Zodiac Love Compatibility For Leo Man & Scorpio Woman

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When we think of power figures in the Zodiac, we can't help but think of Leo and Scorpio.

There are so many stereotypes that go along with both signs, but when placed together, as a couple, could this match bring success? 

We are all very complex creatures, and finding a mate that meets our idea of "perfection" in body, mind and spirit is difficult. But this coupling may just by the example of which two zodiac signs should never be together.

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Are Leo and Scorpio a good match?

In all truth, no, they are not a good match.

On almost every level, there is an ego confrontation that will make both parties more than uncomfortable at every turn. As it is with all people, they can find a middle ground for compromise, but it's not a foundation on which they can build a relationship.

What does the Leo man like about the Scorpio woman?

He likes her sexy attitude and the idea that she comes across as somewhat dangerous. He's attracted to that danger as it gives him the promise of wild sex and powerful relating.

That is, until he realizes that she's smarter, wittier, and ready to walk should she find him disappointing, which she inevitably will.

Are Leos so attracted to Scorpios?

Of course they are — wildly! Scorpio women are all about allure, mystery and sexy promises.

Unfortunately, for the two of them, their personalities clash so profoundly that they may never get to the place where they know if they're good together or not.

What does a Leo man want in a Scorpio woman?

The Leo man wants her to be a Leo woman. Oh, sure, he's attracted to her beauty and style, but he has no patience for mind, as she's cool, calculated and way too intelligent for his needs.

He would like her if she was only a sex object, and she will never accept that.

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Leo Man Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

Their elements: Leo is a Fire sign, and Scorpio is a Water sign.

The fiery side of Leo wants the Scorpio woman to be more like him, as he truly does believe he's the king. She's the Queen, however, and her Water sign nature gives her the freedom to be whomever she wants to be and do whatever she wants. 

This usually displeases him after a while. He cannot control her, therefore she is not suited for his "court."

Leo Man and Scorpio Woman: Love and Sexual Chemistry

These two might not get past the first conversations, no matter how great the physical attraction might be. What she wants, he has no interest in providing; what he wants seems so basic and ridiculous to her, that she'd rather have a relationship with herself.

She, the Scorpio woman, is not needy, and he, the Leo man, needs to be needed. In sex, there is no compatibility at all.

Leo Man and Scorpio Woman: Shared Values

Nobody likes to be lied to, so they have that in common.

The Leo man is generally a pretty honest guy; the kicker is that she, the Scorpio woman, has no need to be honest and will lie her way through anything to get what she wants and needs.

He might respect her need for independence, but he does not value how she lives her life: deceptively.

They can get along to a degree in this department, but with so many other areas going astray, their shared values come to a hill of beans.

Leo Man and Scorpio Woman: Emotional Connection

If there is an ultimate area for compatibility where the Leo man and the Scorpio woman fail, it's in emotion.

They both utterly fail the test... unless, of course, they have a masochistic streak, which many relationships have. Some couples exist on fighting and bickering. It's as if they feel arguing makes them come alive, and that is because they fail in all the other departments of the relationship.

Emotionally, Leo and Scorpio will always be suspicious of the other, doubtful of their love, and unconvinced of the other one's goodness.

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Leo Man and Scorpio Woman: Trust

If they can learn to compromise, they can learn to trust each other, so the responsibility is on the compromise.

Can they do it? Possibly, but they have to divest themselves of their monumental egos and, for Leo, that is a tall order.

If they can find common ground, they can find trust. But this relationship is best experienced in the friendship world, rather than in the world of romantic love.

Leo Man and Scorpio Woman: Communication

Leo and Scorpio are strong in what they believe in, and that means they fight hard for their passions.

While they can have civil talks and even some in-depth soul-searching conversations, the truth is that Leo is a little more obsessed with how he comes across than she is.

She, the Scorpio woman, is all about the spirit; she believe in karma and consequence, so she won't back him up when he speaks of something she doesn't buy into.

The trouble is they don't really buy into anything together, so their communications are always either false or contrived. They try to make things work, but they both tire way too easily for communication to have a chance to work.

Leo Man and Scorpio Woman: Overall Love Compatibility

This is a coupling that will demand patience and effort if it's going to work.

Depending on what else makes up each individual chart, they can either make it or break it. If, say, the Leo has Cancer rising, they might stand a chance; or, if she has her Moon in Sagittarius, the two might be able to meet on common ground.

No one person is only made up of the traits of their Sun sign so, thankfully, it's not hopeless between these two.

Stereotypically, it's destined for destruction, but no person is a stereotype, and hopefully there is a soft spot of balance between the Scorpio woman and the Leo man.

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