How To Attract An Aries Man

To attract an Aries man, you need to appeal to his fiery nature.

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Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, so naturally, those born under the Aries zodiac sign (between March 21 and April 19) are innovators who enjoy winning. They are courageous, bold, and determined. They do not like when a partner is temperamental, unmotivated, lazy or too self-absorbed.

As a cardinal sign, Aries looks for a partner who can keep up with them and will accept them when they are in their highs and lows. They desire a partner that is patient, and compassionate, which will help them mature and become more understanding. Aries men want a partner that can guide and keep their dreams alive will allow them to discover themselves and evolve.


How to attract an Aries man

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Stand out

Aries wants someone that can steal the spotlight effortlessly. Although they can be attracted to someone shy, they want to see the warrior within their partner. After all, this sign enjoys a challenge and someone who can captivate them with a strong presence will keep them interested.


Be fearless

The Aries man appreciates when their partners are fearless regarding what they want in life. If you have dreams and want to accomplish them, Aries will be there ready to root for you and push you.

Plan for adventure

Fire signs enjoy exploring and traveling. Being open to taking a spontaneous trip or trying out a new gym will be in their routine. Aries are usually sporty and like to be active, so they want a partner they can share their passions with.

Be honest

A partner that is not afraid to express themselves and is willing to have tough conversations with their partner will be respected by the Aries native. Aries is bold and not afraid to speak their mind, so they want a partner who will not play mind games and is open to discussing tough subjects with diplomacy. 

Be optimistic

The men want to be inspired by someone optimistic, who will keep their flame going. They appreciate practicality but not someone that will make them second guess themselves with pessimism.


Don't hold grudges

The ram can get easily riled up but they can be extremely forgiving. Their partner should express this as well. Passive-aggressive energy will not fly with them. 

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Show compassion

Although they can be seen as combative and belligerent, at their core they can be softies. A compassionate partner will help them to reflect and will help them understand how to manage their emotions better. Tactfulness is essential for their relationship. When they get off balance, their partner keeps them in check.

Show off your intelligence

Aries appreciate a partner that is curious about the world around them and wants to learn more. They want a partner they can look up to, exchange ideas with and learn from.


Stay confident and ambitious

Goals are important for Aries and a partner that is also willing to succeed will be attractive to them. Someone who knows how to go after what they want. 

Practice patience

Because the ram can be explosive, having a partner that can bring them some harmony is essential. Having two people in a screaming match won't work, so they need someone who will bring them to reason. Patience is key and when they see that you have this quality, it can intrigue them.

Charm them with romance

They are not put off by people that flirt with them and display their vibrant personalities. Aries are attracted to people that stand out and can keep them interested. Once they are hooked, they will be enchanted.

Be mysterious

Fire signs enjoy puzzles. If you know how to be alluring by not being too available, Aries will be interested in you. They want to uncover who you are and learn more about you with time.


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