Zodiac Signs That Don't Get Along With Each Other

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We can’t get along with everyone; there are some people we just don’t click with and always seem to be at odds with. Everyone has types of people they instantly like and form a bond with, and then we have the opposite: the people we are constantly getting into arguments with and/or fighting with.

We all have various dealbreakers when it comes to personality. While I can handle a friend not liking animals, I'd never be friends with someone who is downright cruel to them.

I’ve become friends with people because we had something in common or were working on a project together, only to find that we just couldn’t get along; we were always fighting and often ended in a stalemate, both of us refusing to give in.

Sometimes you’re just not meant to be friends with someone, and sometimes just occupying the same space with them and not getting into a fight is challenging.

There are times when you have no choice in the matter and you have to work with someone that you have issues with. It's very challenging. Let’s say you and one of your co-workers have a mutual dislike of each other. You still must try to survive in the workplace with each other but need to limit any contact outside of work.

You might have nothing in common with the person you dislike, and other times you’re so similar it’s scary. There can be reasons you don’t get along with them, and other times it’s just something about them that rubs you the wrong way.

Astrology can give us clues as to why there are some people we don’t get along with, as there are distinct characteristics that each zodiac sign has that might not lend to a harmonious interaction.

It’s good to know who you might not get along with so you know to keep calm and rational when they inadvertently say or do something that bugs you. You’ll know not to react negatively to whatever negative thing they’re putting out.

Zodiac signs that don't get along

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Aries and Taurus

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Both of these zodiac signs can be stubborn, and you know what happens when two incredibly stubborn people get into a standoff? Not much, as neither one of them is very good with compromise or seeing things from the other person's viewpoint. Neither Aries nor Taurus likes to be considered wrong and they'll both just dig their heels in until someone (usually Aries) gives in.

Both signs handle commitment issues entirely differently, which can cause tension. It takes Aries some time to figure out what they want and Taurus needs to know exactly where the relationship stands at all times.

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Taurus and Aquarius

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Taurus tends to be possessive of both people and things, and Aquarius are much more independent. Aquarians don't want to talk about feelings and prefer not to have to follow rules while Taurus needs reassurances. Taurus likes things to be stable, dependable, and they care a lot about beautiful things. Aquarius don't want to be weighed down with stuff.

Both signs look at life entirely differently and it's difficult for either to understand where the other person is coming from. Taurus will try to push their own agenda when dealing with Aquarius, who will then back off, infuriating Taurus. 

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Gemini and Virgo

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Virgos like to be organized and have a sense of control at all times, whereas Geminis are a lot more unpredictable and spontaneous. Geminis use charm to their own advantage which Virgos can find shady and untrustworthy. Gemini may find Virgo too sensitive and unbalanced which Virgo won't like at all.

They're both good at saying what's on their minds but if they get into an argument, Virgo is likely to feel hurt and Gemini just won't deal. They basically just don't get each other.

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Cancer and Aries

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Cancers are very emotionally sensitive which can be dangerous when they're around blunt Aries. These two are known for getting into some pretty explosive fights. Cancers just want to be understood but Aries may not have the time and energy to provide any emotional support. If Aries reacts with a harsh word or an insensitive comment to something that Cancer has expressed, then Cancer will hold it against Aries for a long time.

Both are stubborn but in different ways, and if they both aren't patient and understanding, feelings are going to hurt and the gloves are going to come off.

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Leo and Virgo

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Both signs try to remain rational around each other but neither understands where the other one is coming from. Virgos tend to want to stay in control of a situation and don't like it if Leo tries to boss them around. If Virgo gets annoyed with Leo, they'll hold it in until they can't any longer and they explode.

Virgos tend to be critical of others and Leo doesn't enjoy being criticized, which can cause some animosity. Leo and Virgo are ticking time bombs with each other and either one can light the fuse.

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Virgo and Sagittarius

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Virgo is way too cautious for Sagittarius and doesn't understand Sagittarius' spontaneous nature and how they can just pack up and go. When these two signs try to get together, either in a romantic or professional way, things can get chaotic because they don't trust each other and are clueless about the other's behavior. When you have two people who misunderstand and misinterpret each other, things can get very combative.

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Libra and Scorpio

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Libras don't like conflict and they would never get into a fight if there wasn't some sense of injustice to it. Scorpios are passionate and enjoy a good fight. It infuriates Libra when Scorpios try to goad them into reacting. Scorpios want drama and will keep at Libra until they get some. Just because Libras prefer harmony doesn't mean that they're weak; they'll fight back when they need to.

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Scorpio and Leo

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Both signs have very strong personalities and they both tend toward the dramatic and the passionate. Unfortunately, there can't be two dominants as it leads to a lot of negativity and fighting. The fights between these two are very intense and get very scary.

Both are manipulative and competitive and will fight and fight until one or the other get what they want. If Scorpio and Leo are romantically involved, their fights will end in some great sex, but if they are business adversaries, their fight may end in a draw.

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Sagittarius and Aries

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Both Sagittarius and Aries tend to speak before they think. They don't mean to be tactless and blunt, they just want to be honest. Unfortunately, just because they can dish it out, doesn't mean they can take it, and they tend to hurt each other's feelings. They both like to take off for adventures and love to experience new things, but Aries tends to take things way too seriously for Sagittarius' liking. 

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Capricorn and Gemini

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Capricorns tend to be hugely responsible, hard-working, and dependable, and while Geminis have many admirable qualities, those aren't theirs. Gemini can be flighty, flaky, and changeable. Since they come from two totally different mindsets, things can feel awkward when they're together. They try to get along, but without any understanding of how the other one works, there's just confusion.

Oddly enough, Capricorn parents tend to have Gemini children which is challenging for them both. They might not get along but that doesn't mean there's not a huge amount of love there.

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Aquarius and Cancer

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Aquarius can be aloof and when it comes to being empathetic for what other people are feeling, count them out. Cancers are all about sharing the pain, the joy, and the anger and when they try to do so with an Aquarius, they just get shut down. Aquarius wants Cancer to truly be themselves, they just don't want to be there when Cancer feels their feels; this can hurt Cancer's feelings and lead to discourse and confrontation.

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Pisces and Leo

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Pisces generally get along with most people — a little too much, as their trusting nature allows them to be taken advantage of. Pisces prefer to live peacefully in a creative world of their own making, while Leos thrive when they're front and center of a crowd. These two signs just don't operate on the same level which can lead to misunderstanding and hurt.

If they're to get along, there has to be patience and understanding on each other's part. Pisces will happily let Leo have the spotlight if Leo lets them be themselves.

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