How To Make A Leo Man Obsessed With You

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How To Make A Leo Man Obsessed With You

Leos are bold and boisterous people. 

People born between the dates July 23 - August 22, are Leos who blaze with warmth and excitement.

Leo men are bold, affable, stylish, and go-getters.

It is easy for people to become obsessed with the charming Leo man.

But how do you get a Leo man obsessed with you, per astrology?

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A Leo man needs someone who can balance him, but who can also keep up with him.

Leos love to be center stage and have all eyes on them, but to catch his eye can be difficult.

Here is how to make a Leo man obsessed with you:

1. Play hard-to-get.

Leo men are confident and aware of how awesome they are.

They are used to people being interested in them.

Leos are the performers of the zodiac, and they love to be the center of attention.

By not giving him that attention, the Leo man will only want you more.

It will make you stand out from their other admirers who fling themselves at Leo.

Leos are a fixed sign, meaning they are very determined and driven once they set their minds to something.

Once a Leo man is interested, even if you keep your cards close to your chest, he will keep playing your game.

However, don’t play it too aloof or the Leo man might lose interest by thinking that you are genuinely uninterested.

2. Post your hottest photos online.

Leos are drawn towards aesthetics.

They enjoy making things beautiful, being beautiful, and looking at beautiful things and people.

Leo men will not only love to look at your beauty, but they will also see that you are confident, bold, and don’t shy away from attention, much like them.

Showing that same confidence and beauty that Leos have will intrigue them and make them relate to you.

Seeing who else likes and comments on your photos might even make the Leo man a little jealous.

3. Take him on adventures.

Leo is a fire sign, so Leos love the excitement and experiencing new things.

When you hang out with your Leo man of interest, take a spontaneous detour to new places and activities.

Sharing a new experience, or being the one to introduce him to something you know of but he doesn’t, will bond the two of you.

Leos are risk-takers, even if things go awry, the adrenaline rush mimics feelings of being in love.

Taking the Leo man on adventures will make him see that you could be an adventure partner that he wants to keep around.

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4. Have a group hang.

Leos are social butterflies.

Their love for attention and human interaction keeps them always wanting to meet new people.

When a Leo sees you with your friends, he will see that you, too, enjoy being as sociable as he does.

A group hang with your friends also keeps you in your element.

You will be more at ease with your friends around to back you up and make you feel comfortable.

This is a chance for the Leo man to get to see a side of you he might not yet know.

In this situation, he can also mingle with your friends which can give him an outside perspective of who you are.

5. Feed his ego, just a little.

Sure, Leos come off as super confident and self-assured, but their performance could be just that, an act.

Being complimentary towards your Leo man can reassure him while also showing that you do like him.

While compliments on appearance are nice, Leo probably gets those often because that’s the first thing that people see.

But if you compliment the Leo man’s character, your words become more unique, and it also shows that you truly see him for who he is.

Just don’t shower him in praise, that will only feed his ego in a superfluous and less genuine way.

You don’t want to put the Leo man on a pedestal, or you will be seen as just another admirer rather than a potential partner.

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