Who You'll Marry According To Astrology & Your Seventh House Zodiac Sign

Who will you marry?

7th house marriage partner

When you are thinking of the perfect marriage partner, look no further than your zodiac sign and the Seventh House.

Whatever zodiac sign you have there can indicate the type of person you're attracted to and who you are most likely to marry.

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According to astrology, each individual makes a soul contract with the universe and decides on their specific time of birth.

You have free will to marry whomever you want, but at the time of your birth, you made a decision on what it was you were here to do and how you were designed to do it.

Your natal chart, or birth chart, is practically a recording of everything astrological that was happening at the exact time, date, and location of your birth.

Everyone is born with 10 planets in their natal chart. Everyone has 12 zodiac signs and 12 astrological houses.

Each planet has a zodiac sign that it rules and a zodiac sign that it falls into when you are born. In addition to the zodiac sign that your planet is in, there is also an associated house and zodiac sign.


The planet symbolizes what energy to bring to the relationship. The zodiac sign represents the energy you are attracting or giving off.

The house is what's going on. So for example, if you always find that you're attracting Geminis, Taurus, or another zodiac sign, there's a pretty good chance that you have your Seventh House in that zodiac sign or their planet ruler in your Seventh House.

If you have more than one zodiac sign that your Seventh House is nestled in, then you might have more than one relationship partner.

If you have a planet there this can reveal how you are when in love and how compatible you are with another person.

The zodiac sign reveals your strengths and weaknesses. Because the Seventh House is also the place for partnerships, it can even tell you the best career plans are for you and who would make an ideal partner to go into business with.


How do you find your Seventh House in your natal chart?

It will also tell you which personalities that you need to avoid when it comes to relationships so that you make the right decisions about your relationship instead of being hurt or getting your heart broken.

Therefore, when you read the natal chart that you can get for free from Cafeastrology, you need to make sure you have some things before you can search for love.

So, here's a quick guide to finding out about your perfect relationship matches.

1. Know the exact time, date, and location of where you were born.

You can find out more about how you need to be loved and how you will love your partner, but you need your personal data because without it you won't be able to get your house placements in the chart.


Houses change zodiac signs every few hours and are not stagnant. This is why time and place are so important.

If you can't find your time of birth on your birth certificate ask a family member if it was day or night or if they have a general time.

You can play around with your chart once it's generated to see if things in there make sense to reconcile your personal chart to a close-enough position.

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2. Use an astrology program to generate a natal chart.

You can find free astrological software programs online. You can also buy a software called Sirius that works on your personal computer.


Once you have that, your birth chart will tell you the personality traits you will most likely be attracted to in a partner.

You will find it super scary how true these descriptions are for you.

3. Once you have done step 2, it brings you to a birth chart report page.

This is where you can scroll down and see the position of all of your planets, moons, houses, and more for when you were born, as well as information explaining what each means for you personally.

Your report will help you to know who you will be best attracted to, how you communicate the best, and more about how you like to be loved and what you are looking for in a partner.

4. Check for personal planets and what houses they are in.

Your personal planets include Venus, Mars, Mercury, the Moon, and your Sun.


Also, you should pay special attention to your 5th and 11th houses in your natal chart. These houses deal with love, friendships, and relationships.

5. Check your Venus.

Since Venus is the goddess of love, it makes sense that you want to pay attention to where she is on your natal chart.

The planet Venus is one of the most telling about your relationship through its placement.

So, have fun and explore your birth chart for love! It's very interesting.

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Here's a quick guide to how each zodiac sign defines the spirit of love and relationships in your natal chart and how each influences the Seventh House of Partnerships and Marriage.


Aries in the Seventh House

Future marriage partner: Aries or Libra

If you have your Seventh House of Marriage in Aries, you are attracted to someone who has an athletic body. You easily fall in love with someone who has a strong will to survive.

You also have a strong desire to be affection and intimate with your partner. Your partner will have charisma and be adventurous. You'll find yourself attracted to a person who has both power and money.

You often can attract people who have personal planets in Aries or a Sun sign in Aries. Your courtship will have some battles but with mutual respect, you can overcome your communication problems.

Taurus In The Seventh House

Future marriage partner: Taurus or Scorpio


If you have Taurus in the Seventh House, you are going to attract people with Taurean personality traits. You are someone who will attract people who want to be good providers. Your marriage partner may be a traditionalist who is slightly stubborn as well.

This person will be a good provider and make sure that you have what you need. You are likely to marry a person who wants to have children and who sees your relationship as a partnership.

Your partner can be prone to jealousy and this will have to be worked out by both partners. They will want you to have a pleasant appearance and they will want to offer you the same.

Because the Seventh House is ruled by Venus, your relationship is one build on outer beauty and the comforts the world brings. There can be some superficiality to your marriage but at the same time lots of financial security.


