How To Make A Taurus Man Obsessed With You

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How To Make A Taurus Man Obsessed With You

When you meet someone and fall in love, you want the feelings to be mutual.

So, if you're in love with a Taurus man, and you can see him in your future, you may want to make him obsessed with you.

So, of course, you want to know how to make a Taurus man obsessed with you.

Taurus are best known for their stubborn, yet ambitious personalities.

This can make it challenging to pursue them romantically or engage in a relationship.

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They won’t be upfront about their feelings for you right away so you might be wondering where you stand with him.

To ensure you’re the number one thing on his mind.

Keep reading to find out how to make a Taurus man obsessed with you:

1. Let him do the chasing.

Because of their stubborn personalities, Taurus men love what they think they can’t have.

Playing a little hard to get will drive him crazy in the best way and make him work extra hard for your attention and love.

Avoid being super available and keep yourself a bit mysterious.

Try your best to resist the urge to text him back immediately to make sure you don't seem overly eager.

He will be dying to know who or what is stealing your attention away from him.

You can even take it one step further and post on social media to show that you're having a great time.

He'll see that you know how to have fun and will be desperately trying to become a part of your busy life.

You'll also get an idea of just how much effort he is willing to put into getting you.

2. Don't play games.

Don’t make him jealous.

While it’s important to make him chase you a little, you shouldn’t try to make him jealous in the process.

Taurus men don’t like to feel like they are an option, and this will only end up being a turn-off.

Instead, be upfront with your intentions.

Taurus love honesty in a partner.

They won't respond well to being made to feel jealous and will likely look for love elsewhere.

Avoid doing this in the process of keeping the chase going.

3. Stay in touch.

Send a sweet text every once in a while.

There’s a fine line between making him chase you and just flat out ignoring him.

Make sure that you are still showing him your interest by shooting him the occasional text.

It doesn’t have to be a long and sappy text.

A short and sweet message is good enough.

Just something brief to show him that he’s on your mind and you haven't forgotten about him.

This is especially important to do after spending time together.

Not texting him after a great date will make him think you didn't have a good time.

Shoot I'm a short text like 'I had a great time! Can't wait to see ya again'.

Then you can go back to letting him chase you for your attention.

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2. Compliment him

Don’t forget to tell him what makes you so interested in him.

Although they will never admit due to their stubbornness, Taurus men need a lot of reassurance.

Telling him he looks good or has a great smile will boost him up and show your desire for him.

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He will love the feeling of being reassured by someone he likes and will want to spend more time with you.

You can expect to get a few compliments in return as well.

A Taurus man won't be the first to shower you with compliments.

But once he sees that you have shown your interest in him, he'll be sure to tell you all the reasons why he adores you.

3. Look your best.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty. So, play up your style.

Taurus men are secretly suckers for a unique sense of style and actually have great fashion sense.

If you exhibit your awesome personality through your outfits, he will adore you.

He’ll find you extra interesting and will be dying to see what you’ll wear on your next date.

Keep him on his toes by switching up your look from time to time, he'll love it.

4. Be vulnerable.

A Taurus man will be interested in getting to know you on a deeper level and you’ll need to be prepared to let your guard down a bit.

If you are someone who constantly has your walls up it will be hard to get a Taurus man to fall head over heels for you.

While it's scary to think about being vulnerable to the person you like, it's crucial that you remember they just want to get to know you.

They don't have malicious intent, they just want to see the real you.

Open up to them and they’ll do the same in return which will make you feel better about having let your walls down.

This will strengthen your bond and help you both know each other’s intentions.

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