The Type Of Person Each Zodiac Sign Can't Help But Fall Head Over Heels For

What each zodiac sign looks for in the people they meet.

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Some zodiac signs are much more compatible together than others. Relationship synastry involves looking at an entire chart to determine compatibility on both ends to fully understand the complexity of two individuals. That said, however, the zodiac signs are each naturally drawn to certain types and can quickly fall head over heels when they find what they are looking for.

Here are the types of people each zodiac sign has a real tendency to fall for.

Aries man

Physical appearance is very important to Aries and most Aries men are suggestible to a great figure so fitness is vital. They are drawn to unique, unusual and, most importantly, confident individuals. The Aries man likes to feel like he is the leader and in charge, but at the same time, they are not looking for a wallflower or a partner with no opinions. If the person is up for his spur-of-the-moment adventures, all the better.


Aries woman

An Aries female is very energetic so she is looking for someone who can match her energy level. An Aries woman will be immediately drawn to someone who has self-confidence and knows how to get what he wants out of life. She will never be attracted to anyone who drags their feet or can’t make decisions. She is looking for a go-getter who has no problem taking the lead. An Aries woman does not have a lack of confidence and she expects the same in a partner.



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Taurus man

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of values, love and beauty, meaning Taurus will be drawn to a woman who is gentle, laid back and attractive. A Taurus male is drawn to beauty like a moth to a flame. An appreciation for fine things helps, but since the male Taurus is very much aware of money, not overspending is a plus and with these qualities, he could feel that he has met his soulmate.

Taurus woman

The Taurus female is attracted to beauty and the finer things in life and is drawn to a man who is generous as well as responsible. A Taurus female is seldom drawn to ‘bad boys’ and she generally seeks stability with a man she feels she can build a life with. She may be a connoisseur of many things including good food, so if she meets a man who takes her out to nice restaurants he will be all the more impressive to her.

Gemini man

A Gemini male needs a lot of excitement and mental stimulation to hold his attention. When he meets someone who can provide this regularly, it could be love at first sight. Since his ruling planet is Mercury, sometimes called the ‘trickster,’ a person who is playful and adventurous as well as intelligent is his ideal. If they have a good figure, he may feel he has met his soulmate.

Gemini woman

The female Gemini is ruled by Mercury, just like the male. Qualities that would draw a Gemini woman to a potential partner include humor, cleverness and intelligence. Gemini likes love and romance as well as others, but it all begins on a mental note. If she can find someone with these qualities that hold her interest, a flame can be lit.


Cancer man

The Cancer male needs a gentle and feminine partner and his preference is petite. They must have empathy and emotional intelligence. Cancer wants a nurturing partner who allows a ‘safe space’ for getting to know each other. Ask about his dreams and aspirations as well and he may be hooked!

Cancer woman

The Cancer woman is looking first and foremost for someone who makes her feel safe mentally, physically and financially. For her to feel secure he must be attentive, considerate and have a gentle (if not laid back) type of nature. She likes romantic gestures and a man who takes the lead in a relationship. If you possess these qualities this woman will belong to you.

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Leo man

The Leo man is looking for a partner with a gentle nature who is not afraid to focus on him. He seeks someone who is in touch with her own inner child and can have fun. The biggest turn-off to a Leo male is a woman who puts him down, especially in public. He also prefers taking the lead and being in charge. If he can find a woman with these qualities he may stick around.


Leo woman

This woman is looking for someone who will idealize her and make grand gestures to get and keep her attention. Like her male counterpart, she likes to be in charge and a certain charisma is very important. She doesn’t mind her partner interacting with others, but hands off or she will retreat — possibly forever. If the above qualities are present it will guarantee an instant attraction.

Virgo man

This man is not looking for a sloppy or unkempt woman. She must look neat, smell good and have intelligence — and a good family background doesn’t hurt. Appearance is very important to Virgo men and trends or trendy clothes are a turnoff. A classic look in clothing will grab his attention along with an honest character. If this woman can cook she may have the key to his heart.

