittarian will say it.

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7. They'll pull you out of your own little bubble and into the real world.

Sagittarius-born people are the biggest travelers. Their curiosity is unparalleled. For this, they are constantly seeking new information, new viewpoints, and new ways of thinking. Having a Sagittarius as a friend can open your mind to alternative viewpoints you may not have even known existed.

A Sagittarian can broaden your understanding. And not in a way that will diminish your own worldview. They just want to spread the joy of expanded knowledge, an act that can develop you as a person as well.

8. They always have a “trick” for everything.

Just as they’re straight-shooters in speaking, a Sagittarian will always aim to cut to the chase. Monotony and drawn-out processes bore them. So for that, they continuously come up with new and quicker ways to complete tasks.

They have a shortcut for everything! Maybe it’s cooking, or maybe it’s how to fold laundry. No matter, a Sagittarian will find a way to finish the project faster and more efficiently.

9. They’ll test your patience.

Among all the positives to having a Sagittarius as a friend, there is a negative: they’re flighty and often forgetful. Since their minds are so commonly set in the future, they forget about the present.

But for you as their friend, that’s a benefit, because they are going to test your patience. They’ll miss appointments, show up chronically late, and often wait until the last minute. But who ever said a friend should be perfect? It’s their imperfections that can strengthen you.

Build your tolerance and let their potential short-coming improve you. Besides, what’s 15 minutes of tardiness between friends? 

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10. They’ll get you where you need to go, no matter what.

A Sagittarian will keep pushing the boundaries. They will fight and search for the next piece of excitement in their life. Having a Sagittarius close to you will cause you to do the same.

Their energy (as stated before) is contagious, and they’ll encourage you to reach further and push harder. Success isn’t an option for a Sagittarian; it’s a reality. And by aligning yourself with one, they’ll help you make it a reality too. 

So now go find your Sagittarian. Let their fun-loving perspective run through you and allow yourself to get lost in the moment. After all, that's what a Sagittarius sign does best.