How To Attract Any Woman, According To Her Mars Sign

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The game of love can be hard in general, but with astrology by your side (and the birth chart details of the person you are interested in), you can learn how to push the odds more in your favor.

So, if you want to attract a woman and have her fall head over heels in love with you, pay attention to her Mars sign.

Mars is the planet of victory, passion, and drive in astrology. It's hot-blooded and not shy.

Therefore, the Mars sign (and its house placement) in a person's birth chart can reveal a lot about how they approach challenges in the world (whether in love or otherwise), how they make friends and enemies, and what they like when they get between the sheets.

In a woman's chart, Mars usually represents the type of man she is attracted to the most (if she is heterosexual). But if she considers herself more masculine, then the Mars sign will reveal more about her style and her Venus sign will reveal what she's attracted to in a romantic partner.

Here's how you can attract any woman, based on her Mars sign

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How to attract an Aries Mars woman

Mars is the ruler of Aries, so an Aries Mars woman is going to be very direct and to the point (unless Mars is in an introverted house or aspected by Saturn in her birth chart). She loves the thrill of the chase, of making someone hers and hers alone.

A Mars in Aries woman is instantly turned off by weak, wishy-washy behavior. But don't be rude or disrespectful. She won't tolerate that either.

If she is a feminine woman, the best way to attract a Mars in Aries woman is to be straightforward with her — but not cringy. She loves to be chased but does not like to feel like prey. She is an alpha herself.

How to attract a Taurus Mars woman

Go slow if you want to attract a Mars in Taurus woman. They do not like to be rushed.

These natives are even-tempered and laid back. And they love to indulge in the finer things in life, including food. So giving nice gifts and taking her out to a nice restaurant or vacation will immediately please her.

Mars in Taurus women like the strong and silent types, but not too silent. They want you to be sensual with them. They also put a high premium on financial security.

How to attract a Gemini Mars woman

Don't let appearances fool you when it comes to the Mars in Gemini woman. These natives are incredibly quick-witted and can use their words like a sword if necessary. But they usually don't do the latter. Gemini Mars people are very friendly.

A woman with her Mars in Gemini will find you the most attractive person ever, regardless of your physical appearance, if you can impress her mind with yours. In fact, she puts a high premium on verbal foreplay that's clever but not gauche.

How to attract a Cancer Mars woman

A Mars in Cancer woman will feel attracted to someone if they feel safe in their presence. They love stable and secure individuals who are predictable in a good way but also sentimental and interesting.

A Cancer Mars woman is very family-oriented and will be observing closely when you interact with her parents, siblings, extended family, and even pets. She wants someone she can start a family with eventually. Her heart will melt if you are romantic and soft but strong and reliable.

How to attract a Leo Mars woman

To impress a Mars in Leo woman, make sure you are always dressed on point and have a good reputation in society. She loves to associate with the cream of the crop and feels powerful when she's with her partner.

A Leo Mars woman will reject wishy-washy people and those who don't give her their full attention when she is speaking. So don't get distracted by your phone in her presence. She will find it disrespectful.

To truly win this fierce lady's heart, be larger than life in your gestures and expressions. From the flowers you give her to the vacations you go on together, everything should scream high class.

How to attract a Virgo Mars woman

If you think a Mars in Virgo woman isn't paying attention, you would be wrong. These natives are very observant and pay close attention to details. Like, did you hold the door open for them if you walked through it first, how clean are your shoes and clothes, what cologne you are wearing, everything!

Good manners, intellectual conversations, and an easy-going nature are the most attractive to a Mars in Virgo woman. Crudeness will turn her off immediately.

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How to attract a Libra Mars woman

A Mars in Libra woman, regardless of her current circumstances, always aspires to walk amongst the highest of the highs. She loves all things posh, including manners, dressing style, speaking style, and courting.

To attract this woman, impress her with your knowledge of the world, especially art and high society. She is ambitious but doesn't display it, and she wants someone who is ambitious too. A Libra Mars woman will always evaluate your looks and standing in society. It's not personal.

How to attract a Scorpio Mars woman

If a woman has her Mars in Scorpio, she will be attracted to the brooding, bad-boy types who ooze mystery, a hint of danger, and the possibility of mind-blowing sex.

Her ideal partner is a lot like werewolf/vampire romance heroes. But she will be instantly turned off if you do not treat her like an equal.

Mars is the natural ruler of Scorpio and Aries, but unlike Mars in Aries, Mars in Scorpio natives don't reveal their alpha-ness outright. It's evident in the way they walk, talk, and dress if you have a keen eye.

How to attract a Sagittarius Mars woman

Out of all the fire Mars signs, the Mars in Sagittarius woman is the most relaxed and easy-going. But she is straightforward and ambitious too.

The way to attract this lady is to show her a fun time. Honesty, friendship, fun, and the potential for adventure are the way to win a Sagittarius Mars woman's heart.

But beware. She is instantly turned off by clingy behavior and too much intensity right off the bat.

How to attract a Capricorn Mars woman

A Mars in Capricorn woman is very practical and focused. She has big dreams but is not showy about them. So the way to win her heart is to take things one day at a time and not make her feel rushed.

It's important to a Capricorn Mars woman that her romantic relationship doesn't stifle her dreams or get in her way. And if both of you have symbiotic careers or can collaborate to win big, it will win you her heart.

Financial security, career focus, and the serious desire to commit are very important to a Mars in Capricorn woman. She doesn't like people who waste her time. But she will accept it if you openly talk about things without getting hyper-emotional.

How to attract an Aquarius Mars woman

A Mars in Aquarius woman is a curious lady with an open mind. She doesn't have a type. It's more about a meeting of the minds, and if someone can make her curious about them.

An Aquarius Mars woman is the most likely to be attracted to unusual people. Anything but bland, boring, and conventional. Although, she's not opposed to conventional types if they are not rigid and open to evolving.

It's hard to pin down a Mars in Aquarius woman. Just don't be boring. But don't be clingy either. Or an oversharer. The best match for this woman is someone who is constantly growing and evolving because they always have something interesting to talk about.

How to attract a Pisces Mars woman

Mars in Pisces can bless its natives with really beautiful eyes. They are very fluid and are not embarrassed by their emotions. In fact, they love people who embrace their emotions.

To attract a Mars in Pisces woman, have a story. Show her, through bits of conversation and shared pictures on social media, that you have a rich personal story for her to explore. She loves sentimentality and romance.

Bland people immediately turn off a Pisces Mars woman. And also people who are rigid and stressful to be around.   

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