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These 6 Zodiac Signs Run Away From Commitment, According To Astrology

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6 Zodiac Signs Who Struggle With Commitment Phobia, Per Astrology

Does he just like you, or does he want a relationship?  There are many names for a man that doesn't like to commit- player, Don Juan, skirt chaser, playboy, cad, himbo, shag bandit- and some other unmentionables you wouldn't want to bring up at a nice family dinner. 

But some men are simply afraid of commitment and their commitment phobia gets in the way of finding lasting love. There are many ways you can tell if a guy wants to keep things light and casual, or if he actually sees a future between the two of you.

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Does he call or text regularly and is he the first one initiate dates? Are "dates" actually just the two of you, or does he seem to only invite you to places like clubs and concerts or group outings where you'll be with other people he knows?

Does he shy away from talking about feelings, what he wants in the future, and what he thinks of you? Or does he go out of his way to make you feel loved- even makes a point of remembering and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries? 

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It is true that some signs take a little extra work and patience when it comes to finding the right person to settle down with. One of the ways you can better understand the dynamics between you is to read about the horoscope of your boyfriend. 

Here are the zodiac signs that may have to hardest time committing in a relationship, according to astrology.

1. LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

A Libra man will be able to charm the socks off of any woman he comes across. His natural flirtatious style is hard to keep under wraps. To make matters worse, he can be so super emotionally fragile and concerned over pleasing others, that he will do whatever it takes to not hurt another woman who likes him- even to the point of sleeping with her!

Despite being masters of romance, not all Libra men are prone to cheat. Libras tend to be either totally in favor of monogamy or dead set against it. Regardless of where your man's devotions lie, however, you can expect him to be in need of regular social attention outside the house. Libras have been known to have a bad case of FOMO.

2. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius men walk around with the image of the ideal relationship constantly playing in their heads. It's needless to say that this picture is often completely unrealistic. For instance, they have their own ideas of what the picture-perfect marriage looks like. Fail to live up to their standards, and they may start to become distant. But don't push discussions about marital issues too hard! Aquarius is very uncomfortable talking about their feelings.

Aquarius men also tend to be very experimental and adventurous so keeping it interesting in the bedroom as well your normal day to day lives is a must. Take them out to a restaurant neither one of you has ever tried before. Delight them with witty conversation. An Aquarius man is quite smart and requires intellectual stimulation. He wants you to seduce his mind before he feels comfortable with you as his lover. Try not to set too many relationship rules in the beginning. If he gets too bored or feels too restricted, he may just start looking for a way out. 

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3. VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo is a perfectionist which means he holds himself to the highest of standards. This, unfortunately, means that he will also be judging you based on his standards too.  Have you gained a little extra weight since you started going out? He may be secretly critical of that. Perhaps you leave the bathroom sink full of your beauty products. A Virgo values impeccable cleanliness and organization. 

While it is unlikely that a Virgo will cheat on you (they tend to abide by a strict moral code), you may find your relationship gets rocky if you are not willing to bend to your partner's every wish. Virgos are very meticulous in what they consider to be right and wrong and will prefer that you also abide by their expectations.

4. ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Aries is a pioneering spirit both in and out of the bedroom. They expect their partner to keep them entertained with vivid fantasies and regular experimentation. They also require their partner's absolute fidelity, although they will turn a blind eye when it comes to their own fidelity!

Quite sadly, this is a sign that is prone to cheating.  But don't despair just yet! Depending on their maturity, they may be ready for the closeness that only a committed relationship can bring since mental compatibility with a trusted partner is what will make an Aries happy in the long run. 

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5. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpios tend to be very passionate and committed lovers. Cheating is not something you should have to worry about with a Scorpio. However, if he even senses a hint of unfaithfulness from you, be prepared for him to lash out in revenge!

A Scorpio man can be possessive and domineering. With his deep and lusty nature is a storehouse of dramatic moodiness (although it might take him awhile to show you his true nature). If your not a fan of drama, you might be questioning whether its time for YOU to leave the relationship. 

6. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini is a loyal partner that loves deeply but he just might not always be able to communicate it properly. It is not uncommon for a Gemini to appear super loving one moment, and then be totally distant another. His zodiac sign is symbolized by the Twins. Just because you love one side of him, doesn't mean you'll love his twin! His creative endeavors change quickly, just as fast as he can change his mind.

You may find he is sometimes mentally detached. If you are not an easy going and very forgiving partner, you may find it difficult to make the relationship work long term.

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