Virgo woman

A Virgo female prefers men who are neat, clean and well-groomed. Since Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet that rules the mind, she must have a man who is intelligent and knows how to communicate what he wants. It is important to Virgo to have a man that lives his own life and aspires to his own hopes and dreams. Possessiveness or neediness will not play well, and he must have an inner sense of security for this woman to be interested. If you can live up to these expectations, you may well be just the man Virgo is looking for.

Libra man

Ruled by Venus, Libra men value beauty, appearance, dress and elegance. Confidence and grace are also qualities that draw the Libra man, and since Libra is an air sign, this man prefers a woman with intelligence who can fit in whether she is wearing jeans or formal dress. When Libra finds this combination, he is likely to fall head over heels.


Libra woman

The Libra female likes a well-dressed handsome man. Being kind and considerate is a must for her and she dislikes anything course or ugly. This woman is attracted to a man who can converse and be at home in any setting. Being a good listener is imperative to this woman because she is generally focused on pleasing other people so a man who listens and tries to please her may win her heart.

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Scorpio man

The Scorpio male is drawn to mystery, intrigue and a woman who is a challenge. Loyalty is always important to Scorpio and the Scorpio male likes to be in charge. If a woman can manage these qualities and let Scorpio believe he is making the decisions she may be exactly what he has been looking for.


Scorpio woman

Ambiguity is not anything the Scorpio woman is interested in when it comes to a man. When she is in love, Scorpio expects her man to spend money, cater to her, be loyal and make her feel as though she is the only woman in the world for him.  If he is confident, mysterious and sexually passionate, Scorpio will look no further.

Sagittarius man

A Sagittarius man looks for a woman who is up for adventure, whether it involves international travel or just going somewhere closer to home. A woman who is somewhat aloof and a bit of a challenge will get his attention faster than smothering him with being together all the time. Sag is looking for a woman who is independent with her own interests, doesn’t require constant attention and is willing to wander the globe with him. Should he find this, Cupid’s arrow will fly straight to his heart.

Sagittarius woman

A female Sagittarius is up for a man who is a challenge. The more aloof he appears the better, although at some point he must, of course, make his interests known. This woman is independent so any man she is interested in must be able to match this himself. Possessiveness is an instant turn-off, and if she can find a man with the above qualities and he shares common interests, she will look no further.

Capricorn man

A Capricorn man prefers someone who is not boisterous, loud or pushy. Who she is as a person interests him the most and she must understand he can be a workaholic at times focused on building a future. If she is down to earth, admires and understands his desire to build a lasting legacy as opposed to short-term interests, he has found the woman of his dreams.


Capricorn woman

A Capricorn female can be hard to please and she doesn’t hand out compliments without reason. She can appear aloof and cool but when she finds a man who is focused on the future and wants to build it together with her, she may have found her mate. This man must also act with consideration and something she generally considers missing: common sense.

Aquarius man

The Aquarius male can be hard to understand because he is generally ahead of his time in some way, quirky and slow to get into a relationship. 'Friends first' is his motto and should he meet a woman who is equally laid back, carefree and interested in saving the world like he is, Aquarius has met his match.

Aquarius woman

An Aquarius woman can have a hard time making up her mind about what it is she really wants in a love match. If, however, she meets someone who can engage in very deep conversations, exchange ideas and new concepts and can stimulate her on both an intellectual as well as romantic level, she may be willing to give up on being single.


Pisces man

A Pisces man is often misunderstood. He prefers a slim-built woman, preferably with long hair and a sense of purity about life in general. If she can be there for him physically, emotionally and mentally, she is already halfway there. If she is considerate, kind and interested in art, spirituality, or other immersive experiences he may feel that he has hit the jackpot.

Pisces woman

The first quality a Pisces female looks for in a man is kindness and consideration. He must be strong and exude a sense of protectiveness toward her. For her to really fall head over heels a man must show her adoration, love and gentleness. On some level, his interests must include the unknown, spirituality or just generally caring for others. If this is the case, the Pisces woman may fall head over heels. 

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