How To Make A Sagittarius Man Obsessed With You

The hunter wants to hunt.

How To Make A Sagittarius Man Obsessed With You abriendomundo/

A Sagittarius man is a person born between November 22 - December 21.

He is outgoing, adventurous and loving.

How to make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you?

It's not as easy as you may think.

Sagittarius is a free-spirited fire sign in the zodiac.

Sagittarius men are independent and in their own world, so holding their attention can seem difficult to many people.

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However, Sagittarius men are also very passionate, and appealing to his interests will draw him to you.

Showing that same passion that they feel will make Sagittarius men utterly obsessed with you.

It is important to remember that free spirits, like the Sagittarius man, don’t want to feel held back or trapped.

Instead of chasing them, and in turn chasing them away, make him chase you, Sagittarius is a hunter after all.

Read on for tips on how to make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you, per astrology:

1. Adventure with him.

Invite the Sagittarius man on adventures.

Sagittarians are free spirits. Their fire element makes them energetic and free flowing through life.


Sagittarius men love excitement and trying new things.

Take him on an adventure he has never tried before, and he’ll keep coming back for more.

From discovery to obstacles, adventures are a great way to connect to someone on a deep level.

Adventures are one of his favorite things.

Sagittarius is opposite Gemini on the zodiac calendar.

Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, holds powers that do not come easily to Sagittarians.

Mercury is the god of communication, so verbal communication is not Sagittarius’ strong suit.

Sagittarius men are men of action, so showing your interest with quality time will mean a lot more to them than a declaration.

2. Be mysterious.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter making them naturally inquisitive.


Sagittarius men love seeking answers and never seem to run out of questions.

To win a Sagittarius man’s heart and mind, be a little mysterious, don’t show all your cards at once.

Keeping him wondering about you will captivate his interest and make him want to know all about you.

Being an open book will eliminate that chase for truth that Sagittarius men love, so they might get bored and move on.

Even when they ask questions about you, be vague or coy, make him work for the answers.

Don’t worry, the Sagittarius man will not lose patience, it will actually keep him around and forever wanting more.

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3. Be smart.

Show off your intelligence.

Sagittarians are philosophical and intelligent.

Showing that you can keep up with the Sagittarius man’s curiosity.

Deep thinking will impress him, and he will want to have those deep conversations with you.

Your beliefs don’t necessarily need to align, philosophical conversations like this are messy by nature.

Disagreeing can deepen the conversation further as you two discuss your differences and why you see things the way that you do.

The Sagittarius man will enjoy this sort of debate, and you two can learn from each other.

As long as you respect his views he will respect yours regardless of agreement.

4. Share your creative pursuits.

Sagittarius men are renaissance men. Sagittarius is represented by the Centaur, specifically Chiron in greek mythology.


Chiron is a master of medicine, prophecy, hunting, and music.

While I have already mentioned appealing to the Sagittarius man’s intelligence, it is also important to appeal to his creative side.

Show that you are multifaceted as well.

Verbal communication isn’t the Sagittarius man’s biggest strength, but communicating through art is something they do understand.


Art is a great way to express the deep inner thoughts and emotions that are harder to put into words.

Art can create nuance, like making pain into beauty, and interpreting the complexities of art is something Sagittarius men enjoy and will keep him hooked on you.

5. Be adaptable.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign meaning because they are born at the end of a season, they are very adaptable.

Mutable signs accept endings because they are a signal for new beginnings.

Being adaptable as well is seen as a strength to Sagittarius men.

Being too fixed or rigid will put off the Sagittarius man, he likes to be free and doesn’t want to feel stifled or put into a box.


Sure, perhaps a Sagittarius man could use a little bit of structure in his life.

But that structure should be able to adapt to circumstance as well, or else the Sagittarius man will feel trapped.

He may decide to continue freely on his own.

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