Gemini in the Seventh House

Future marriage partner: Gemini or Sagittarius

If you have Gemini in the Seventh House, be prepared for lots of fun, friendship and a good conversation or two.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, so you'll likely meet someone who either has the personality traits of the twins.

Some will say that to have your Seventh House of Marriage in Gemini also implies that you will be a divorcee one day but will remarry again. You enjoy dynamic interaction and the close intimacy of conversation but at times you like your space, too.

Cancer in the Seventh House

Future marriage partner: Cancer or Capricorn

To have your Seventh house of Marriage in the sign of Cancer your family means a lot to you. You not only will attract a spouse who is a reflection of home, but you'll desire a partner who is loving and nurturing, too.


In your early life, you'll be close to your parents or to members of your family that you perceive to be safe. You will want to stay close and connected with your partner and appreciate it when they open up to you.

Leo in the Seventh House

Future marriage partner: Leo or Aquarius

If you have the Seventh House of Marriage in the sign of Leo you will attract a partner who gives as much respect as they give.

You will not appreciate being made to wait for them as they do their own thing. You will love a leader personality type. You will want to marry someone who enjoys living life and having fun. You might find yourself drawn to an Aquarius.

Virgo in the Seventh House

Future marriage partner: Virgo or Pisces


If you have your Seventh House of Marriage in the sign of Virgo, you are picky when it comes to who you will marry. At times you may perceive your partner to be overly critical of you.

Health matters will be important to you. If your marriage undergoes a lot of stress, you also will carry that burden on your shoulders.

Your marriage partner could be someone who struggles with a health issue early in life and you will have to be that person's primary source of comfort.

You also want to be with someone who has an ability to care for others and you enjoy being cared for. You are a caretaker personality type. You want a marriage that involved tradition but you also want to have some say in what that means for you in marriage.


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Libra in the Seventh House

Future marriage partner: Libra or Aries

If you have your Seventh House in the sign of Libra, you will be lucky when it comes to love. You are a dedicated and loyal partner who seeks fairness in love. You don't want someone who will try to control you, although you can be jealous at times. You love beauty and won't settle for someone who doesn't take good care of themselves.

You are charming and love the finer things in life. You want a partner who will be able to provide you with care, nurture, and support. You are going to marry a person who will become even more special to you with time.


Scorpio in the Seventh House

Future marriage partner: Scorpio or Taurus

If your Seventh House is in the sign of Scorpio, you are drawn to partners with power and passion. You can get lost when it comes to love. You are also a seductive person and have a rich and deep fantasy life.

You can't have a partner who only is close to you some of the time. You're an all or nothing lover and desire to be with someone who wants you and only you. You will fall in and out of love with your marriage partner, but with time, you find that perfect balance. Your marriage will be filled with deep passion and commitment that develops over time, but not without a few bumps along the way.


Sagittarius in the Seventh House

Future marriage partner: Sagittarius or Gemini

If you have your Seventh House of Marriage in the sign of Sagittarius, you bring much intelligence to your relationship. You will enjoy marrying someone who is deeply spiritual, world-traveled, and who understands culture.

You will enjoy a marriage where life and learning together are explored. You won't want to be with someone who is boring or ordinary to you. You may meet your partner in college and go through a long-distance relationship.

In this type of marriage situation, there can be times when you feel a bit out of reach to your future mate. You might be someone or marry someone who requires a lot of space.


Capricorn in the Seventh House

Future marriage partner: Cancer or Capricorn

If your Seventh House of Marriage is in the sign of Capricorn, you are a guarded person. You aren't someone who falls in love easily, but when you do, you are dedicated and devoted.

You are the type of person who would give up your life for your mate. You would do anything for your family. Being a good provider is more important to you than the romantic elements, although you do have a quiet love of sentimentality.

You might be a later-in-life marriage person. You could also be someone who needs traditional roles to be played out in your marriage.

Aquarius in the Seventh House

Future marriage partner: Aquarius or Leo


If your Seventh House of Marriage falls into the sign of Aquarius, you might marry someone from another culture. Your marriage partner will be artistic and eclectic. You won't be satisfied to marry a person who runs with the crowd. You'll want that person to stand on their own two feet and embrace their unique individuality.

You will sometimes appear to others as distant and hard to reach. However, this may seem on the surface, deep down inside you long for strong connection and want to marry your best friend.

Pisces in the Seventh House

Future marriage partner: Pisces or Virgo

If your Seventh House of Marriage falls into the sign of Pisces, you can be overly idealistic when it comes to love. You might struggle to keep both feet on the ground.


You love to be swept off of your feet and overly idealize your marriage partner. If you do so to an extreme, your partner may seem to never measure up to the ideal you have in mind. This can lead to a marriage that isn't happy for you.

However, on the more positive side, you would enjoy a marriage that feels like a dream. You're perfectly content to have simple things.

You need to believe in love in order to receive it. You are spiritual and long for a body, mind, spirit connection with your future marriage partner.

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