How To Make A Pisces Man Obsessed With You

Get him on your hook.

How To Make A Pisces Man Obsessed With You Syda Productions/

Born between February 19 - March 20, Pisces zodiac signs are such a sweet person to know.

Creative, emotional Pisces isn’t difficult to connect to considering they have such a strong urge for connection.

However, not everyone knows how to get to that ooey-gooey side in themself.

Sometimes a Pisces man’s emotional intensity can be overwhelming to many people.

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But fret not, I have listed some tips on how to use your own sensitivity — even if it’s buried deep down—to connect to the sensitive Pisces man.

It's possible for you to give him warm and fuzzy feelings instead of averse ones.

Wooing a Pisces will make him utterly obsessed with you.

Read on for how to make a Pisces man obsessed with you, per astrology:

1. Take the Pisces man for a walk through nature.

Be it a hike or a stroll through a garden, the Pisces man would love to be taken into nature.

Pisces is ruled by the planet Jupiter which gives them a strong sense of spirituality.

Many find spirituality in nature, particularly water sign Pisces. In astrology, water is the element that binds all aspects of nature.


It floats in the sky, lives in the ground, and nourishes all life.

Taking a Pisces man into nature is sure to be a spiritual experience and will thus strongly bond the two of you.

Not to mention, Pisces is a sucker for beauty; being in gorgeous nature with a gorgeous person will no doubt give them all the feels.

2. Go with the flow.

Pisces is a mutable sign meaning that because they are born at the end of their season, winter, they are very adaptable.

Pisces accepts that things change, they end and begin anew.

Pressuring a Pisces man in any way will make him feel trapped or manipulated against how he truly is.

Showing that you can adapt to changing circumstances with him will make the Pisces man feel at ease with you.


Rolling with the punches also shows that you have a deeper understanding that things don’t always go according to plan.

You show that forcing things never works.

The Pisces man will appreciate your flexibility and know that you two as a team can work through anything.

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3. Be emotionally vulnerable.

Pisces is a water sign which attunes them to their own emotions as well as gives them strong empathy for others’ emotions.

Getting emotionally naked is the sexiest thing you can do for a Pisces man next to getting physically naked.

Being vulnerable will bring the two of you closer together.


He will have a deeper understanding of who you are, and he will feel comfortable sharing his deeper emotions with you.

Closed-off, emotionally distant people aggravate Pisces; they’ll feel rejected by not being let in, and they won’t feel safe sharing their emotions in fear that it will be met with a cold response.

If you’re trying to emotionally connect with a Pisces man, it should be obvious that emotional sharing is part of that deal.

4. Do a romantic gesture.

Pisces is symbolized by two koi fish who are, mythologically speaking, love gods Aphrodite and Cupid in disguise.

Represented by love gods eternally encircling one another, obviously, Pisces is susceptible to being a romantic.


Pisces men don’t expect any grand romantic gestures to be done for them, even if they’re planning to do a few in their head.

So to spoil him with romance would be a most welcome surprise.

The thought and creativity that you put into your gesture will be sure to make the Pisces swoon.

As men in touch with their emotions, Pisces usually don’t get bogged down by traditional gender roles.

So if you’re a woman trying to win the Pisces man’s heart, he won’t feel emasculated by you taking charge and courting him.

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Colleen Fogarty is a writer who covers self-care, astrology, and relationship topics.