Why Are Scorpios So Aggressive?

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Why Are Scorpios So Aggressive?

Not all Scorpios are mean, but as with other zodiac signs the scorpion of astrology has a dark side. Not that long ago, an article circulated the internet about the most dangerous zodiac sign, and Scorpio was at the top of the list.

Of course, Snopes deemed the article false, but when you consider Charles Manson, John Gotti, and Omar Mateen, who were all notoriously dangerous Scorpios, it makes you wonder if there's a connection.

Why are Scorpios so aggressive?

Ruled by the planet Pluto and Mars, one of the most malefic planets in astrology, when Scorpio's ruling planet is ill-aspected, extremely negative traits can be part of their horoscope personality.

People who have a Stellium, three or more planets, in Scorpio or a Sun in Scorpio that's conjunct with Pluto or Mars, can demonstrate stronger than normal traits.

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For example, Charles Manson has four planets in Scorpio in the seventh house of marriage and partnerships. His Sun harmonized with both Pluto and Mars. 

John Gotti had only his Sun in Scorpio, but they all opposed Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, creating an opportunity for his personality's expression. 

When negatively aspected, everything dark about this zodiac sign reveals how combative a person can get when backed into a corner. Their strong reaction to pressure boils down to Mars and Pluto.

Mars, the planet that rules war, rules Scorpio. Mars is intense. Ruled by the eighth house of rebirth, death, the occult and taboos, this zodiac sign feels everything, and they expose what's hidden into the light.

No one likes their secrets brought up for all to see, and Scorpio knows this. Born between Oct. 23 and Nov. 21, Scorpios are mysterious, emotional, and turbulent, but during a hard transit things change, and that can be when their aggression features strongly.

Why are Scorpios aggressive? Well, because they are ruled by their emotions. Scorpios are characterized by their quickness to anger and fierce passion. This water sign represents the dark, edgy underbelly of the zodiac signs.

The scorpion is ruled by two planetary influences: Pluto, the god of the underworld, and Mars, the god of war, which should give a pretty good idea why every Scorpio is the way they are.

Dangerous, fierce, and uncompromising, Scorpios don’t like being messed with. Their “aggression” comes out when they feel you have slighted them in some way.

And don’t try to cover it up; you can’t laugh your way out of this one, Scorpios have a second sense for when they are being made fun of.

If you look down on them, Scorpios will make you regret it. The two things they hate the most are dishonesty and passivity. They hate compromising and are incredibly paranoid so their more aggro tendencies come from their suspicious and jealous natures.

But this is only because Scorpios are the most headstrong, expressive, and unapologetic people you will ever meet. They use their aggression to defend their freedom to express themselves however they please.

Famous Scorpios that show how the sign’s proud and unabashed nature are Amandla Stenberg, Julia Roberts, and Winona Ryder.

Here’s why Scorpios are so aggressive, per astrology:

1. Scorpios are so aggressive because they love hard.

Scorpios do not compromise, which means they hate inbetweens.

Relationships are always black and white to the Scorpio; they do not do casual. Once you have been brought into the Scorpio’s inner circle, you will never leave.

The scorpion’s love language can border on over-protectiveness. While this means you will always have someone watching your back, the Scorpio has an all-or-nothing approach when it comes to your safety.

2. Mars rules Scorpio and it's the planet of war.

If anyone tries to mess with you, they will do everything in their ability to make that person pay. While some zodiac signs take a more behind-the-scenes approach, Scorpios will absolutely pound whoever messes with those they love into the ground.

This can be endearing, but sometimes the Scorpio’s overprotectiveness borders on controlling, and even a little condescending. They think they absolutely know what’s best for you, and will defend their position to the death.

3. Scorpio rules the eighth house of sexuality and passion.

When you are the one dating the Scorpio, this can get a little too intense. They will want every detail on what you are doing, where you are going. Scorpios don’t like not knowing: how will they be able to protect you otherwise?

Sometimes a person just needs their own space, but a Scorpio’s loud and almost all-consuming love might not allow for that.

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4. Scorpios need to know everything.

Scorpio's modern planet ruler is Pluto, the god of the underworld. So, what's hidden has to come to the surface. Scorpios love information, and they will do whatever they need to get it. You can say they are aggressive in their pursuit of knowledge!

While Scorpios are amazing secret keepers (they hate dishonesty, and they hate untrustworthy people), they are notoriously nosy.

They are curious about everything, so if you have a secret you better come clean, the scorpion will latch onto the slightest hint of something unknown and will never let go.

If you want to keep something from a Scorpio, you better be very good at it; you need to make secrecy your delicate, and careful art because Scorpios can sniff out dishonesty like nobody’s business.

5. They are also determined in their pursuit of the unknown.

By everything, Scorpios like to know everything. In some ways that makes them good, assertive leaders, because they use all information at their disposal to make good decisions.

In other ways, this makes them downright morbid. Anything hidden, unsolved, and mysterious will immediately draw the Scorpio. Their obsession with solving strange and unexplored variables makes them unstoppable information monsters.

6. They need to blaze their own path.

Ruling death, they also understand rebirth. At the end of the day, the most important thing to a Scorpio is staying true to their emotions. They are disturbingly self-aware of their feelings, because of how fully they feel everything.

This makes them the most empathetic people you’ll ever meet; the Scorpio will always encourage you to be true to yourself, and will always understand what you are going through.

7. Scorpios is an action-based zodiac sign.

Mars is motivation and determination. Mars is a leader. When Scorpios are put in a situation they don’t like, they hate being powerless. Their relationship with authority is complicated: Scorpios are very reactionary, and they pride themselves on their originality.

So when someone tells them to do something they disagree with, they will absolutely lose their cool. They will not suffer quietly; they are passionate, generous, but ultimately are brutally honest.

They will not mince words to spare feelings — a Scorpio’s life goal is to live a true and unabashed life, they don’t like limitations.

Scorpios prioritize their originality first and foremost, and anything that stands between them and their freedom of expression will absolutely be bulldozed down.

This might make them seem aggro, but it also means that they have enough guts to not compromise on their own happiness.

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